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Intel D101GGC BIOS 0313

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Instructions to update the BIOS for Intel Desktop Boards with Award BIOS:1. An MS-DOS startup diskette will be needed. If necessary, one may be created in Microsoft Windows* XP using the following steps:a) Insert a blank floppy diskette into the floppy diskette drive. WARNING: Any data on this diskette WILL BE DESTROYED!b) From the Windows XP “Start” menu, select “My Computer”.c) Right-click on the icon for the A: drive, and select “Format…” from the menu.d) Click the box labeled “Create an MS-DOS startup disk” and then click the “Start” button. After the format process is complete, proceed with the instructions below.2. Download and run the BIOS update file to extract the files needed to update the BIOS. The file will be named “GC11010N.86A.xxxx.EXE”, where xxxx is the version of the BIOS.3. After running the BIOS update file, copy the following files to the floppy diskette created in step 1:· GC_xxxx.BIN (where xxxx denotes the version of the BIOS)· AWDFLASH.EXE· AUTOEXEC.BATNOTE: Overwrite the AUTOEXEC.BAT file on the floppy diskette if prompted.4. Insert the diskette into the floppy drive of the system to be updated and turn it on. The BIOS Flash Utility will start automatically after boot.5. After loading the BIOS update file, the BIOS Flash Utility will prompt you “Do You Want To Save BIOS (Y/N)?”. Pressing “Y” will make a copy of the existing BIOS before updating, pressing “N” will skip this step.NOTE: Making a copy of the BIOS will require free space on the floppy diskette approximately equal to the size of the BIOS update file (GC_xxxx.BIN).6. A second prompt will display: “Press ‘Y’ to Program or ‘N’ to Exit”. Pressing “N” will exit without updating the BIOS. Press “Y” to proceed with the update.7. When the update is complete, remove the floppy diskette and press the “F1” key as prompted by the BIOS Flash Utility.8. The system will reboot and the BIOS update process is complete

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