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HP Pavilion dv6331eu Optical Mouse

Op. System Windows Vista
File size 17.8 MB
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Specifications:The operating modes of the AXON AX 100 MKII
The many options of your AXON require a wide range of parameters that you can adjust to suit your require-ments. The following explanation of the user interface will help you find your way around quickly.
For a clear overview, the operating functions of your AXON have been organised in four different modes or sections that can be selected using the buttons on the front panel. Each of these modes (GLOBAL, PRESET, UTILITY, CHAIN) contain a number of parameters that can be displayed using the PARAMETER +/
-buttons after pressing the appropriate mode button.
Press the PARAMETER + button to switch to the next parameter. PARAMETER
-returns you to the previous parameter. Change the values of the individual parameters using the VALUE +/
-buttons, using VALUE + to raise the value and VALUE
-to lower it. The VALUE +/
-buttons feature an acceleration function to help ensure that you dont get a repetitive strain injury. You can accelerate the counting even more by pressing both but-tons (+ and -) at the same time while counting up or down.
A number of parameters contain submenus with additional parameters. Dots at the end of the parameter name indicate the presence of a submenu. To open a submenu, press the ENTER button. Press the PARAMETER +/
-buttons to access the various parameters within the submenu. The EXIT button will return the AXON to the original parameter. The EXIT button will also return the AXON to its default Preset mode..

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