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Dotproject Key Features-Find Out What Most Suits Your Project Management Requirements

Managing projects for your business requires you to take care of the multiple aspects at the same time. But you are surely not a machine. So why don’t you let a machine handle various aspects of your enterprise while you can concentrate on the core area of your business? Software is the right trick for managing all aspects of your business project with mechanical precision. 
What software to use?
This can be a million dollar question in the face of so many free or commercial applications around.
Well, if you are looking forward to a really dynamic management of your projects and that is without making a hole in your pocket, you must consider dotProject for getting rid of all the project management related stresses.
Let’s examine what dotProject can do for you with its feature packed solution.
DotProject has been designed to be modular software. As such it allows you to append extra modules for added functionalities depending on your unique project management needs. But the core dotProject framework provides you with ten key features to keep with the philosophy of creating the most user-friendly environment.
* User Management
* Email-based Trouble Ticket System
* Client/Company Management
* Project Listings
* Hierarchical Task List
* File Repository
* Contact List
* Calendar
* Discussion Forum
* Resource Based Permissions
So what can dotProject do for you with all these features?
* These features enable you to easily handle the project management tasks for more than one client at a time.
* It helps you to create, keep tracks, and maintain multiple projects online.
* The software helps you to maintain all your contacts without overlapping the different projects.
* Automatic e-mail notification helps you to communicate with your employees as well as clients in a better way.
* You can keep your eyes on the task progress with Calendar and Events.
* It also comes with traditional groupware features like forums, calendar, and email functionality so that users can collaborate for the purpose of project management.
Adding extra features
For your unique business needs you can always integrate more modules to the default installation framework. If you feel certain features don’t go with your project management needs, you can deactivate them.
To get a glimpse of the full range of dotProject modules, check with the Module Descriptions in its website at www.dotProject.net
If you are an entrepreneur managing a medium or small business the dotProject project management application can be the ideal solution for you. So look for a web hosting package that includes a script for installing dotProject for your account.

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