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The Best PC Optimization Software

In this article, we will discuss why PC Optimization is so important and how you can benefit from this information.
I have been playing with PC optimization for 12 years since Windows 95, I am not the best optimizer, but rather an enthusiast for Personal Computer…
I still remember the old days of Windows 95 and 98! Back then we can only rely on some tips and tricks from the books, and Internet is just starting to get hot! Norton Utilities is the most popular Windows optimization tool in those days.
Not until the introduction of Windows XP, things has started to change! We get more and more optmizing software, Norton Utilities becomes less important for up-keeping a healthy Computer, and because of Windows XP hunger for resources (Same with all New launch Windows), tuning the necessary service and maintain a good resources, becomes critical to home user, because they need a lot of application for their Computer. The tool that only load and unload necessary software, accelerate the Windows performance, has became important to every home user; But home user are always looking for something more user-friendly and rather than effective, and at the same time without the requirement of professional knowledge…
Computer optimization often refer to software tuning, but you can’t ignore hardware tuning as well, the PC Over-clock (CPU and Memory over-clock). Software tuning is more important because it unleash the hardware potential by multiple times, and safer to play with, because it won’t damage your computer (Normally…).
If you have completely read through the first half of this article, the second part will be a snap to understand.
The Computer optimization we discuss here is all about Windows optimization, how to unleash the real power of Windows, what kind of program should we use to effectively speed up the computer. I am going to talk more details about XP optimization, and some of this will apply to Vista as well. Windows 95 and 98 has limited coverage here.
Since Windows XP launches Service Pack 2 (SP2), the operating system has never been so stable and fast! But still there are more to be done in order to maximize your Computer potential power. If you are still using SP1, go get SP2 fast.
The first step to speed up your computer is to minimize your Windows Registry entries by removing unnecessary records. To do that you can either use free registry cleaner or commercial registry cleaner (Which is better in every way).
In the next Step, you should minimize the memory and CPU resources by disabling unused services and minimizing startup programs. The biggest optimization problems is to know what kind of services to stop, what kind of start-up program to disable, if you do it wrongly, you might have abnormal behavior with certain applications.
You don’t have to be expert in Windows, there are many software around to help you, to select the best optimization software, you should always prepare a clean machine, install Microsoft virtual PC as the major testing tool (This is free from Microsoft) and test with any tools you can find in the Internet. I know this is time consuming, so We have done some of the test for you.
You will find more handy information at PC Optimiation, this website will tell you more about PC optimization and FREE resources.
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