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Welcome to the U.B.Funkeys virtual computer game.

U.B Funkeys is the amazing new computer game created for young boys and girls that uses the latest trend of computers and the Internet to bring toys to life in an totally new way.
Where you can explore a funky world filled with games, stories, quests and surprises. The collectable characters act as keys, hence their name Funkeys.
Each new Funkey you collect with great names like: Boggle, Bones, Deuce, Lotus, Scratch, Twinx, Vroom, Xener unlocks more of the funkeys world. The more Funkeys you have and there is 42 of them, come in the categories Normal, Rare, Very-Rare. The more rarer the Funkey the more crucial zones it unlocks.
U.B. Funkeys transports you to the funky world of Terrapinia ‚EUR” a virtual home to the Funkeys.  Each new Funkey that you collect gives you access to a new zone, with new games to discover and explore.  Play each Funkeys game and earn coins to buy more than a 1000 items to decorate a player‚EUR(TM)s ‚EURoecrib‚EURĚ  And the items you ‘win’ are themed to match your UBFunkey.
So if you have a skeleton-themed UBFunkey, you might get a bone chair as a reward. There are currently eight different UBFunkey Tribes available. You can select which Tribe to buy but you never know which colour of UBFunkey you are going to get - and this is what makes collecting Funkeys such fun.
Once you have created your funkeys home, upload it to show your family and friends.  But be careful !  In this virtual world, Master Lox and his evil henchmen are lurking in the shadows ready to steal your prized coins. 
Unlock the Funkeys Zones‚EUR¶ play the Funkeys games‚EUR¶ and defeat Master Lox, bringing peace back to the Funkeys!
The U.B.Funkey Starter Kit consists of two U.B.Funkeys and a U.B.Funkey hub that acts as the portal to Funkeytown. when you Connect a new U.B.Funkey to this hub you will unlock new games and puzzles, so the more Funkeys the better!
“U.B. Funkeys embodies the way kids play today - they love to collect and they love to play computer games - and now they can enjoy the best of both worlds,” said Jim Wagner, Senior Vice President of Radica, Mattel Brands. “By adding innovation and an interactive play experience to the popular trend of collecting vinyl toys, we are delivering a completely unique game that will appeal to today’s tweens.”
Each Funkey character has magnets on their feet that grab and lock the connectors in place to the large Funkey Port. The bases have a USB cable that plugs right into your PC, and come with two UB Funkeys figures to get you started. Additional Funkey figures start at $5 or £4.99 GBP.
The game has been directed to the Age 8+, but it can be expected that even adults will get addicted to the Funkeys. The figures’ are made of hard vinyl plastic, FunKey Hub measures 5” tall; each character measures 2.75” tall.and all are customized in different designs and colours each with their own personality.
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Minimum System Requirements
Windows¬ģ Vista/XP/2000/ME/98
800 MHz processor (1.3 GHz recommended)
256 MB RAM (512 MB recommended)
1 GB free hard disk space
USB port (USB cable included)
32 MB video card (64 MB recommended)
8x CD or DVD drive
Sound card, keyboard, mouse
Adobe Flash 9 (included)
Internet connection (broadband recommended)
Installing instructions
Once you have installed your software and plugged in your U.B. Hub you are ready to go.
Each Funkey gives you access to different parts of the world
Change out your Funkey in the U.B. Hub to change your Funkey on screen
You become the Funkey that is in the U.B. Hub
When you start up the U.B. Funkeys game, you will be brought to the Main Menu where you can create a player, login, or change your settings.
Create Player - You can enter and change your user name and password
Login ‚EUR” Log into the game, once you have set up your user name and password.
Story ‚EUR” Read the history of the Funkeys and what they are all about.  Watch this to explain things that you will see in the game and help you to find your way in the world and things to look for while you are exploring.
Website ‚EUR”  www,ubfunkeys.com.
Options ‚EUR” change your view settings, enter codes, and whether to check for the latest software updates.
Once logged in, your Funkey will be dropped into Funkeys Town. This is where your Funkey‚EUR(TM)s adventure begins.
Your Funkey ‚EUR” Shows you which Funkey you are using in the U.B. Hub
Main Menu ‚EUR” Bring’s you back to the Main Menu
My Stuff ‚EUR” View the current items in your Funkey‚EUR(TM)s inventory
Your Coins ‚EUR” You can see how many coins your Funkey currently has
Sound Options ‚EUR” Find out how to change the Music and Sound Effects volume
Go to Crib ‚EUR” Go directly to your Funkey Crib
Map ‚EUR” The map shows you a view of where you have been
Pay close attention to the Funkey characters you see on screen, there are good guys and bad guys stay away from the bad guys.  You will also come across exciting ‚EURoedistractions‚EURĚ that you can interact with. keep an eye out for them as you explore.
About Mattel
Mattel, Inc.,  is the worldwide leader in the design, manufacture and marketing of toys and family products. The Mattel family is comprised of such best-selling brands as Barbie¬ģ, the most popular fashion doll ever introduced, Hot Wheels¬ģ, Matchbox¬ģ, American Girl¬ģ, Radica:¬ģ and Tyco¬ģ R/C, as well as Fisher-Price¬ģ brands, including Little People¬ģ, Power Wheels¬ģ and a wide array of entertainment-inspired toy lines. Mattel is recognized as one of the 100 Most Trustworthy U.S. Companies by Forbes Magazine and is ranked among the 100 Best Corporate Citizens by CRO Magazine. Committed to ethical manufacturing practices, Mattel marks a 10-year milestone in 2007 for its ever-evolving Global Manufacturing Principles and focus on sustainable business practices. With global headquarters in El Segundo, Calif., Mattel employs more than 30,000 people in 43 countries and territories and sells products in more than 150 nations. Mattel’s vision is to be the world’s premier toy brands—today and tomorrow.
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