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DotProject Benefits---Why DotProject Should Be Your Chosen PMS?

While it comes to describing DotProject—-the popular project management solution——one word is sufficient and that is ‘robust’. While its commercial counterparts come with an exorbitant price tag, this free PHP/mySQL based open source application offers you more features than most of them.
The basic objective of project management system can be divided into three main categories:
* The creation of planning of the project
* Breaking the whole plan structure into a series of tasks
* Assigning schedule to each task to achieve certain outcomes
* All these three main aspects of project management vary with the nature and type of each project.
Efficient project management
DotProject is a project management solution that helps to meet you with all these above mentioned project management needs and beyond that. It helps categorize projects as ‘in planning’, ‘in process’ and as ‘on hold’.
This program helps in tracking the various aspects of the expansion project.
A full calendar and ticket system helps update and prioritize your to-do lists.
It supports a better communication with your long distance employees as well as clients.
The right choice for the budget conscious
The DotProject can be the ideal project management solution for the organizations who have to keep the budget factor in mind; for DotProject being an open source solution it has no fees. It comes under a generous license agreement under BSD, GNU General Public License (GPL). Thus you don’t have to pay license fees, maintenance fees, or purchasing fees.
Simple technology; easier operation
In addition to that it is stable software and utilizes purely open source LAMP technologies including PHP hosting and MySQL database management. It works on all the major browsers and is backed by a supportive community. It supports a fine-grained permission system and also scalable.
Modular structure
DotProject can be integrated with other popular open-source projects such as PostNuke. Its modular character lets you expand its functionalities. With dotProject you have the option of using only the modules you need. Just disable the modules that don’t match your project management needs. Its sleek framework makes it easier for the customization by users or by the developers.
If you are still not convinced, our recommendation is: try DotProject web hosting. We are sure with DotProject as your support system, you will never look back.

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