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Help files – create them with Help Generator

Documentation and snapshots of the applicationEUR(TM)s menus and toolbars are necessary to rapidly create help files and user guides to a certain program. Help Generator is a help authoring tool with which one can explain and describe the intricacies of a program without doing all the work by hand.  In case one does not have knowledge of how to build a help file, this tool can provide everything by itself. It will scan the application and generate all the elements needed to make a help file.
The texts is obtained by scanning application and, together with the automatically taken snapshots, creates a comprehensive help framework. Generated automatically it helps save you time that can be used to add the real content, the explanations. After using it, the help authoring tool will become indispensable whenever you need to create a help file. Details about which you normally worry like file types and page topics and sections will all be taken care of by this wonderful tool: the Help Generator.
Although the help authoring tool automatically generates a lot of the content of the help files, you still have control of almost everything. You, the user, are the one who decides where to store the files, which hot spots to add and which topics you want the help authoring tool to exclude from generating. Your actions become directly visible as soon as you make the settings in a window on the right side of the wizard (the tool presents itself in the shape of an easy to operate wizard). The help editor offers you a HTML code editor with syntax coloring and web-based help that makes the content available from your website as well. Its control is as easy a few clicks on the settingsEUR(TM) buttons.
With tedious details, such as retyping menus, forms and control names out of the way, with full control of the content tree of your future help files, your project only needs a help editor to finish the job. The help editor has many features created to edit the HTML files generated by the help authoring tool. Among them are drag and drop link insertion, the possibility to change the style of the sheets, to insert, find and replace images and entire pages, to find broken links and even to check spelling (if you have Microsoft Word installed). These are just some of the reasons why you should get your own help editor. As it is a very helpful tool, it save you time and makes your work easier.
Writing help and documentation for an application can be tedious work. Of course, it also means a huge amount of time spent completing it. Still, you can change all these because of the Help Generator and of the included help editor to be downloaded helpgenerator.com. The help editor does its part efficiently providing a way to edit HTML files and to give your project a EURoefinal touchEUR.
The help authoring tool has several versions for applications made with different programs. One can download (30 days free trial!) the Help Generator from helpgenerator.com and use it for applications developed in Visual Studio 2003/2005, in Microsoft Access and Visual Basic 6. 
The Help Generator creates help files easily modified using the WYSIWYG help editor which is included in the product. The many available features allow easy handling of the files and web based help allows visibility of the content for websites through JavaScript. More info can be found at the website. The help authoring tool is a great opportunity for those who deal on a daily basis with this kind of work. You will discover how easy it is to write help documentation for a software project.
Those interested in a help authoring tool can find out more on helpgenerator.com. You can also download a free trial version to see how the help editor works. All the information you need is also available online.