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Long time but effective moneymaking:
Get all resources to plus 2000 an hour and wait.
Submitted by: RM
One way is to build 1 warrior. 1 warrior will get you 1 prestige.
You can do this multiple times and keep getting 1 prestige. This
is increadibly time wasting and close to useless as it only gets
you 1 prestige.
Another way is by spending real money. Real money can be spent through
paypal or by Credit Card. What you can buy are “speed ups” to build
buildings faster, or research quicker. Or you can buy spins on the
lucky wheel.
How to make civony game coins?
Simply put wellington well done, what wellington doesn’t say is he also
* Sells spare resources = more gold
* raiding=more gold+ more resources
* in addition to the tax systm.
* And simply put 100% while online 50% while offline.
* Then chance to 0% when you come back, loyalty raises to 100% change
  to 100% tax stay online chnage to 50% go to bed.
Choose plunders in cities where you calculate the loss up against the
resources and gold you plunder. If the city is a good fortress look after
another… If you still wan to attack then follow the same tactic as the
“taking over a city” below.
What you want to remember is troops that are able to carry a lot of your
plunder back home. Bring workers if you don’t have transporters.
Transporters is by far the best for plunders.
Taking over a city:
1.Scout city
2.Your opponent might have fortified units - Look here to see some guidance
  about these.
3.Be sure to have troops enough - It is completly stupid to attack with all
  your men. You could easily end up been attacked by your opponent or someone
  from his alliance. Be sure to be strong!
4.Be sure to calculate with “waves” Footmen (excluding archers) will destroy
  traps. Well, its more or less a suicide-attack - The next wave is your footmen
  (still archers excluded) including cavalry. Its a suicide-action again, but
  you wanna destroy all traps and abatis’ with the lowest-cost men instead of
  the expensive troops.
Now you should be looking at a city with very pathetic defence. Send in your main
attack including archers, cataphract and mechanics.
Be sure to have 2-3-4 heroes ready with good armies. If you feel your opponent
dosent bite the 2-3-4. time you attack you can attack with your scouts/cavalry
only to get the loyalty down to zero (thats where you wanna have it to be able
to take over the city) as fast as possible.