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Intel DH87MC Desktop Board Express BIOS 0047 for Windows 7/Windows 8

Op. System Windows 7 / Windows 7 64 bit / Windows 8 / Windows 8 64 bit
File size 11.49 MB
Last updated
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-Updated Visual BIOS to version 2.0.23.
-Fixed issue where customized logo is not saved after BIOS Recovery.
-Improved DMI protection.
-Fixed issue with Boot Block Fault tolerance.
-Fixed issue where F9 loads original defaults instead of defaults set by Intel Integrator Toolkit (ITK).
-Fixed issue where Cooling Assistant does not work in Visual BIOS.
-Revised Setup item string, [C6/C7 C-state] to [Lowest CPU Idle Power Setting].
-Added XTU improvements.
-Updated processor support.
-Fixed issue with Primary Video Adapter.
-Fixed issue with STDBY LED blink during shutdown stage.
-Fixed issue where the default value and help text for Unattended BIOS Configuration are incorrect.
-Fixed issue where some information lost in Other Information section in BIOS.
-Fixed issue where “Processor Family x Model y Stepping z” character does not show in BIOS.
-Fixed issue where Ext PCI Graphics option is lost under Primary Video Adaptor menu.
-Fixed issue where motherboard information is lost from ITK “Only show setting that are compatible” list.
-Fixed issue where the Cooling Assistant profile default value is wrong.
-Fixed issue where the Advance help text of Clear Secure Boot Data should be removed and the help text of the item is incorrect.
-Fixed issue where “Set User Hard Drive Password” shows incorrectly.
-Fixed issue where boot priority can change in UEFI mode the first time after rebooting from the operating system.
-Added support to use ITK Custom Boot Order as Default Boot Order. Corrected the BIOS Config Menu display strings when secure jumper is removed.
-Updated POST Function Hotkeys Display strings.
-Fixed issue with the F3 Disable Fast boot function when the power button menu is displayed.
-Fixed issue with unsupported password key character warning beep.
-Fixed issue where, if Hard Drive Password Prompt is disabled, BIOS will never prompt for a Hard Drive password unless attempting to boot to a drive with a User Hard Drive Password installed.
-Fixed issue where system cannot be waked up from ACPI state(S3/S4/S5) via onboard LAN.
-Fixed issue with Startup Sound default setting.
-Fixed issue where F4 BIOS Recovery option is missing from Power Button Menu.
-Fixed issue where the ranges of Processor Core Voltage Offset(V), Ring Voltage Offset(V), and Graphics Voltage Offset(V) are incorrect.
-Fixed issue where changes in ITK’s Boot Order Pane fail. About This Release:
-ME Firmware:
-Integrated Graphics Option ROM: Build 2170 PC 14.34
-GOP: 5.0.1025
-LAN Option ROM: 1403 PXE 2.1 Build 091 Express BIOS Updates:
-Self-extracting Windows-based update file, designed to be used on Windows systems. This method is the most commonly used.
-for WinPE
-Self-extracting Windows-based update file, designed to be used with either Microsoft Windows PE.x64 or Microsoft Windows x64 operating systems. Important Notes:
-Update the BIOS on your computer only if the newer BIOS version specifically solves a problem you have. BIOS updates are not recommend for computers that do not need it.
-Downgrading the BIOS to an earlier version is not recommended and may not be supported. An earlier BIOS version may not contain the support for the latest processors, bug fixes, critical security updates, or support the latest board revisions currently being manufactured.
-If a BIOS update process is interrupted, your computer may not function properly. It is recommend that the process is done in an environment with a steady power supply (preferably with UPS).
-Before updating the BIOS on the Intel Desktop Board, manually record all BIOS settings that have been changed (from default) so they can be restored after completing the BIOS update.

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