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ECS G11 Intel Matrix Storage Driver

Op. System Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows XP 64 bit / Windows Vista 64 bit / Windows 7 / Windows 7 64 bit
File size 11.98 MB
Last updated
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-RaidCfg64 tool doesn’t return the correct string about the model name
-RAIDCFG32/64 “/std” command does not show full device name
-When HDDs serial number is over 16 characters, RAIDCFG64.exe will fail on accelerate enable.
-RST does not correctly safely remove disks with formatted partitions
-User Interface Help does not notify the user how to increase partition/Volume size after a migration
-Enabling Acceleration of a RAID Volume Does Not Disable the Volume’s Write Back Cache
-Revert changes to support Acceleration after hot-unplug and re-insert of SSD
-BSOD 0xD5 sporadically seen during hot plug test
-‘Create’ tab appears in the user interface when a cache volume is created by RcfgSata.exe or Raidcfg32/64.exe, when it should not
-SRT Caching thrashes cache contents running a specific test
-0x50/0x7E BSOD occurs during Write Test
-RST copyright corrected to be 2012
-When a data volume is set to 8GB on a 32GB SSD HDD, SRT does not use the remaining space on the SSD
-ODD tray eject by PowerDVD take ~10sec when ODD is in Zero Power state
-0x7E BSOD observed when running extended S3 cycles
-RST not properly reporting HDD SMART information by IOCTL(SMART_RCV_DRIVE_DATA)
-RAID Error and Warning Event IDs are set to Zero
-Setting for adaptive spindown causing noticeable delays on HDD spin up

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