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Drag Winrar to the Recycle Bin! Winmount Trial

If you donEUR(TM)t want to waste your time in decompressing or unfolding compressed packet, or to waste your disk space, it is strongly recommended you read on. I will carry out a thorough test on a new software EUR” WinMount, which you will benefit a lot from.
    WinMount is an innovative product. ItEUR(TM)s like a virtual drive, but more powerful. With the ability of directly opening ZIP, RAR, 7z and ISO files, it enables you directly use those WinMount is an innovative product. ItEUR(TM)s like a virtual drive, but more powerful. With the ability of directly opening ZIP, RAR, 7z and ISO files, it enables you directly use those files in the compressed packet without unfolding it, which saves your time and disc space.

I. Mount compressed packets in formats like rar, zip, 7z and so on into virtual disc
    As displayed in picture 1, I Mounted Winmount itself, i.e. virtualized the compressed packet into a virtual disc.
Picture 1 Mount WinMount set up. rar to new drive with right-click menu

    In picture 2, Winmount has already mounted the RAR file into a new drive, now users can directly use those files inside.

picture 2
    Like in picture 3, user can also choose EURoeMount toEUREUR and then select the drive and path to create the virtual disc.

picture 3
    As in picture 4, a dialog box will pop up, if you consider EURoeKEUR is your lucky letter, then you can select EURoeKEUR from the pull-down menu and then designate your preferred EURoeimport pathEUR.

picture 4
    In picture 5 you can find Winmount has already mounted that file to K:Mount directory.

Picture 5 New drive and directory created by Winmount
    Certainly, there is an EURoeUnmountEUR process after EURoeMountEUR, i.e. cancel the virtual disc. Shown as picture 6, you can select drive K and single click EURoeUnmountEUR button, then the virtual disc created by Winmount will be canceled. Users can directly click EURoeunmount allEUR to cancel all Winmount drives.

Picture 6 Unmount Drives
II: Reverse thinking: managing files and saving spaces
    In former days, user suffers a lot the long time wasted in decompression before using those files in ZIP or RAR. Now, you only need to Mount it with Winmount. Then, how to apply this convenience to the daily computer operation?
I believe many of you have met a troublesome problem when using the computer, the increasing files which are tiresome to manage. Why not sorting those numerous files and packing them?
    Nowadays, as network resources keep growing, 40G, 80G, even 160G disc space seems no longer enough. Then why not packing those numerous files? You will have no future trouble once you have Winmount.
1. Pack numerous files
    As shown in picture 7, those numerous and troublesome files occupied a large disc space. Now IEUR(TM)m going to pack and compress them.

Picture 7 Sort and pack those numerous and troublesome files

Picture 8 Contrast of the file size before and after compression
    Contrast of the size before and after compression: shown as picture 8, the file size before compression is 1.03G but after is 277MK. Therefore, when the base is large, the saved disc space will be considerable.
2. Mount to use files
    I just need to Mount the file with right click menu and then I can directly use it. It not only makes file management easier but also saves the disc space considerably. That way we kill two birds with one stone.
III. Winmount is also a virtual drive software
    Winmount is also a powerful virtual drive software. It is able to Mount mirror files in ISO, BINOECCDOECUE,ISZ,MDS,NRG formats etc. into Compact Disc, i.e. read those mirror files
    Shown in picture 9, I Mounted the ISO mirror file of a game named FAR.CRY and then I played the disc just like I put the installation CD in the CD driver.

Picture 9 Virtualize a CD drive with Winmount to read mirror files and automatically play it
    LetEUR(TM)s take a look, the virtual drive has already read out all mirror files. Those files in the ISO mirror file can be read now without decompressing, which is similar to the function of traditional virtual drive disc software such as Daemon Tools, Alcohol 120%.

picture 10 Winmount reads files in the ISO mirror file
    Combing winrar and virtual drive software, WinMount can not only open compressed files at ease but also virtualize mirror files, bring you new software innovation!