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Great Plains eConnect - Posting Dilemma

Microsoft Dynamics GP 10.0, Great Plains ERP system, is very attractive as a back office accounting application, plus you have a rich functionality of ERP/MRP business logic: Sales Order Processing, Purchase Order Processing, Discrete Manufacturing, Payroll, General Ledger, Inventory Control.    If you are an eCommerce developer, who builds web sites with MS Visual Studio.Net editions and Csharp, VB and SQL scripting, you should know your options to post GP batches, especially in the SOP module directly from your e-commerce application. In this small article we would like to address this issue in the form of FAQ dialogue:    1.  Microsoft Dexterity Posting Architecture:    The Sales Order Processing module is tightly integrated with Inventory control and it assumes that you first create the so-called work document: invoice, quotation, sales order or back order. Then you have two options—you can post this invoice (or transfer sales order to invoice or back order) or place it in the batch for future posting. In both scenarios posting is something that should be done by the Great Plains operator and it is not open for automations. This is why eConnect doesn’t allow you to post Great Plains transactions or batches. 
2.  eConnect architecture:    eConnect was especially designed for eCommerce programmers and developers. The core of eConnect is a set of encrypted SQL stored procedures, allowing you to create and change GP master objects: employees, customers, vendors, GL accounts, and transactions: SOP Invoices just to give you example. However eConnect doesn’t cross the border of Great Plains Dexterity limitations, including posting the documents.
3. Integration Manager options:  Great Plains Integration Manager (IM) can feed documents to GP from your legacy applications. It can also help you with EDI (Electronic Document Interchange). However IM is restricted to the Dex architecture which is the same situation as eConnect and you should be aware that currently IM is on the way to be rewritten in eConnect for boosting IM performance, as SQL stored procedures (eConnect base) are faster than Dexterity cursors.    4. Great Plains Automatic Posting Server as Extension to eConnect:  The Alba Spectrum Posting server deploys Dexterity native posting logic. It calls Dex posting procedures from the Dex custom module. All you need to do as a SQL or Csharp programmer is to deploy ADO.NET and place ecommerce batches, ready for posting in the custom approved batches table. From this point custom Dex logic will do the posting job.    If you are interested in receiving a free trial version of the Alba Spectrum Posting Server please feel free to contact us: Tel. 630-687-1149 or visit our Website: CLF Solutions