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Duplicate file finder

Moleskinsoft Clone Remover 2.1 EUR” an efficient file finder discovering duplicate mp3, ZIP and RAR archives, images and more!
Moleskinsoft today announces the release of version 2.1 of Moleskinsoft Clone Remover EUR” an efficient utility designed to search for various duplicate files in your PC and delete unnecessary file copies. Moleskinsoft Clone Remover 2.1 finds duplicate files of different types, including music (mp3), image files, ZIP and RAR archives and others. The utility allows you to save time and efforts looking for similar files and deleting them. It will also help to free extra space on your PC and make it work faster. Recently one of the users of Moleskinsoft Clone Remover has informed us, that he managed to delete 150 GB of duplicate files! IsnEUR(TM)t that cool, or what?
Version 2.1 further expands the functionality of Moleskinsoft Clone Remover allowing user to discover and delete files of different types simultaneously, EURoeall in oneEUR, applying different methods of search for each type of files. Basically, Moleskinsoft Clone Remover employs five different ways to find duplicate files. First, the utility can find similar files with different names using search by content. For example, a file containing your photo may have different names and be located both in the “C:My picturesphotographies” and “D:Temporary files” folders. Then, search by mp3 tag is used for finding duplicate music files. This method is based on the fact that any mp3 file contains different information about the track. The utility compares tracks by artist, name, album, year, comment and genre. It can also compare several tags at a time. Search by properties method lets user find duplicate files by name and/or size. When the search for duplicate files is finished, the program will show a list of found files that can be deleted immediately. To make sure that the result is correct, it is possible to open the found files with some other program or view them with a built-in viewer. Besides that, duplicate pictures can be found with similar images method. It means that similar images are such images (jpg, bmp, png, psd and others) that differ in resolution. Or, they may have the same size, but one of the images has a small caption and the other does not. At last, Moleskinsoft Clone Remover searches for files with a zero size.
Moleskinsoft Clone Remover enables searching for file duplicates in certain folders. It is also possible to specify the folders that should not be searched. The utility can search for duplicate files belonging to a certain group: archives, office documents, images, video and music, Internet. Moleskinsoft Clone Remover has convenient tools for managing search results: deleting, copying, moving found files. WhatEUR(TM)s more, users can save/open search parameters and the lists of found files. In addition, the utility offers convenient tools for the multiple selection of found duplicate files: selecting all files in one specified folder, selecting all files that are identical for the specified one. Search results can be saved to a text file. Finally, it is possible to pause searching at any time you want.
Moleskinsoft Clone Remover 2.1 is a pleasure to deal with: it has a wizard-style interface that takes you through all the stages of finding duplicate files and operating them in a step-by-step manner. WhatEUR(TM)s more, its intuitive graphics features funny pictures of cute encouraging moleskins and simple prompting questions for extra help. This program is perfect for any PC user, from a child to an adult, from any home or office user to an experienced computer specialist EUR” anyone, who wants to get rid of unnecessary, duplicated files in a fast way.
A free version for evaluation can be downloaded here:
http://www.moleskinsoft.com/download/CloneRemover2_setup.exe (1.3 MB)
Pricing and Availability
Moleskinsoft Clone Remover 2.1 requires Microsoft Windows 98/NT/2000/2003/XP and costs $32.90 for a single-user license. Additional information on the utility, as well as its free trial version is available from http://www.moleskinsoft.com
NOTE TO EDITORS: Please, let us know if you have questions or would like any additional information on Moleskinsoft Clone Remover 2.1. Contact Alexander Fedoseev at