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Battle Realms - Winter Of The Wolf

Submitted by: conner54
Multi-player cooperation:
When playing in multi-player mode, your base to a friend’s base.
Your friend can defend you while you build.
Lotus clan: Get Ying faster and great fighting:
Train a Warlock unit then set magic by the Brother that has a leaf
around his head. Then, get ice-blade for the Warlock. Your Warlock
unit must have more than five (the more, the better).
In battle, press B to destroy them all. However, it may take a few
minutes to get stamina for the Brother.
Dragon clan: Break unit limit:
With a new character, train in the Bath House and Royal Academy.
Train her to 20 units, then take them to train in the Shrine which
provide them the magic. Select all of them (press B for using the
magic). Finally, your units will become 40 by using the magic.
The sum of these 40 units plus your peasants will be more than
the limit provided.