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Feudalism 2

Feudalism 2
Submitted by: David K.
Don’t Be A Hero:
The first one in is the first one dead. If you are low on health potions don’t
risk being in the middle of a swarm of enemies, stay to the outside and take
them out one at a time.
Magical Weapons:
Unlike the original, enemies no longer drop magic weapons; instead you can forge
your very own with runes you find in your journey. A magic weapon can really
save your day so forge as often as you can afford!
Submitted by: james
If u have enough money to buy a weapon of your choice buy like five or six then
go to the upgrade place and instead of buying one level at a time go up to ten
and buy it it may take some money but its very helpful.
Submitted by: Jerrryy
Hey! The code that you press right when you do a new character is false! I found
a working cheat! IT WORKS! You go in a forge an put only a rune in the emlpacement.
then you go back and leave it there.you return to the forge and the remaining
number of runes is doubled! If you’re at 800 runes, when you’ll come back, it will
be only 160. Don’t panic! It’s just because the last 0 is hidden.
WARNING!: You must have 3 runes of the same type because it double the REMAINING
number of runes. so if you have only 2, it will double only 1 and if you have 1,
you’ll just lose it! mayby it’s just a bug so don’t kill yourself to make it run.
Submitted by: aldrin
Capture the 6 capitals and challenge the town champion then after you challenge
you go to any village it will be yours soon.
Submitted by: matt
Killing a horse is hard so make sure u dual wield with skills and have 2 wepons
that do at least 130 damage like the skull sword and use skills like the 1st dual
wield skill and use it on the horsemen to kill them. Hope this helps!
Any weapon on horse:
Submitted by: Doe-Hack
First where equip a weapon that u can use on a horse like a bow or somthing than buy a
horse. than its as simple as swiching to any weapon you want when your already on it.