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Don't Toss Those Floppies!

I am ashamed to admit it, but I have only recently joined the 21st century where computer technology is concerned. Despite the world zooming ever-faster toward technology that continues to shrink while growing more powerful, I held on to my practically outdated form of data storage. While more modern personal computers outfitted with CD-RW and DVD+RW hard drives were flowing off the personal computer assembly line, I clung to my PC that boasted a Windows ME operating system, a CD hard drive, and…(drumroll)...a floppy disk drive.
It’s true—I have just made the leap toward owning a more modern PC within the last two years. But, my leap only occurred because a thunderstorm ended up frying the modem of my old PC. Sure, I could have had the internal modem replaced, or gotten an external modem, but I decided against both of those choices. So, my antiquated but beloved PC was finally pried from my hands, and I entered a new phase of data storage, kicking and screaming along the way.
But the possession of a more modern PC, one with a CD-Writer/DVD-ROM combo hard drive, expansion bay, and other slots for certain types of storage disks that I will probably never use, left me perplexed, at first, and in a dire state, as I wondered how I would ever be able to access the data stored on my floppy disks.
I remained worried until a simple solution hit me over the head, at last.
Before I share that solution, though, here are some uses that I considered for my antiquated but beloved floppy disks:
1. pairs of one of a kind earrings
2. coasters
3. ashtrays
4. paper weights
5. Frisbees
6. wall decorations
7. tea cup saucers
8. rulers
9. puzzle pieces
10. gemstones of one of a kind necklaces
Now, as promised, here is that simple solution: an external floppy disk drive.
I can see you rolling your eyes and asking is that it?! Well, yes, that’s it. Since my new personal computer did not sport a floppy disk drive, I fretted about what I would do with my floppies and how I would access the data stored on the floppies until I discovered external floppy disk drives through research. After conducting a little more research, I decided to purchase an external floppy disk drive from an online store whose site made me feel safe in using my credit card. Three days after making my purchase, I received my external floppy drive.
If you find yourself in my former position, then try to conduct a bit of your own research to find the external floppy disk drive that suits your data storage needs and purchase that drive. Like me, you won’t have to toss your floppies, after all.
I have come to embrace more modern technology, storing data on rewriteable compact discs and flash drives, but I also still find comfort in seeing an external floppy disk drive plugged into its USB 2.0 port on my new personal computer.

About The Author
C. M. Clifton is a published fiction author as well as an author at www.Writing.Com/ which is a site for Creative Writing.