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Cheat Codes:
Update by: marios
Submitted by: RM
Speedy build:
Ok,To make this work follow these steps:
1. Upgrade or build something so you have to wait.
2. Back button click the time in the bottom right corner.
3. Click “Adjust Date/Time.
4. Check exactly how much time is left for building.
  (not including seconds)
5. Take away that amount of time from the clock on the computer.
6. Building should be done!
7. Either do it again or set your time back.
Research Quickly:
How to get research done a lot quicker!
Step 1. Build a level 2 or higher academy
Step 2. Enter the academy
Step 3. Look at the progress of the current research and remember how much
      time is left
Step 4. Drag the “assign workers” meter so there is the max. number of scientists
Step 5. Click confirm
Step 6. Now compare how much time is left to the old time
Step 7. You can drag the meter back to get more gold again whenever you want but
      you can also get research whenever you want too!
Almost free:
Ok so u go to the market and enter the amount of stuff u want copy and past from
tool bar the amount u want and say if the price is 19$ that all u have to pay.
How to use IAC:
- Go to the Military tab in Ikariam.
- Highlight and copy content of that page. In most browsers you can do it
  by pressing CTRL+A and CTRL+C.
- Paste the content into a text field on the right.
- Choose language of the log.
- Click [Analyze].
Hint: The Best Defense:
Ikariam contains eight unique troops. Although I could complain about the variations
and specialty of them there is of course one clear winner when it comes to defense.
This troop should be a well know type beyond that of Ikariam and its defensive
powerless should also be as well know. The Phalanx is the key to defense!
It is easily the best value for money, in terms of resources needed to train one
and the upkeep to keep one. They are of course out done by the attack value of
higher up troops but the answer is simply to have.
Free upgrade:
when u need a quick research then u go to the academy, and then u click on change
research and click one of the research’s and the last second click a different one.
only works once per day.
Immediate Research:
Once a day, go to your academy and change your field of research constantly. It
should research one topic for you, if you do it enough. You can only do it once
per day.
Get a little money:
Its not the best glitch ever and i think it works but if you want to be satisfiedyou
have to do this all day.
To get some free money (well at least i hope its free.
Click on Island view , then click on the forest (or quarry, vines, mine or pit etc),
then drag the slider value to a different amount from what it is already then click
confirm. You should have one more gold piece! DO it all day and you should get roughly
Submitted by: Jonh
Go to the acdemy, and keep chnging the number of cientists that you have.
This can give you 1, 2, or 3 pieces of gol per click.
Submitted by: Sea
When you are in the town view. you put you cursor on the wood bar and then wait and
then a box will show and write .....so you highlight that patr then press ctrl-c,
Then dont highlight it any more.
then you highlight the number of wood you have then press ctrl-v
Getting Someone Banned:
All it takes to get someone banned in Ikariam is a little Photoshop work. Bashing is
illegal and the GOs rely on screen shots from the “victim” to enforce the rule. So
you find someone that has attacked you just take a screen shot go to your favorite
image editor and copy the attack line then change the time. Presto banning in
progress. It will take the person that gets banned at least 2 days to get unbanned
even if they are completely innocent. The GOs are extremely slow and usually have
to send the request up to a higher power.
Complete two researches in a day:
Go to your academy then press “Change Field”. Choose the field you want to upgrade
and at the last moment click another one. Your scientist will flash and it will say
“You have researched [name] and [name]”. This works only once a day.
Never loose armies from invasion:
Update by: argo
a really amazing bug!!!!
okay, lets say there are only 1000 resources in your city…city A….500 of the 1000
are protected by the warehouse….all goods you have are in the warehouse. if you are
first level warehouse and you only have a max of 500 per each resource before you cant
take any more, well, you can’t put 500 in the traders, and still have more besides t
so, you have all your resources in the traders, and half of all your resources are
protected by the warehouse protection.
When someone invades, they walk away with what isnt protected….but, after they load
and leave, if you check your traders, all your resources will still be there. So
basically, the game creates new resources to give to the would be pillager…and
leaves you with what you had.
This can be used in two main ways:
1) because having all your resources protected by the traders, you don’t have to
protect your towns….you could, for a time, have all your mines and mills at 0 workers,
you could make crazy $ really quickly, and then you could just buy a ton of trade ships.
and you don’t loose any resources in doing so…except wine. because you need to
constantly use wine….so it is good to have PLENTY of wine before doing this….you
can keep the wine in the traders and just leave 50 or 100 out for each city at a time.
so, it’s a quick way to put all your energy into making gold with no risk….a good
thing to do here would be to fire alot of your army, and just let your cities do there
work. I bet you could get 10 trade ships within a few hours if you did this.
Another thing would be, if your resources are safe in your cities if they are in the
traders, put your resources in the traders in all but one city…then, your main city,
the one you want to build up levels with, you put all your troops and armies and ships.
Then, from there, you pillage everyone around you, building up resources…once you
are satisfied with your level of town house, or governors residence, or of your palace
or whatever, you simply put your remaining resources in the traders, and then send
your army to the next city to do their work there.
By doing this, you could probably build 3 or 4 levels of the palace up in one sitting.
get a bunch of cargo ships while youre doing it, and then go and setlle places, sending
your army in, and settling them one by one….building up GR right away…to get out of
coruption. or at least to 25% or less…then, move onto the next city.
So that is one strategy you could employ with this secret.
2) you can find someone who is willing to be a co-conspirator. what you do is this:
you put all your resources into traders, and same with them. then, when the time is
right, at the same time, you both send all of each others fleets into the other to
pillage….now, what happens? you both pillage, and gain the resources that the game
creates from the bug. so if you both have 10 000 reources, and 1000 are protected, you
each walk away with 9000 new resources that get created out of thin air!
This one is a little more dngerous in that, you could probably get caught if you were
doing it too much….or if you did it a bunch and just…OSHHHHEWWW you went from 100
place to 5 place in overall rankings in a few hours, they would know something was up…
But the first way, there is basically no way they can catch you as long as you arent
putting like 10 000 resources in the traders. and if you have a main city you are
working on at one time with all the armies there pillaging, well, what you can do is
this. Spend all the money on new levels of palaces or whatever, and then move onto
the next place…if you have a conspicuous number of resources, then ship them to the
next city…or even better, because you found a loophole that allows you to concentrte
your might, allowing you to gain $$$ way faster by completely concentrating on one City
at a time, you can simply put them in the traders, in smaller ammount (no more than 5000
at this point in the game), and sell for 5$ each…it isnt alot, but you will sell them
VERY quick, and the $$$ you make can buy you a ton of cargo ships. So you can get even
more when you are pillaging!