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Marian's World

Marian’s World
Submitted by: David K.
How to get Help:
A full list of help commands is available if you type /help in the
chat window, then hit the enter key. Look at this before you start
playing to familiarize yourself with what you can do.
Drive & Chat:
Marian’s World is all about driving around, looking cool, and chatting
with friends. So hop in your car and start chatting!
How to get a car in the hut:
Submitted by: Pecofroyk
Normally you can’t drive the car up in the hut, because the pathway is too slim
for your car. If you want to be able to get your car up in the hut, do the following:
There are some rocks next to the pathway up. Drive down to the bottom area (the river),
and drive up at full speed. Hit the uppermost rock, and you will jump up in the air.
Aim yourself so you land in the pathway (this may take a few tries.
Now you can drive up to the hut and whereever you wish.