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Limited edition pet:
First, got to the create a pet, then point ur mouse in any limited
edition pet,(just point, dont click)and when you done it, press
ctr+n at the same time or if doesnt work, click f5, and the page
must refresh and when you did that, click the limited edition pet
that you point, and ta daa, you can create it,(must do the ctr+n or
f5 thing 3 times to work, but i did it 1time at it works,) just
comment if it doesnt work, but it works for me, thats why i now have
3 chibs, 2rofling, and 5 rusty!
Go to the charity shop bye stuff really cheap and sell it for doublle.
Go to the stock buy a share and sell a share and you get a avatar.
Submitted by: Penny
When you are playing shoot the fatty and are tired of reloading hold in
left mouse button and just aim and thats it.
Submitted by: Lauren
When you use the plushie machine,use the Down button each time and you
will always get a plushie.Sometimes you will get you picked it up and
dropped it but other then that you always get one!
Get more points:
First,you go to Explore,and visit places like biblia mountian,or undying
woods. Then you look around until you see something called goals,when you
see it click it.It is like a mission exept you have unlimited time for it.
For that you don’t have to waist much mouney at all,all it does is actully
saves your mouney and earns you more.When you complete each mission you
get a prize. If you are somewhere around the high missions you will get
rare prizes or MP like 20,000 MP to 150,000 MP.
Submitted by: Weeeevee
Costumed and species in The Operations Portal. If you are tired of it saying,
‘NothingHappened’ or ‘_ _ _ has got better defence’, then the trick to get
costumes out of it is to get a cheap costume, like bronze or something, and
put it on one of you’re pets. Then, put that pet in the portal, and it will
come out with a fantastic and rare cossie!
Submitted by: gothchicken
If you get blocked from mailing someone just go to where it says your blocked
and hit ctrl+d youll be able to mail that person again!
Limited edition pet (e.g. Rusty, Yuni):
U need the potion. (e.g. Yellow Chibs Potion) But i think its all retired.
But u can get a Rusty by completing Rusty Mission. You can get Viotto on
the Blitzens Grotto Mission. Yuni for the The Fates mission.
Undying Festival-Walkthrough:
Submitted by: SingleStillSearching
I’m guessing many people would like a limited edition pet, daisy.
I know I should would!
Here is the walkthrough!
Here they are. Good luck.
Let me know when your done and what color your daisy is!
01 - Go to archeology and dig - Letter - E.
02 - Go to clock tower and refresh - Letter - E.
03 - View devil pets at pet colors - Letter - S.
04 - Play fruit machine - Letter - R.
05 - Do a tarquin quest - Letter - V.
06 - Go To the Antiques I Shop in Simeria and refresh - Letter - B.
07 - Do Snowman quest - Letter - S.
08 - Play Baspar’s Tombola - Letter - E.
09 - Go On Fasoro Falls - Letter - E.
10 - Do Leprican Quest - Letter - H.
11 - Heal At Buble Pit - Letter - T.
12 - Use Portal - Letter - E.
13 - Clothing Rack - Letter - R.
14 - One In A Million - Letter - K.
15 - Click Clubs - Letter - T.
16 - Gumball Mashine - Letter - I.
17 - Change Your Doll - Letter - E.
18 - Play Dukka Slots - Letter - Y.
19 - Pirate Ship - Letter - S.
20 - Plushie Machine - Letter - S .
21 - Collect bank interest - Letter - I.
22 - Train Your Pet In The Gym - Letter - T.
23 - You put a battle stamp in your battle section of stampbook,
    Then VIEW IT. - Letter - W.
24 - Open graves - Letter - S.
25 - Feed a pet a potato - Letter - A.
26 - Worm digging - Letter - I.
27 - Add A VooDoo Gonk To Your Wishlist - Letter - S.
28 - Send a friend a paper hat - Letter - T.
29 - View to a jar of fish eyes in your inventory. - Letter - E.
30 - Hug the christmas tree. - Letter - O.
31 - Upgrade your shop size- Letter - A.
32 - Do secret santa quest, - Letter - E.
33 - Play snap, - Letter - O.
34 - Feed your pet blue gumball, - Letter - R.
35 - Buy a raffle ticket(clue at bottom), - Letter - N.
36 - Use statue in simerian, - Letter - E.
37 - View online list - Letter - A.
38 - Put a pet in pet trades - Letter - L.
39 - Use elekas fountain - Letter - L.
40 - Look at Laimay the Zombie Gonk - Letter - L.
41 - Slow shop search Undying tunes - Letter - R.
42 - Search poison and then click on the daisy poison. - Letter - F.
The letters form the sentence is:
“daisies like flowers very rare ones taste the best.”