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Echo Digital Audio Corporation Indigo/Indigo io/In

Op. System Windows 2K / Windows XP / Windows 2003 / Windows Vista
File size 1.52 MB
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New features
-Support for playing compressed Dolby Digital, WMA Pro, and DTS over S/PDIF
-Multichannel Windows volume controls for surround sound
-Console sessions are now saved in the user documents folder.Fixes
-Better physical memory management for x64 Windows
-Improved kernel streaming framing for better Vista and DirectKS support
-Fix for recording with NGWaveKnown issues
-In Vista, you may hear glitching with Windows Media Player. If so, try changing the preferredformat to a lower sample rate in Vista’s “Sound” control panel.
-In Windows XP, you may still see warnings that the driver is unsigned. Windows XP willdisplay this warning unless a driver has been signed directly by Microsoft.
-ASIO Direct Monitoring changes are not updated in the console in real time.
-ASIO Direct Monitoring panning control does not work.

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