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Blast Thru

Blast Thru
Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: Haris
When you are in game press Ecscape key and then write the
codes one by one and Enter.
Codes       Result
speedittome - speed up the ball
getittome   - level complete
getall     - you will get all the score
Submitted by:  Vincent Bethmann
Cheats i found for good old Blast Thru. They work.
I just had to open the exe of the game with an editor and
searched for readable words.
Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: Al Emran Tareq
During playing, press (Alt + H) to enter the following codes -
Code                   Result
let me hear you say fired up - Burning ball
not a small thing         - Bigger paddle
sweet                 - 4x balls
funyons               - Balls never loose
detrimental abundancy     - Bad poweruprain
sidewinders             - Get rockets
my velcro shoes         - Control the ball
through holy faith       - Extra life
inc me               - Skip level
no ska no swing         - Ballmagnet
i never prosper         - Show finish sequence after finishing level