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Is it worth to buy the anti-virus and firewall programs or it's enough to use the free versions?

Set out from myself, for people who are not very good at computer sciences and who are only basic users of the computer it’s worth asking help from someone professional and buy their programs. So if later something is wrong we can call the customers service and they will help. The updating is automatic and we don’t have to seek different programs on different websites because there are all in one package. Downloading free programs from the web seems to be easy when someone else is doing it, but maybe we can’t do it as fast or as exact as him. We can waste a lot of time with that useless work and it can be not perfectly safe. For these people, for companies and for the ones who simply don’t have enough time is value for money to buy this service.
On the other hand for those people who like sitting in front of the computer and trying to do system tasks and have talent for it can be useful to self-study these things. Usually the free programs are easy to use and there are a lot of forums where we can ask help.
Both solutions have advantages and disadvantages as well.