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HP Deskjet 3740 / 3743 / 3744 / 3745 / 3747 / 3748 Driver for Windows

Op. System Windows 2000, Windows XP
File size 13.3 MB
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HP Deskjet 3740 / 3743 / 3744 / 3745 / 3747 / 3748 Driver for Windows. Installation instructions: Oops! The printer, the USB cable must be taken before! Do not plug a USB cable until instructed to do so by the installation software! 1. Create a new folder on the hard drive before downloading the printer driver. Suggestion: “c: \ dj3740” 2. Download the driver to the newly created c: \ dj3740 folder. 3. Open the c: \ dj3740 folder and double click on the downloaded “exe” file. Once the files are loaded and driver installation procedure, proceed to step 6. Note: If this screen does not appear, go to the next step (step 4) to manually open the screen. 4. Double-click the C: open \ dj3740 folder to the folder. 5. Double-click the file “Setup” to start the installation program. 6. Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the installation installer.

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