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NASCAR Racing Games

The NASCAR racing games have been extremely popular for years due to their high quality graphics, easy to handle cars and also due to the fact that you get to race against famous real world racers. Another thing that brought NASCAR racing games a very loyal fan base is the fact that after all this time itEUR(TM)s still all about the racing and every game released by Electronic Arts is better than the last one.
Among the cool racing games of the NASCAR series is the Chase for the Cup edition released in late 2004. With this game the developers added configuration and management to the mix to make the chase for the cup more interesting. In order to win the race you need to be more than just a good driver, you need to be a good manager of your virtual team. The graphics of the game are exceptional but that was to be expected.
With the next NASCAR racing game things took a slightly different turn.
The Total Team Control edition of 2006 had all the features of the Chase for the Cup edition only polished, but the accent was no longer on management, this time it was placed on team building. The NASCAR 06 Total Team Control has a feature that allows you to switch your teammates until you create the winning team of your dreams. Next in the NASCAR racing games series was the 2007 edition, the first one to be released for PC, PS2, Xbox and also for Play Station Portable (PSP). This must be without a doubt the coolest racing game of cool racing games. The graphics are more exceptional than ever, the 43 opponents make the race even more thrilling than before, you get to reach dazzling speeds of over 180 miles per hour and at the same time you get improved control over your car. And as if this wasnEUR(TM)t enough there are added effects like shaking camera effects, solar effects or blurred images which combined with the sound of the engine make you feel like you are actually behind the wheel.
To help you improve your driving measure the level of control you have over the car Electronic Arts have added a sliding scale to the game which can help you achieve complete control of the vehicle. Also, you now have the opportunity to compete against specific drivers and have a different experience on the track every single time. The effects added to the game make the race very realistic: the sounds of the engines, the solar effects and the camera shaking effects as well as the blurring images all contribute to completing the real atmosphere of a real race. For those of you who do not yet master the art of driving a race car the NASCAR racing game comes complete with a tutorial by Kenny Wallace himself that gets you ready to go behind the wheel. If you are convinced about the NASCAR series all you have to do is search online for NASCAR racing games, choose your favorite and start racing   
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