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Spyware Virus Protection

Spyware virus protection is a growing concern amongst savvy internet users.  There are hundreds of thousands of spyware programs floating around the internet, waiting to lodge themselves in your computer and monitor your browsing habits, log your passwords, even steal credit card information.
Have you noticed that your computer is slowing down, taking a long time to boot up, and displaying lots of EURoepop upEUR ads?  Is your home page suddenly different?  If youEUR(TM)re experiencing these problems, it is 90% likely due to adware.  Anyone who even connects to the internet is at risk for adware, as it can install itself discreetly right from a web site.  You donEUR(TM)t even need to download or install any programs to have a spyware infection in your computer.
Unfortunately many of todayEUR(TM)s brightest minds in the programming industry are putting their talents to poor use, creating malware that will sniff out your internet browsing interests in order to send them back to advertising companies.  These companies then cause annoying pop up ads, banners, and home page hijacks in order to try to gain your attention.
Spyware is not generally considered a virus since they do not self replicate and generally serve a purpose other than being purely malicious.  However, spyware is becoming much more advanced each and every day, and can often cause disabilities to your computer that are just as bad, if not worse, than a virus.
Effective spyware virus protection starts with the use of specially designed anti-spyware software programs.  These programs allow even the most inexperienced computer user to clean spyware from their computer quickly and easily.
Because of the dangers of identity theft and credit card fraud that is all to prevalent, it is important not to hesitate in investing in a high quality spyware virus protection program.
For more information on spyware protection, please visit TheWiseSurferEUR(TM)s comprehensive anti-spyware website.