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Bridge Builder

Hex Cheat:
Submitted by: Jan Garbarek
Warning! This cheat requires editing a game files, so make a backup of them.
Money Cheat:
Go to Bridge Builderlevel and edit the one You want to change in hex editor.
Near the beginnig of every level file there is a hex string “42 00 00 00 43”, and
just after it there is a value of money limit in the level.
e.g. in first level it is: “D0 07”
The values are inverted, so be careful when setting a desired ammount.
eg. in first level there is money limit of 2000. in hex it should be “07 D0”, but
it is “D0 07”. Strange, but real :P Hovewer, if you decided to cheat, you’ll
probably set it to “FF FF”, so inversion doesn’t make any difference :
P Have a nice fun when chaeating! :)