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Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: jana
Select the “Passes” tab, then choose “Your Code”.
Enter one of the following codes.
Code     Effect
NP58       - Nyx Pack
HOP99 or HI1HP - Horn Of Plenty
HP33MB       - Medusa’s Blood (Pegasus)
HORSEANDPONY1 - Philosophers Stone
XXHORSEILLUST - Aphroditie’s Tears
HP22MB       - Medusas blood
Karma point:
When you start your game, you choose a sponsor. during the game, when that person
reaches their 8th riding level, you will be given 1 free karma point.
Free Nyx Pack:
Enter in the Passes tab where it says “Your Code”: NP58
This gives you a free Nyx Pack.
If you want to make money easy do this (in order) with you horses everyday:
-2 lessons
-Train as much as possible
-In the meadow till 20:00
-2 Strokes
-Check to see that the energy is above 20% if not give a turnip at this time.
This technique gets you easy money cuz you keep your full paycheck and
because the horse is doing lessons and getting paid it pays for its food
and then some!
Submittd by: Joe
Get a real high GP mare or filly (pass) / colt or stud (equus), such as
425.25 + for hanos, i have some available and get them to 100 blub at the
age of 13, i known some who are willing to train horses for a certain price.
Offer coverings or get covered and sell the the foal for 1 pass, that’ll get
you started, but if you want to have a reputation on howrse, use tears every
time you breed. Lessons every day and pastures instead of feeding box will
earn you equus daily, if your howrse is too thin, use BOTH box & pasture,
but this will only work for 100 blub horses. Sell them for pass or eq when
there round 17. I’ve been using this method for the last 2 month and i
continue to earn more passes.
Answers for riding level 1:
1 - What is an adult female horse called?
  A mare
2 - When Ulysses built the Trojan horse, what material did he choose?
3 - What is horses’ favorite drink?
4 - What famous film has Robert Redford acting as a horse whisperer?
  The Horse Whisperer
5 - Can horses vomit?
6 - When it’s very cold outside, horses prefer to sleep:
  In the warmth, in its box
7 - How was Pegasus born?
  Medusa’s blood
8 - Can you mount a horse without a saddle?
9 - With what brushes can I clean my horse?
  A hard brush, a curry-comb
10 - Is the sea-horse a cousin of the horse?
11 - What class do horses belong to?
12 - Horses never get sick:
13 - What colour was Henry IV white horse?
14 - Which one of these foods do horses not like?
15 - Out of these magnificent animals, which ones have a horse’s body?
    The hippogriff
    The unicorn
16 - What is a castrated horse called?
    A gelding
17 - When I take my horse out of the meadow, I use:
    A tether
18 - A hippy is?
    Someone who refuses the social and cultural values of the consumer
19 - What noise do horses make?
20 - Out of these coats, which one doesn’t exist?
Easy money:
Do the following with your horses every day. Have two lessons. Train it as much as
possible. Stay in the meadow until 20:00. Feed, Water, Carrot, Groom, and 2 Strokes.
If its energy goes below 20%, use a Turnip.
Easy money:
Submitted by: Elizabethk99
Aging points come easily, about 2 or 3 a day, if you visit all of your horses.
These can be sold at the market for 150 equus!.