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IT Consultants Should Lead Customers to Small Business PC Hardware

Most IT consultants know that in the early and mid-1990s, many leading vendors started to divide their product lines into two or three different levels in order to handle different types of consumers.
Both the domestic and global market demand for desktop PCs notebooks and servers started soaring in this decade, and vendors including Compaq (now HP), Dell, Gateway, HP and IBM wanted their PC products to be relevant to many different needs and budgets.
Large enterprise customers, including Fortune 1000 network managers were willing to pay high prices, but needed a lot of scalability, reliability and availability along with very stable and advanced hardware configurations.
On the flip side, home users needed incredibly low prices because many were first-time buyers uncertain of this type of investment. This type of user also needed hardware components for gaming, digital photography, video capture and other Internet hobbies they would do in the privacy of their own homes.
In yet another area, small business users needed something that was very much in the middle - not too basic, not too complex and in a mid-range price.
It Consultants And Specs Comparison
Thankfully PC vendors have made the process of finding the right products easy for both IT consultants and their clients. When researching PCs online, PC vendors websites typically are divided into sections according to the three categories: enterprise customers; home users and small businesses. This can help IT consultants recommend a PC that has the appropriate features.
It Consultants And White Box Computer Sales
Many small businesses buy white box or clone PCs from local resellers, integrators and IT consultants. IT consultants can visit major PC vendor websites from time-to-time to see how the firm’s recommended small business PC configurations and their prices match up with the packages offered by major PC companies.
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