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Club Marian

Club Marian
Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: Justin
Cheat mode:
Enter one of the following commands to activate the
corresponding effect.
Code             Effect
press /teleport 1   - to go to another wold.
press /who       - to see who is in the room.
press /join [number] - to join another room.
Submitted by: David K.
Be Smart Online:
When playing any multiplayer game, make sure never to use your
real name - and don’t communicate your personal information to
anyone in the game!
Have Fun:
There’s lots to do and explore in the world, so try everything
and go to all the different locations you can.
Car on the stairs:
Submitted by: Malik
In Maple go up to the steps that are right of the longer steps then stand in
front of the steps & then go to the left or right wooden thing (part of the
stairs that dont make you fall then click the car button drive 4ward & that’s it!