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Battle Realms

Submitted by:  Raz
Once you complete the first level, you would be allowed to choose where to
go next, choose to attack shinja’s fort first, then without building anything
send Kenji and Otomo(if you are with the dragon clan) Or send kenji on his
own(if you are with serpents) up to the very top of the land where shinja is,
you shoyld find his keep there, then select his keep and press CTRL+D to
destroy his keep and shinja will escape and you will win the level very
quickly, when you are on the next level, send kenji and otomo east until
you find shinja’s base and shinja would be on a tower, destroy the tower
with CTRL+D and send kenji and otomo to attack shinja, keep using their
battlegear and you will have won both levels very quickly
the force of the lotus’ brothers:
Submitted by: piprock
first make sure you have the three brothers in your army.
next get the brothers and try to attack it in nearby
water… you will see them turn and make spins that will
trigger yang acquisition. now use your ying/yang to upgrade
your units defense and offense or make heroes to blast your
enemies to smithereens.
For Unlimited Brothers:
Submitted by: Julius KEn
E-mail: masterjulius_ken@yahoo.com
First Build Towers And Place Your Desired Brother Type
On The Tower (I Would Prefer The Three Of Them) Then
Destroy Your “Crypt Of Brothers Building”.This Way The
Brothers Will “Only Die!!!” If Thr C.O.B. Will BE
Destroyed.And Now You Have Up To 9 Brothers!!! Wow!!!
More Upgrades To Make!!!
While you are playing at Serpent:
Submitted by: Colonel Von Below
E-mail: phuquoc_2001@yahoo.com
train a Ronin and let he learn Yin Blade. Now let
him fight a tree and actived his battle gear. And
you will have a HUGE Yin (A tree for 5 Yin first time).
While you are playing at Lotus:
Submitted by: Colonel Von Below
E-mail: phuquoc_2001@yahoo.com
build a Crypt of Brothers and build all brothers.
Now you let fight a tree. And your Yin will grow up
very quickly.
Destroy buildings:
Submitted by: nightraider
Highlight an enemy building, then press [Ctrl] + D.
Excellent strategy Choco-Bob I play very
similarly. I also think upgrading your Dojo and
Archery with special abilities also helps a great
deal (Zen Accurary etc). Also round up a few horses
- they provide 2 very useful purposes-:
1. Peasants can use them as pack-horses thus allowing you
to carry more water/rice back to your Huts. The quicker
you have your resources the quicker you get your army.
2. Put your prized units on mounts and their attack rating
goes up. Also you now have the trample ability which I have
found very handy in melee situations.
I also love Archers. As Choco-Bob advises use CTRL-1
(Or whatever) to group your Archers then make them stand
their ground. An enemy no matter what their Unit type quickly
crumbles under a hail of 10 or more arrows. I use CTRL-2 to
also group my Melee units and also use their special powers
in battle (Intimidate, Shield).
And yes - always save before a big battle. I also concentrate
on the towers first, then Enemy Archers, then Enemy Melee then
structures. Weather the initial storm of the Enenmy attacking
you then sit back and build. It sometimes takes finesse but
that’s half the fun!
Try the following:
1. Build more peasant huts. The more you have, the faster
they spawn, the faster your army grows, etc. More huts also
increases your resource capacity (as does building a Town Hall)
, so that your gatherers can be constantly building up a fat
rice/water bankroll, so you’ll always have resources when you
need them (like when you need heroes, NOW).
2. Use battle gear. Both offensive and defensive. Even on
your geisha. Equip everybody and use it in combat.
3. In single-player, save early and often. Make Ctrl-S
(quick save) and Ctrl-L (quick load) your friends. I always
quicksave before I invade a base. I wasn’t in the habit of
doing this in Starcraft or AoE and it cost me a lot of time.
4. When invading, focus on towers first, then peasant huts,
then barracks (training buildings). Rush your melee guys up
to the towers, and keep your ranged guys AWAY from them.
Towers have awesome range, but the unit atop the tower can’t
fire at units attacking its base (i.e., there are no
AoEII-style “murder holes”). Tower charges (their battle
gear, of sorts) are a bitch, too. When attacking a tower,
send one or two units in first, in the hopes that your
opponent (or the AI) will trigger the tower charge, then
send the rest of your squad against it.
5. Fire! Fire! Fire! Burn stuff. Dragon Warriors’ flaming
sword, Serpent Raiders’ torches, Wolf Pitch Slingers’ pitch,
and Lotus horse Infernal Breath (among others) all have the
ability to ignite structures. Use it. There’s nothing more
confusing to your opponent (or the AI in single-player) than
to have some fire units run around their town igniting every
structure they see.
6. Use hot keys. B to activate batttle gear, S to stop, N
to stand ground, G to guard, O for non-agressive. Go into
Options/Controls and study the whole list. This also includes
creating groups and assigning them hotkeys as well.
Destroy building without Attacking:
Once you see the enemy base without the fog covering it. 
Select the enemy building that you want to destroy. 
After highlighting it press CTRL+D and keep pressing it
till you see the building destroyed. You can do this to
your allies to! (Evil Laugh)
Submitted by: Dimitar
Hey there strategy fans.We all know that there are two types of win.
To cheat or to cheat!that is why I Dimitar leave you with this cheat.
when you see a building without the fog of war press left click on it
and then ctrl D a several times.Then the building will will colapse.
Good luck.
Submitted by: popot
Quickly build a Tomb of the Brothers and summon Lythis, one of the brothers
of the crypt. Just have him attack a tree and watch yin points add up.
This trick works well on a stage with lots of trees.
Unlimited Brothers:
Submitted by: popot
For the Lotus Clan:
1. As soon as possible build the Crypt of Brothers.
2. Train all 3 Brothers (you can use the Yin Farming to make it easier).
3. Build 3 Watchtowers.
4. Put the 3 Brothers on the 3 Watchtowers.
5. Destroy your Crypt of Brothers (CTRL+D x2).
6. Rebuild your Crypt of Brothers.
7. Build the 3 Brothers again.
8. Remove the old 3 Brothers from the Watchtowers.
9. Put the new Brothers on the towers.
10. Repeat.
* Notice * The brothers only use Yin, Rice, and Water. If you destroy your
Crypt of Brothers while the 3 Brothers are on foot, they will die with it.
That is why if they are one the towers, they dont die. This also makes the
computer think they are dead so it allows you to train new ones.
Submitted By: Shibly & Tamim
E Mail: tamim_7681@yahoo.com
From Bangladesh.
In skrimish mode you can secure your base more than before.build your base
with your ally team.example: In centar ring map build your base with ally &
build watchtower in two entrances.Use long range unit in watchtower(Cannoner,keg
Cannoner,Balastista Man or Unclean One).Your watchtowers will guard the entrances
& Allie’s watchtowers will guard inside your base.Your soldires & Your Allye’s
soldires will do enough to protect the base.Use a peasent with horse to collect
water for your ally.
if u play with Lotas use Hero sabon to creat golem.Use golem to cut rice for your
ally.Use Zymeth to call rain for rice field.After rain fall putting Zymeth in a
watchtower will be a good thing.