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DotProject Project Management Features

DotProject is a powerful open-source web-based project management application that can be installed instantly via the auto-installer on your web hosting plan. What you will simply need are a browser and either intranet or Internet access.
DotProject is focused specifically on project management instead of being a generic groupware application. Despite having the groupware features (for collaborating needs of the projects), it works with the narrow focus on the needs of those involved in managing projects. It is a versatile application. The major project management jobs you can do in dotProject are:
‚EURĘ Creation and planning of a project and breaking of the plan into several tasks
‚EURĘ Communicating with everyone involved with the project—-both the team members and the client from within dotProject.
‚EURĘ Tracking projects as Gantt charts
‚EURĘ Quick over view of project -progress with the help of Calendar and Events

All these functions are supported by the following dotProject project management features:
‚EURĘ User Management feature for tracking user activity, adding users, and managing users.
‚EURĘ Email based Trouble Ticket System for Customer Resource Management) tool.
‚EURĘ Project listings for a quick overview of the lists of all the projects and their present progress status.
‚EURĘ Layered project and task details feature is meant to offer you the minimum information about a project. It comes with text links allowing the user to view detailed information if required.
‚EURĘ Hierarchical Task List; this feature organizes all the tasks in a hierarchical way, so that the manger comes to understand the mutual interdependence of several tasks.
‚EURĘ Instant Color Coded Progress- this feature shows which of the projects are in danger zone by highlighting the project names with intuitive color codes.
‚EURĘ Forums; Project specific Forums can be created to track inter-departmental conversations.
‚EURĘ Project Designer feature allows changes with regard to multiple projects and tasks.
In fact dotProject boasts of more project management features. If you want to view the full feature range of the product, try out the free demo on the main dotProject site:

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