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Dragon Software Is Perfect For Article Writing

When I first starting writing articles for website promotion on the internet I found it very tedious work as I am not the typist in the world even though will all the practice I have been improving. However this all changed when I came across a great piece of software that was recommended by a friend. This software is called Dragon software. So what does it do exactly?
Dragon software is one of a number of speech to text software applications available today and going by my own experiences and those of others, is the best. All you do is speak into your microphone and almost instantly dragon takes those words and translates them into words in a document. It is like having your own secretary on a disc, with a much lower cost. No offence meant to all you wonderful secretaries out there.
I have used Dragon for a couple of years and I would recommend it to all types users not just article marketers like myself. Anybody can benefit from it‚EUR(TM)s capabilities. I told my niece about it who is at college and she now uses it for writing her projects and term work and says it has improved her production one hundred per cent. The thing that surprises me is that the company who makes Dragon is not advertising it more actively on TV and other media as I think it is an amazing product.
Maybe they sell enough units on word of mouth alone, I imagine most people who use it would recommend it to others. Maybe it is due to the fact that the majority of computer users are more interested in hardware and the latest innovations in that field, rather than the latest software, so dragon‚EUR(TM)s creators do not think it would be worth the huge cost of an advertising campaign.
As far as support goes, the product help is second to none. I have only had one real problem since I started using the software and received a reply in less than an hour to an email I sent them. The problem was user error nothing to do with the software. Support can also be reached by phone though I have always preferred using email rather than the phone unless I do not get a problem resolved. There are also regular updates and upgrades which they keep you notified of.
Obviously the main advantage to this software is that most people can speak a lot faster than they can type. I have definitely saved numerous hours and money by using this software. Gone are the continuous pauses to correct typos and errors in my spelling, as it comes with built in spell checker you just have to be careful about using too much slang. another benefit is I know longer get headaches that are associated with long hours in front of a computer screen as you can record your articles etc on a digital voice recorder anywhere than import the audio files into dragon and it will convert it into typo free documents instantly.

Chris Jones works as an internet, marketer from home. Try out these great Software articles, reviews and guides or more specific Business Software resources.