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Disney Fairies - Pixie Hollow

Disney Fairies - Pixie Hollow
Secret Codes to new clothes:
Submitted by: RM
When in “Pixie Central” (where the big “Play” button is) look at the
bottom left part of the screen. Click on the link to Secret Codes.
Type in the following 3 codes and you will get the Pearl white top
and skirt set ... flower headband ... flower anklet.
Code     Effect
799835 - pearl white top and skirt set
293015 - flower headband
767130 - flower anklet
Secret Codes
On your left there is a large PLAY button, further down you’ll see
an icon for “SECRET CODES” click on it and follow the directions!
Each code entered will be given to each of your Faeries!
Code     Effect
947774 - Cerulean Butterfly Glider.
633877 - Lilac Butterfly Glider.
409826 - Ruby Butterfly Glider.
747906 - Crocus bulb pitcher (pearl).
492967 - Forest Cap Thimble.
728808 - Mainland-Style Harp (Rose Red).
471575 - Hibiscus Top Daffodil Yellow+Mini Skirt Set.
606419 - Hibiscus Top Grassblade Green+Mini Skirt Set.
514689 - Hibiscus Top Rose Red+Mini Skirt Set.
525350 - Hibiscus Top Pumpkin Orange+Mini Skirt Set.
194830 - RainDrop Mirrior (green).
902156 - Trinket Chest (rose).
362016 - Ivy Ankle Boots (BlueBell Blue)
547694 - EggShell Tea Table (BlueBell Blue)
947873 - Leafy Dalhia Top (Watermelon Pink)
547694 - blue round table
194830 - Raindrop mirror
161373 - Walnut bookshelf
499840 - Leaf wrap Kettle
947873 - Pink top
679335 - pink top
495692 - Golden Glowing sash
259965 - Lavender Purple Silk Clogs
Submitted by: Elizabeth Combs
Code   Effect
716585 for the Heart Leaf Stand
530413 for the Violet Blossom Swing Decorations
317105 for the Chatter
499840 for the Leaf Wrap Kettle
128288 for the Oyster Shell Mirror Green Fern.
Pink dress:
Well a girl was wearing it in pixie hollow it was a pink dress and she said she got
it from the shops or you can get it from secret codes.