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Domain Name Portfolio Announced For Sale

A powerful real estate domain name portfolio composed of all 50 U.S. state names is for sale. The announcement of the portfolio was made by the developer of Housing Predictor.com, an information driven web site, which provides more than 250 local housing market forecasts in all 50 states.
It’s been said to be one of the richest domain name portfolios to ever come along, and it even includes Washington D.C. as a bonus. Every name in this premium collection starts with the word Find, followed by each state name, and ends in Houses.com like FindFloridaHouses.com. All of the domains are currently in use on the web and may be accessed online.
Real estate is one of the top five topics visitors search for on the Internet, and the purchaser of this real estate domain name portfolio will be able to write their own ticket.
A prototype program to market real estate in the next generation is already quietly underway in Florida. Crews are out collecting video of each and every major city in Florida to show the exterior of homes. Eventually it’s clearly the way real estate will be marketed and sold almost without a need to visit a home. Studies show 80% of all buyers and sellers of real estate now go to the Internet first to conduct research and view listings.
This real estate domain name portfolio, which is composed of all 50 U.S. state names, could be used to explode innovative real estate marketing on the net like never before.
Names like this don’t come along every day and they offer endless possibilities. They will provide the new owner the competitive edge in today’s new world of marketing. Netscape now estimates there are more than100 million web sites on the Internet, and the web is growing like never before.
This domain name portfolio could be a network of sites providing the search for real estate listings in every state of the nation. It might be developed into a video streaming network, providing high tech tours outside in the neighborhoods and provide a virtual tour of the inside of the home with a sound track narrated by a broadcast professional.
As web 2.0 becomes more and more a part of the Internet the possibilities are countless. For more information on this domain name portfolio visit www.EzRealEstateReferrals.com

About The Author
Mike Colpitts is the Editor of Housing Predictor, which forecasts local housing markets in all 50 U.S. states. To check on your market visit www.HousingPredictor.com