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LionHeart - Legacy of the Crusader

Submitted by: Stefan Jacholke
In the Directory of Lionheart there is a file named Data.dat
Right click on it and select add to archive.
When finished right click on data.dat and select view
Extract the files to C:Program FilesBlack IsleLionheart Demodata
or the directory you installed it
It would be something like this:
Now one can modify different values with an text editor
all equipment:
Submitted by: valon
Save a game as “all armor” and you will appear with all equipment
Change treasure:
Submitted by: conner54
Press [F9] to quick save the game when you find a chest. Lock pick or
open the chest. Reload the game if you do not get a desired item.
Open the chest again and the item will be something else.
Repeat this until you find the desired item.