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Is Voice Changer a Threat or a Great Help for Voiceover Talents?

It looks like the bell has tolled on voiceover talents. A Voice Changer can now do it all.
The software, produced by AVnex and downloadable at www.audio4fun.com, can morph an input voice into hundreds of various ones. It can change sex, age, characteristic and species, among other things.
To name just a few, you can sound like a strict woman, a snowman, an innocent girl, Santa Claus, a dragon, a waterfall and most amusingly, a robot.
It enhances the voices too, with all the equalizers and effects at hands. You can preset the voices to be basic, gentle, silky, soft, clear, harsh, sharp or tender.
Or you can choose one of the music modes of classic, country, folk, jazz, pop, rap, reggae or rock, in case you want to produce a jingle.
So who needs an expensive voiceover talent or a skilled rapper?
It is always the same question: Technology versus nature.
Jane, a voiceover talent herself, is clear-cut on the matter. “I don’t see this Voice Changer Software as a threat, but a great assistant”, said she when interviewed by AVnex.
“Firstly, a bad voice is a bad voice no matter what you do to it. A deep, strong voice is always needed for the input”.
“Secondly, I found out that the morphing, though powerful, depends on the similarity of the input voice to be very successful. For example if you are a male and you want to sound exactly like a female, you need to speak in a slightly effeminate manner. So a bit of acting skills is required here”.
“A voice changer can be a threat, but only if you see it that way”.
“In fact it helps me to be more productive. I can give voice to more roles. Both my clients and I can save time and money”.

About The Author
Jimmy Tiep is a freelance journalist and copywriter. He’s contactable at media@audio4fun.com.