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Fiesta Online

Fiesta Online
Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: RM
How to make lots of money:
You will need to be around lvl 40 and up.
Unlockable   How to unlock
Go to cp   - Fight monsters they will drop dim stuff sell really good.
Update by: aragorn blunt
Update by: dalton
Submitted by: MEGAMEN
Code                     Result
I HAVE ALL THE GOLD[number]    = have copper,silver,gold coin and gem
I AM A MONSTER             = have the higest level in the game
I am the best               = have all the best armor
I am the best archer of all     = best archer weapons (archers only!)
Submitted by: [GM]Dakkon
Fiesta online has many sercets but the thing u should know is that lvl 40+
poeple have a good way to earn money and thats to sell stuff u find the lucky
drops are in uruga on the achorns they drop mostly green weapons if u need a
high leveled green hunt fir them in uruga.
Submitted by: itachi3uchiha
An easy way to make money in Fiesta is to join a Kingdom Quest. As long as
you are level 5 or higher you can join one. They will give u prizes if you
succesfully beat a Kingdom Quest and some prizes will sell for a lot of money.
The best prizes are probably in Honeying KQ which is for levels 40-50. Mini
Dragon kq is also a good one, i once got a pair of earrings called Mini Dragon’s
Earrings of Protection which sold for over 3 gold.
How to get from level 1 to level 89:
Submitted by: Cheats
You need to be level 1 then use a scroll to Uruga then go in to battle zone
level 3. Once there die 10 times exactly or the cheat will not be affective
next press a, w, d, s, w, w, s, d, a, s, then wait in about 10 second it
should say level up normaly 89 times constantly and there you go.