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Age of Mythology

Update by: Gaurav Kumar Meena
Update by: Klaas Spel
Update by: ankit
Update by: Nick Ogle
Update by: sgtKill
Submitted by: conner54
During gameplay press ENTER then enter a cheat below. 
Press ENTER again to activate:
NOTE:CODES ARE CAP SENSITEVE!!!!! (keep caps lock on)
Code               Result
THRILL OF VICTORY     - Win Scenario
IN DARKEST NIGHT       - Nighttime Mode
MOUNT OLYMPUS         - Max Favor
SET ASCENDANT         - Show All Animals
PANDORAS BOX         - New God Power
DIVINE INTERVENTION     - Enable Used God Power
JUNK FOOD NIGHT       - Get 100 Food
ATM OF EREBUS         - Get 1000 Gold
LAY OF THE LAND       - Show Map
IN DARKEST NIGHT       - Nighttime Mode
MOUNT OLYMPUS         - Max Favor
SET ASCENDANT         - Show All Animals
GOATUNHEIM           - Turn Enemy to Goats
FEAR THE FORAGE       - Chicken Metero God Power
I WANT TEH MONKEYS!!!!!  - Add Monkeys
WUV WOO             - Flying Purple Hippo
TINES OF POWER       - ForkBoy
O CANADA           - Lazer Bear
ISIS HEAR MY PLEA     - Heroes from the Campaign
RED TIDE           - Changes Water to Red  
CHANNEL SURFING       - Units can Walk on Water
L33T SUPA H4X0R       - Fast Build
MR. MONDAY           - Get a handicap
WRATH OF THE GODS     - Get the Meteor god power,Lightning god power,Tornado god
                  power and Earthquake god power
Lazerbear is very fast and can not destroy building all that good but can
wipe out an army very well
Marcanter, Submitted the following Information:
Email: evandrofoz@bol.com.br
When you enter in the game you, press enter, after
will show a screen: Type this worlds:
Garlic, Karnecs, Dragon and Dugerons Fight, next will
show other screen to you choose the cheat that you want.
Defeating Myth Units with Shades:
Submitted by: d.shankarnarayana
May be in the 7th or 8th campaign, the heroes Arkantos, Ajax & Chiron have to find
three relics and must safely return to the three temples on their way they meet
shades (A kind of unit which is invisible to enemy units) however, they cannot
attack buildings but they are very effective against myth units. Just click on
the shade and select any enemy myth unit e.g.:(Colossus, Hydra, Kracken) to attack
them. The shades grab the enemy myth unit souls and diminish away. (They can be
used only once against one myth unit). Dont use shades on ineffective myth
units like(Minotaur,Cyclops). Use them wisely they will surely sustain you.
If more doubts persists, Mail me.
Stop enemy reinforcements for some time to develop your base:
Submitted by: d.shankarnarayana
In Age of Mythology, there is no need to use any cheats because the game is
quite reasonable. However, the enemies in Age of Mythology is much more stronger
we have to avoid them in order to build our base. At the beginning of the game
press “Enter” and type “O CANADA” to give you a laser bear which is very stronger.
Send him to the enemy base so that the enemies will be busier in destroying him.
In the Meantime, we can build up our base and easily manage the enemies.
If more doubts persists, Mail me.
Submitted by: Yasir Wahab
While playing scrieno, used your heros much for fighting and in
easy mode when your hero is fallen, then if you take army or your
man near to him, then he will stands up again and his life will again
proceed. Try your god powers when you are losing or power will be your
last weapon because the powers after used once will noy come back. 
In this game Army is much strong and campians are hard too. So,
prapare your army and try to search on techonolygies.
When you slected advance to another age, then chose your age by the
situation of stage or game.
So, may be these tips can make your play easy. Thankyou
Exciting 32nd mission:
Submitted by: shankarnarayana
This is the final and the most exciting campaign of age of mythology.
If you want to play this in titan difficulty mode then this will be
real difficult task.When you build a wonder,zeus will be pleased &
gives a special power “blessing of zeus”.When you trigger this power
at Arkantos he becomes so powerful however he can’t pullback in this
difficulty mode.In order to finish this mission a stylish way.Just
type in DIVINE INTERVENTION” and copy it and paste it quite a no:of
times and now type in the cheat “ISIS HEAR MY PLEA” copy this cheat
and paste about 10 times.Now your crowded by many heroes.
Select all arkantos type and trigger the special godpower “blessing
of zeus” on each of them.Now attack your enemy with your new army.
Submitted by: nout
Building your base takes long, but just enter “ATLANTIS REBORN”
and your whole base is as big as Atlantis and there is a whole army
is waiting to attack or defend.
If there more things to ask just mail to “zonklein@hotmail.com .
Submitted by:john
When you are in the campaign mode,type channel surfing,you will just enter at another stage.
I found the cheat myself.
Submitted by: Virus
To get unlimited sons of osiris get the 2 pharos thing, then use the son of
osiris god pwr to make both of ur pharos a hero using the divine intervention
cheat then the game will make another pharo and make him a son of osiris and so
on and the game will keep doing this and then u will have unlimited sons of osiris
Flaming Swords:
Get the god power of the flaming swords that raises your attack and keep typing
in divine intervention to get heaps of the god power flaming swords then click
on a unit and keep using the god power on the unit. This unit and all your other
units will have a lot of strength in attack.
Two Pharaohs:
Play as Egyptians. When you get to the Mythic Age, choose Osiris as the Minor
God. When you get the improvements and god power, click on the “New Kingdom”
improvement. Wait for the second Pharaoh to be generated, then use Son of
Osiris god power on the second Pharaoh. You will get another Pharaoh in a
few moments and you will then have one Son of Osiris and two Pharaohs
Llamas / Ox:
As soon as you advance to the heroic age build a market, train the llamas/ox and
send then to your town center…. the longer the distance more gold they’ll carry.
Unit Strengths:
Myth units are strong against human soldiers, human soldiers are strong against
heroes, and heroes are strong against myth units.
Building Up Your Defenses:
Make sure to build up good defenses for your settlement early in the game to guard
against any incoming invasion.
Hidden taunt:
While playing a LAN or online game press enter and type 999 which does the theme
music but with extra sounds like monkeys singing, ect. Very funny, but only if you
are the one doing it
Age of Mythology God Strategy Cheats:
Submitted by: Gaurav kumar meena
His Bolt kills any unit except Transports and Ox Carts. To use this bolt
effectively do not waste it on simply any unit, wait until you are threatened
by a huge unit such as a Son of Osiris or Nidhogg. Starts with 25 Favor, gains
favor quickly and can reach 200 Favor. Hoplites move faster. Infantry do 150%
damage to buildings. His Myth Tech, Olympic Parentage, increases the hit points
of Heroes.
This brother of Zeus’ god power is Lure which creates a stone that lures a certain
number of animals before disappearing after luring a desired number of animals.
Cavalry and Stables cheaper with Poseidon and. Militia appear at razed (destroyed)
buildings. Also, your market trade cheaper.
Submitted by: teja0080
press enter and type in the following cheat “runcobracar” and click on the town
centre it gives u a cobra car we ballastic missiles.