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Download The Best Anti Spyware Software From The Reliable Source

Even in the advanced countries, spyware continues to infect internet users both home computer users and enterprise. A study conducted by a top notch anti spyware software revealed that there are around 450,000 sites hosting spyware.
Yes, you are reading right. Phileas, a patented technology by Webroot to search for threats before they affect users identified more than 24,000 sites in its last quarter. Last quarter, it identified more than 14,000 traces of spyware. The current total number of spyware traces identified by Spy Sweeper alone is more than 135,000. So it is difficult to predict the total number of spywares present in the internet world.
Who is responsible for this increasing spyware threat? Security analysts blame this increasing infection rate on the adoption of free anti spyware software programs. It is due to the use of outdated technology, the free anti spyware programs are unable to provide immediate threat definitions to combat against emerging spyware and adware threats.
In other words, spyware programmers frequently modify their programs to avoid detection and removal. The latest spyware writers use rootkits and driver-level technology on a growing basis to safeguard themselves. The free anti spyware software programs are unable to update themselves with the spyware definitions and thus could not provide a real online protection.
Some PC users opt for anti virus software to protect their PC against spyware. Technically most anti virus software‚EUR(TM)s programs can‚EUR(TM)t effectively detect and remove spyware, especially programs using advanced obfuscation procedures like rotating encryption and compression algorithms.
Cashing on this limitation, some scammers offer rogue anti spyware products for the spyware detection. Irony is that these rogue anti spyware software‚EUR(TM)s in the name of spyware detection, install spyware and adware.
The only remedy to get out of these bogus anti spyware programs is to download the best reliable top class anti spyware software‚EUR(TM)s from the reputable source or website.
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