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18 Wheels of Steel - Across America

Update by: Danial
Submitted by: conner54
In your “My Documents” folder, open your 18 Wheels of Steel folder.
Use Notepad to open the config file. Change the line:
uset g_console “0”
uset g_console “1”
While playing, press [~] (tilde) to bring up the console, then type
any of the following codes:
cheat money
cheat dealers
cheat drivers
cheat stars
NOTE: To open the console, you need to download patch 1.10.
Submitted by:  Nico
E-mail: ncoertzen@tiscali.co.za
1. First u must start a new game and the city must be New York
2. Then u must color ur truck blue
3. Then ride to the New York Truck Dealer
4. Then when u go to Buy Truck there would be the 2 best trucks in the game
Another way to get more money [all ver.]:
This method is base on editing files, so make sure to BACKUP “base.scs”
Note: This file is about 135mb. In that case, it will little bit slow while
you editing this file. So be patience
To edit this file we have to use “windows xp built in compression utility”
If you have installed “winzip” ,“winrar” or other compression utility
Then unassociated zip file
Winzip: goto options >> configuration >> system and click on the “associations”
button and uncheck “.zip”
winrar: goto options >> settings >> integration and uncheck the box next to “zip”
[This because the version of the WinZip, winrar, you may try with earlier ver.
Of the WinZip and winrar]
Let’s begin:
1.Rename file “base.scs” to “base.zip”
2.double click to open the file
3.go in to “defs” folder
4.In this folder, you will find folder named “scenarios” and drag this folder
  to yours desktop.
5.then delete the “scenarios” folder in “base.zip”
6.go to “scenarios” on the desktop and open “free_mode.def” with notepad
7.change ’ money:“1000” to money:“1000000000” ‘
8.save the file and copy “scenarios” folder
9.return to “defs” folder in the “base.zip” and paste
10.rename “base.zip” to “base.scs”
11.when you start new game in free mode you will have $1000000000
Note: you can also edit other files in the “scenarios” folder and can
change “truck:xxxxxx” with “mch613, kw900, mch603, fcl, flcc, kt2000,
kk100, p351, p362, vvn, ws, fln”