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Ipod Recovery

Data Restore has announced Apple iPod AAC/mp4, mp3 music files undelete tool recovers erased wav, aiff, damaged audio files accidently formatted bmp, gif, tiff, jpeg, pictures and png images data. Application supports many type of iPods and iTunes including first to sixth generations, first model with mechanical wheel, second with touch sensitive wheel and FireWire forts, third and first complete re-design with all touch interface dock connector, fourth mini iPod with adopted click wheel and video playback option and sixth anodized aluminum front plate iPod respectively. Software restores MPEG-4 supported music and song data for iPhones and never lost it completely form your personal computer. Its restoration process is absolutely safe and prominent that makes you free from worry about missing data. Utility plays major role with assisting your operating system in gathering your eliminated melodious songs. If your podcasts has been missed then you can get it again, but you will have to run this application with the help of your pc, then connect your iPod device and recover you missed iTunes Play list. Features: * Software can run at any window operating system without any problem. * Tool never disturb iTunes OS whether it is Macintosh OSX or Microsoft windows. * Process is absolutely reliable and faithful regarding to recall formatted data. * Program can recover iPhone melodious song playlist that has been accidently erased while operating. * AppleEUR(TM)s patent FairPlay technology is supported by the application. * Utility can retrieve data in bulk also whether capacity is 20 GB, 80 GB or 120 GB. It doesnEUR(TM)t matter while getting back lost files and folders. * Software provides solution for all major digital iPod brands including Panasonic, HP, HCL, Samsung, Sony, and Toshiba. * High GUI and inbuilt help support assist user to use this program effectively.
Company Details:
Company Name: iPod Recovery
PAD File URL: http://www.pdd.in/pdd-ipod.xml
Company URl:  http://www.pdd.in
Download URL: http://www.pdd.in/downloads/ipod-data-recovery-demo.exe