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EA Sports Cricket 2005

EA Sports Cricket 2005
Submitted by: shreyas d great
go to ‘credits’ but do not click on it just place the cursor on it and type.
cheat       result
sbatsman   - u can easily hit the ball.
fatfielders - all the fielders will change to umpires.
superbat   - your bat will b huge.
Great match winning bowling tips:
Submitted by: Arjun Talwar
This tip always work,never matters if it a one day or test match…..All you have to
do is bowl with a madium pacer like S.Ganguly on any pitch(prefferably wet or damp
pithes)and try bowling a bouncer(drag it nearest to the umpire)aiming at the stumps
(just on the line of off stump)with the mimimum speed(the speed meter should be filled
by only 1-2 lines).......You will see your opponent getting out LBW or bold very easily.
Moreover they won’t be able to score runs..