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Interactive Buddy

Interactive Buddy
Submitted by: RM
Unlimited money:
Get $400 and buy the scripting engine. Then enter the following: gx+random and
press Run once. Your cash should read NaN.NaN. Note: Do not tick run every frame
or the game will crash.
Easy money:
Select “Open Hand”. Click on your buddy with it so that $ pops out. Right click.
A menu from Flashplayer will open with a list of options. Ignore it and click
somewhere other than the flash box. Your buddy will still be spewing out cash
as if your mouse pointer were still there. You can go on to do whatever else
you need to do.
All items:
Press [Space] [Right] [Down] [Left] [Down] [Right] [Up] [Left].
+1000 money:
Press [Space] [Up] [Space] [Up] [Left] [Right] [Left] [Right].
Vortex still working:
When you have the strong gravity vortex, pick up your buddy and move him to
the outside. Take your mouse outside the box of the game. When you bring your
mouse back into the box, the vortex will still be working, as if you were still
holding the mouse in.
Get a Skin:
Press [Space] [Space] [Right] [Left] [Left] [Down] [Space] [Up].
Molotov cocktail:
Buy Molotov cocktails, then select them. While the point is in the air,
double-click and the cocktail will just explode. Keep double-clicking and
lots of random explosions will happen, with pieces of burning glass falling
from the sky.
Submitted by: badboy
DIE BUDDY:to kill him press
space left right left space space space right right right right left
Submitted by: vexx78
To kill him press space space left right left left right right.
Submitted by: toby
to have 1000 money do this: space - up - space - up - left - right - left - right.
do that! thats cool!
Submitted by: Jordan
A happy buddy = $$$
1. Get the gravity shifter and put it anywhere.
2. Get alot of baseballs and throw them anywhere.
3. Keep throwing the baseballs untill the face on top turns to a blue smile.
4. If this works, he will give you some money for making him so happy.
“Fist” item:
Set all the graphics settings on high. Place a gravity shifter in the middle of
the screen. Put as many grenades as possible around it. Next, fire missiles at it
rapidly. The trick is to cause as much lag as possible. If the game freezes, wait
until a pop-up box asking you to abort appears. Select “No” the first time, then
“Yes” when it appears again. Refresh the page, and your Buddy will be frozen and
you will have the “fist” equipped. Note: This can severely glitch the game,
forcing you to clear your file and start again.
Submitted by: Knobydobs
Use one of the money cheats then buy radio from “buy new items”. buy low gravity
from “buy new modes” turn on low gravity in “modes” then make a radio from “items”
“Mine” Cheat:
Submitted by: JJ_2oo8
Get enough money to buy a gravity shifter and mines,
Place the gravity shifter into the middle of the screen with movement place as
much minds as possible under him they wont move or activate make sure there in
a straight line horrizontley then turn gravity shifter off he wont get upset and
you will be spewing out cash!
Submitted by: Jimmeh
Easy Money:This one is easy… All you need to do is Get enough money to buy Explode
at mouse And click randomly anywhere ( It might lagg abit But It works…,
afterwards you will have quite alot of money.
Submitted by: Andrew
To get money quick, set the max items on screen to 1 million and put as many bowling
balls as possible and click strong gravity vortex continually.
Unlimited grenades:
Open up the scripting engine. Go to the “ex-Constraint” example script. Look for where
it reads “(create(“bowlball”,”. Replace “bowlball” with “grenade”, then click “Run Once”
about fifteen times. There will be a huge mound of grenades floating in the air.
Note: this glitch works with any item except for the guns, hoses, missiles, etc.
(any item that you cannot throw.). You may also want to turn the graphics as low
as possible.
Submitted by: zac
how to get your buddy to hump a wall get the strong gravity vortex and hold down the
left mouse cliker and pull out the curser of the game box and your buddy rubs up and
down on the wall very fast.
Submitted by: cheater
Continuasly shock buddy step 1-get scripting engine acsess…
step 2-on ex-explodeWalls replace explode with shock
step 3-tick “run every frame” and put buddy on the wall
step 4-get the stun gun and hold the left mouse button anywhere except on buddy.
Submitted by: nick
Have fist left click on buddy hold click slam him in the wall move mouse out side
on game go around the box and put mouse in game on the other side.
Submitted by: Kenneth
Buy the Scripting Engine Access, and key in
gx   = getBuddyX();
test = gx>0||gx0||gx