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System x Case Study

Evolving Solutions has been named an IBM Beacon Award Finalist in the category of EURoeBest IBM System x,, SolutionEUR for its deployment at a MN-based airline management solutions & technology services company.
System Bandwidth Challenges
Evolving SolutionsEUR(TM) customer was utilizing an HP/ Compaq platform.  They were running numerous Linux web front ends and SQL databases, and were unsure of the estimated traffic load on those systems.
The customer wanted to leverage server virtualization to help spread peak system times across servers. They were looking for a scalable system that would enable them to better pinpoint CPUEUR” as well as the bandwidth of its systems.
System x for Scalability
Evolving Solutions designed a High Performance SQL Database Environment Solution using high-end Intel System x servers to create a highly scalable solution.  In this scalable environment, two databases are available for every customerEUR"an OLTP environment and an ODS reporting environment. 
The scalability of the IBM xSeries 460/System x 3950 server allowed Evolving SolutionsEUR(TM) customer to grow their SQL Database environments, add additional processors and memory to individual database instances, with just a reboot.  The features and benefits of the 3950 saved time and IT costs through reduced man-hours for the implementation of new servers and allowed for greater scalability.
Summary of Benefits
Using System x 3950 servers enabled the customer to:
EUR  Cut system configuration times
EUR  Lower software costs
EUR  Increase CPU response times
The High Performance SQL Database Environment Solution outperformed all other previous systems.  Evolving Solutions has helped its customer level costs for their database layer while providing substantial scalability moving forward. The customer feels confident it can leverage larger systems in a virtualized environment for significant cost savings.
EURoeThe High Performance SQL Database Environment Solutions was nominated for an IBM Beacon Award because of its successful use of high-end Intel System x servers,EUR said John Gilmore, Evolving Solutions.  EURoeThe customer was highly impressed with the deployment because it outperformed all other previous systems and enabled them to substantially increase their sales.EUR