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How to use a PDF Creator to Password Protect any Document.

Are you afraid that an unauthorized person or party might open and read your confidential documents sent by email? You can easily prevent situations like these by protecting and encrypting your work with a password.
In order to do this we are first going to convert your document to the well known PDF Format. An extra advantage of the PDF format is that it‚EUR(TM)s basically openable by anyone on any system, so it will also automatically eliminate any compatibility issues. Most PDF Creator software allows you to not only convert almost any document format to PDF, but also comes with an extensive list of security features.
In this example we‚EUR(TM)ll be using a budget priced solution, to secure your documents, called MyPDFCreator. Simply follow the following easy steps and you should be able to secure any document in a few seconds:
Password Protecting a Document
1) Right Click the document you want to convert.
2) Choose ‚EURoeCreate PDF Files with MyPDFCreator‚EURĚ
3) Optional: It might ask you to set the PDF Creator temporarily as the default printer
Simply click on ‚EURoeOk‚EURĚ if this is the case.
4) The MyPDFCreator dialog will now pop-up. Simply check the ‚EURoePassword Protect Document‚EURĚ box.
5) Click on ‚EURoeSave‚EURĚ and select where your want to save your converted PDF File.
6) Click on ‚EURoeSave‚EURĚ again and an ‚EURoeEnter Passwords‚EURĚ dialog will popup
7) Now simply enter the desired passwords you want to use and click on OK. (Note: make sure you enter a password in all boxes, or your PDF document will not be openable at all.)

That‚EUR(TM)s it - Your document is converted to a new password protected and safe PDF File!
Now most PDF Creators use a low-encryption method by default, but you might want to use a better encryption for higher security. You can simply modify the encryption-settings in
the options panel:
Selecting an 128-Bit Encryption
1) Open-up MyPDFCreator: Start->Program Files->MyPDFCreator->MyPDFCreator
2) Click on File->Options to display the options window
3) Now click on ‚EURoePDF‚EURĚ in the ‚EURoeFormats‚EURĚ list.
4) Open the ‚EURoeSecurity‚EURĚ Tab
5) Now make sure the checkbox in front of ‚EURoeUse Security‚EURĚ is checked.
6) And make sure the ‚EURoeEncryption Level‚EURĚ is set to ‚EURoeHigh (128 Bit…)‚EURĚ
7) Click on save (Bottom-right) and you‚EUR(TM)re done!
You can find more info on where to download the MyPDFCreator software at my new PDF Creator page. (It contains a link the official site where you can download a fully functional trial version.)