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Sitecom WL-309 V1-001 Wi-Fi Router Firmware 1.2.05 Beta

Op. System Windows All
File size 2 MB
Last updated
Downloads: 80

Specifications: StreamEngine technology network optimizer
-New generation StreamEngine chipset ensures low latency online, Lag-free local network gaming
-Automatic Quality of Service classifies time-sensitive applications and gives priority within the network traffic, ideal for gaming, streaming HD-videos and VoIP
-Preconfigured Application Level Gateways for the most recent popular multiplayer games and customizable settings for new games
-WISH: Wireless Intelligent Stream Handling for the internal wireless network
-Advanced scheduled access control
-Peer to Peer optimized and up to 30.000 simultaneous open connections guaranteeing ideal performance for downloading Simultaneous Dual-band technology
-Two access points with 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz wireless band which can be used simultaneously
-Less congested 5 GHz frequency ideal for time-sensitive traffic such as gaming, audio and HD-video streaming and VoIP without any interruptions
-Two internal + two external Dual-band antennas which reduce dead spots and guarantee an optimal coverage on all the floors of the house Wireless 802.11n & Wired Gigabit Network
-Superior wireless speed up to 300 Mbps on the standard 2.4 GHz and less congested 5 GHz frequency
-Built-in full-duplex Gigabit WAN port which supports high-speed internet connections up to 400 Mbps (routing speed)
-Built-in 4-port full-duplex Gigabit Switch to connect Ethernet devices at full speed
-One USB port to connect an external USB storage device such as a hard disk or flash drive to share the content with all users
-On/Off power button for saving energy OPS easiest setup and security
-“Out of the box” fully secured with WPA2
-_x0007_ Smart One-Push Setup button: create a secured wireless connection with just the push of a button

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