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Pokemon Indigo

Pokemon Indigo
Easy way to make the pokemon‘s level higher:
You need to have a Jigglypuff and a Jynx, Find a trainer that have Level 5-25.
Put on the pokemon you want to level up or evolve at the first, This is a
example: The one you want to level up is charmander that is Lv. 10 and youre
battling a kakuna that is Lv.11 and when youre battling change it faster
before it attacks and you change jigglypuff and jigglypuff used pound that
is 14 damage and until the HP is 1-20 and used sing or Lovely kiss when its
asleep change the jigglypuff to charmander and attack and until it die so
you will have a 46 ex. thats it. The one who wants to invite me in the pokemon
indigo my username is sparky_14.
Ultra ball:
Mmake sure to get at least 2 ultra balls to begin with to catch pokemon
with at ll 24-30.
Shiny articuno:
buy six poke ball and log out
Unlockable     How to unlock:
Shiny Articuno - Buy 5 poke ball ang logout
Shiny Nine Tail - Buy 2 Burn Heal ang log out
Shiny Chicorita - Buy 3 Full Heal
How to get all starting pokemon:
You must first have your username for instance(kj) and then you must make another
username which could be (bj) and get his starting pokemon and then trade (bj’s)
starting pokemon to (kj)and (kj)will get (bj’s)first starting pokemon .
Continue doing so and you all first starting pokemon.
Easy duplicate pokemon:
Have you ever found a rare pokemon and wanted more than one? here you go.
Useing this you can get more than one of them! First you go in the battle catch
the pokemonor kill it hit go to map. go back resend the data. there you go!
useing that you can get so many rare pokemon, if you find one,and trade them
for strong ones and be the best trainer ever!
XP Glitch:
First go into a battle wih a wild pokemon you can kill easy then kill it but dont
click return to map click refresh and you will battle it again and it will have 0
hp you will get the same xp over and over again.
Best Pokemon Team:
Do you want to be a great trainer? Well here is the key. If you have these pokemon,
you are the best trainer in Pokemon Indigo!
Team 1     Team 2
Sceptile   Venusaur
Infernape   Entei
Feraligatr   Swampert
Electrivire Raichu
Dragonite   Salamence
Garchomp   Nidoqueen
Submitted by: andrew daly
to catch a mewtwo and all the pokemon on pokemon indigo
first go to the shop buy 20 master balls then go to stateport city and then vs
anyone that has a prinplip and catch it with a master ball and go to the trade center
and there will be a pinplip for a prinplip and do it and you logout and you login and
go to sootopolis city and vs him and he will have a mewtwo then go to fortree city and
look for andrewdaly and he will have 19 rare pokemon and steal from him
Same pokemon:
Say if you where in a battle and you caught a legendary and you want the same one when
you throw a pokeball and catch it press back it says youve caught the pokemon and you
battle it again.
Walk on water:
Go to mossdeep map go up the bridge till it utns go to the right corner on the first
bit of the bridge now move forwards and tada you can walk on water on the trees.
Starter pokemon:
This means making a starter pokemon have a powerfull attack. To make a pokemon have a
powerfull attack train it first and then when its level is when its time to envolve
dont envolve it. Train it again one more time. It will have an attack. For Example:
I have a treecko. When its level 16 I didnt envolve it. I battled again. I surprised
tha t my treecko have to attacks!! First one is pursuit and absorb.
Here are some legendary pokemon to be found:
Submitted by: omari
First go on the elite 4 and then go on any of the maps and you will see the
following legendarys
Done by:Omari
Articuno - walk around in Elite Four Sidney!
Zapdoss - walk around in Elite Four Phoebe
Moltres - walk around in Elite Four Garcia
Celebi   - walk around in Elite Four Drake
Latios   - League Champion Steven!
All starters:
First make an acount and get a starter.then make a new acount and get a starter
from the new profile then put the starter for trade then on the origanal profile
get the starter from the other profile.
Submitted by: alican
If you want to catch the legendarys in elite 4 you can cach wit a master ball
but it can with poke ball! make the pokemon hp low and than paralazye him and
than poke ball!
Secret - did u know dat:
Submitted by: cheats
Dragonite is da closest nonlegendary pokemon dat is close to a legendary
actually dragon pokemon are da closest pokemon to a legenadry i just prefur
dragonite because its sooo cool.
When go on ondogo or any pokemon online games get a dragon type (normal type
dragon because den it will have multiple weaknesses)
Easter Egg - Dragonite:
Submitted by: cheats
dragonite is da closest nonlgegendary pokemon that is close to a logendary.
Actualy all dragon types are but i prefur dragonite because it is soooo coooll
and it is a normal dragon type that makes it only have one weakness unlike most
dragon types dat a mix with other types, they have multiple weaknessess.
so get norlmal dragon type like salamance or dragonite they are da closest to a
legendary just chek on bul.
Glitch - Catch every Time:
If there is a pokemon you really want to catch make it faint then press refresh and
the pokemon will appear with 0 health and then you can catch it and even better you
get the exp. and the money as well as a new pokemon.
Exp and win for gyms:
-First press use item.
-Then fight until when it says continue don’t press it
-Use an item and there a pokemon fainted
Submitted by: ben
How to lv up your pokemon quickly: do the easyest gym and when youve killed the
last pokemon press refresh (it refreshes realy fast) and youle be doining the gym
from the start.
Capturing elite four pokemons:
-first find legendaries
-second fight till hp is 30 down
-third then use the pokeball that cost 4000
-thats 3 steps for easy catching ledgendaries
The only way of doubling your pokemon is by either catching them again if you
know what i mean or by getting someonbe to trade you them. You could also get
two computers with two different files and trade from one to the other.
how to get money easy:
Submitted by: connorb2
go to a gym leader, beat it then hit refresh all the pokemon should have 0 health
(note: this also helps with exp)
To get more money!:
Open 2or more tabs or internet explorers etc./ then log in on all off them! Then
battle the same person all over again….. But if ur battle crashes close that tab!
TM on all pokemon:
- first go to my zone
- second go to Setup my Pokémon Team
- theird click on every pokemon to show thier status
- fourth click on every Show my available TMs
- fith click the TMs your pokemon most have in common
- and then they have the same mooves
Easy way to make money:
you must have a pikachu. let it learn thunderbolt and focus punch (optionable). Buy
the light ball at the pokeshop to double your pikachu’s sp attack. battle wallace
over and over. this should be easy cause pikachu’s sp attack is doubled. finish
luvdisc, whishcash, seaking, and milotic with the deadly thunderbolt! for sealo,
you can use focus punch for greater damage or you can use thunderbolt.
You’ll get 925 IC$ and 6951 xp. sweet eh? you can let your weaker pokemon for the
final blow to make them level up easily!
Raising any level pokemon:
If you want to raise a really low leveled pokemon just send out your best weaken
the pokemon you are fightin then send out the low leveled pokemon and kill it i all
ways do it its awsome.
Battling the same team over and over:
If your battling someone else deafet him and after that go to the pokemon center and
recover your pokemons then click the blue right arrow in the top of your computer
then you would face the same person that you deafeted and you can do it again to
get more exp and money!!
Hardest pokemons to get in the pokemon indigo game:
Unlockable     How to unlock
Lugia   - UnderWater Zone
Darkrai - Exploder or get up to 9999999 EXP
Mewtwo - Exploder or get Venasaur,Blastoise,and Charizard lvl.100
Ho-Oh   - Exploder or get the sharp beck and get 999999911245573 EXP
Shaymin - Get all the items in the pokeshop or Exploder
How to defeat a low level pokemon:
first you must find a person who has these pokemon in the following order:
1.any level 100 pokemon
2. any low level pokemon
3.same as 2
4.same as 2
5.same as 2
6.same as 2
Now first you must defeat the level 100 pokemon with a strong pokemon when you defeat
the pokemon you will get about 4000 exp and then when you go to the other pokemon
(example torkoal level 14) select your weak pokemon but dont attack instead click on
refresh and then destroy torkoal with your weak pokemon. when it says torkoal fainted
see the exp and you will see that your pokemon will get the same exp as your strong
pokemon did against the level 100 pokemon.
Level up any pokemon simply:
So you go on any elete fours map and find a legendary pokemon then you get out youre
hight level pokemon and only beat it up until it has ten or less HP then switch youre
pokemon to the one you level up and kill the pokemon then press backspace f5 enter or
you just click back refresh the page and press enter then you fight the same pokemon
again and again till you reach the desired level.
Train your weak pokemon:
OK well first (when you have beaten all of the gym leaders ) go on to the elite 4
phobes map ( i think thats what shes called anyway) ok then when youve done that walk
around for a while and then when you find a zapdos capture it ( use a master ball).
When youve done that go on to elite 4 sydneys map and fight against a articuno -
zapdos should beat it ( use electrick moves )when you have beaten it press refresh
and then go on retry when the thing comes up - now you will be battleing against an
articuno lvl 38 with 0 hp - put a weak pokemon out and kill it - youll get like 1700
Walk on water:
Go to the place where are the two twins are go to the brigde now keep going up and
click right you would be walking on water.
Submitted by: Arham
If there is a pokemon you really want to catch make it faint then press refresh and
the pokemon will appear with 0 health and then you can catch it and even better you
get the money as well as a new pokemon.
Articuno - Elite Four Sidney
Zapdos   - Elite Four Pheobe
Moltres - Elite Four Garcia
Celibi   - Elite Four Drake
Latios   - League Champion Steven
Brock   - no legends but you can catch espeon and glaceon
Misty   - Rotom
Lt.Surge - Uxie
Erika   - Mesprit
Sabrina - no rare pokemon
koga   - no rare
blaine   - no rare pokemon
giovanni - raikou
Restore Pokemon:
Ok open 2 tabs one gos to a batting person and one gos to the pokemon center ok before
your pokemon is defeated click recover in the other tab then when it faints click
recover again then when ur 2nd pokemon faints ur 1st will be up in running.
Submitted by: Kakabicho
Do you want one dratini or more than one?
go to gym leader brock and you find there dratinis lvl 20,21,22,23….
Submitted by: lil midget
To catch/ train your pokemon go maps then go kanto leaders. then go th giovanni and
walk around you will find LOTS OF POKEMON IN LV30’s+ to train on and catch!!!!!
Submitted by: AughBritneySpears
Ok this is a pokemon indigo tip: dont spend all your money on items you dont need.
oh and on all maps you can walk on the trees! sometimes they have cool pokemon
hidden there!
Deleting Pokemon moves:
First buy a tm and go to a Pokemon and say you want to teach it a tm. Then click on
Which moves to replace and click On every move all the time. So keep clicking on all
the moves and then stop. Afterwards you will only have one move Which is the tm and
wen you level up you’ll learn new moves according to your level.
Invisible pokemon:
Battle brock when you kill geodude refresh the page and kill it again then cointinue
and kill the rest of his pokemon at the end there should be a invisable pokemon called.
Where to find a cranidos:
You can find it any where in mistys map in the kanto leaders section and you want
to kill then resend the data page and capture it with a pokeball.
Easy Win:
Submitted by: blueprince
First catch a pikachu and use him for your hardest battle. And remember for your first
attack use thunder wave .Your rivel gets paralised and then chose rivel pkmons greatest
Submitted by: joe
if you cant win a gym leaders or kanto leaders youll just have a potion or any potion that
you can use if you fighting a gym leaders or kanto leaders just click the use item button
then attack youll just win the first pokemon then when the first pokemon is lose click the
potion and then your rivals pokemon will have a 0 hp and you cant attack just click the
attack then enter and the rivals pokemon will be 1 hit just attack and attack until the
back to map goes on and the exp. and money will be up!
Submitted by:  Zedonius
Pokemon Indigo:Legendaries location
UnderwaterZone-Lugia League Champion Steven-Latios
Elite Four Sidney-Articuno Gym Leader Misty-Rotom
Elite Four Phoebe-Zapdos Gym Leader Lt.Surge-Uxie
Elite Four Garcia-Moltres Gym Leader Erika-Mespirit
Elite Four Drake-Celebi Gym Leader Giovanni-Raikou
(Where to find other legendaries such as:mewtwo,entei,suicune,dialga,palkia,giratina,darkrai,
arceus, groudon,kyogre,rayquaza) To battle me,my username is:Zedonius
Find raikou:
To find raikou you go to the gym last gym in kanto then walk around the raikou will come.
To find uixe go to Vermillion City in kanto walk around and it will pop out.
To find mesprit you go to celadon city in kanto walk around and i will pop up.
To find riolu you go to pewter city in kanto walk around and he will come out.
Getting exp:
If you find a pokemon you really want, heres how to catch it KILL IT then click refesh
the pokemon will have 0 hp and you can throw a pokeball at it and get the exp and IC coins!
Getting ledgeondarys:
On your friends list add computer09 and also add wewene. by doing this we will exept and
you now can get the benefit of a trading for a latios, celbi, ricou, zapdos, moltres, or
a articuno. If you want any of these pokemon send us a message including what you want to
trade it for. Then you will get a message back with a amount of money you need to send us
before we accsept the trade.
Easy level:
First you kill any pokemon in the wild (IT HAS TO BE IN THE WILD) then instead of clicking
the “back to map” button click refresh and youll go back to the battle but your opponent
will have 0hp use any randomn attack and ull have the exp and ic$ repeat this all the
time for maximum effect.
Submitted by: pokemon1234
hello! i tell you something for pokemonindigo
there cannot catch legendary only,latios,celebi,zapdos,articuno,moltres and raikou that
all are cheated with firebug don’t download firebug becouse that block you computer!!!!
and don’t trade that because that have 500-1 exp
Capture pokemons:
Battle with a pokemon. Make it faint. Refresh the page. The pokemon would appear with 0hp,
but it would have the option for using item!
Submitted by: brad
HOW TO CATCH UKNOWN:go to vermillion city and walk around alot thats how i got mine trust me.
Training weak pokemon:
Submitted by: techno2016
First, you need a fairly strong pokemon. Go battle a stong pokemon with your stong pokemon.
after the battles over, DO NOT PUSH GO BACK TO MAP!!! istead, refresh the page. you will
be battleing the pokemon but it will have 0 HP. switch your weak pokemon in and attack
with an ofencive attack. tada!
Submitted by: Eremes1221
Beat all the first 4 gym leaders or more. iin the first 4 leaders, i bet them strait and
then when i got to my zone, i have 3 tms.
Submitted by: david
How to get laitos. go to leage champ then walk around for a while and it will appear. then
kill it in a fite and put refresh but paralize it before you faint /kill it when it is dead
you caught it with a poke ball i have all legenderies so if you want to trade my name in it
is piewest1 ok by.
Train and catch:
First find a strong pokemon and use a pokemon from ur party to send out after weakinig it
u send out the weak pokemon to finish it off but instead of goin bac to map u use the refresh
button and keep on fighting wid da weak pokemon once your bored catch the pokemon ur versing
Submitted by: RAKESH RAI
friends , below is the name of different pokemon power
A - Absorb * Restores HP equal to half the damage caused by Foe
- Acid * 10% Chance of lowering Opponents Defense
- Acid Armor * Raises Defense 2 stages
- Aerial Ace * Always hits
- Aeroblast * High chance of Critical Hit
- Agility * Increases users Speed
- Air Cutter * High chance of Critical Hit
- Amnesia * Raises Special Defense one stage
- Ancient Power * 10% chance of Stat increase in all Stats
- Arm Thrust * Attacks 2-5 times
- Aromatherapy * Cures status ailments of any of your Pokmon
- Assist * Uses a random move one of your Pokmon knows
- Astonish * May cause Opponent to flinch
- Attract * If the opponent is of the opposite gender, it infatuates them
- Aurora Beam * 10% chance of lowering attack
B - Barrage * Attacks 2-5 times
- Barrier * Raises Defense
- Baton Pass * Switches this Pokmon with another in your team while keeping
  all Stat Boosts
- Beat Up * Hits the Opponent with all your Pokmon
- Belly Drum * Cuts HP by 50% of Max and totally raises Attack
- Bide * Gets damage for 2-3 turns and then returns Double the Damage
- Bind * For 2-5 turns, stops opponent switching out
- Bite * 30% chance of making opponent flinch
- Blast Burn * 1st turn Attack, 2nd turn Rest
- Blaze Kick * Un Freezes, 10% chance of burning. High Critical Hit
- Blizzard * 30% chance of Freezing
- Block * Prevents the opponent from switching out of battle
- Body Slam * 30% chance of Paralyzing the opponent
- Bone Club * May cause Opponent to Flinch
- Bone Rush * Attacks 2-5 times
- Bonemerang * Attacks twice
- Bounce * Bounce 1st turn, attacks 2nd turn. 30% chance of paralyzing opponent
- Brick Break * Disables any Barriers, Reflects and Light Screen
- Bubble * 10% chance of lowering opponents speed
- Bubblebeam * 10% chance of lowering opponents speed
- Bulk Up * Raises both Attack and Defense of your Pokmon
- Bullet Seed * Attacks 2-5 times
C - Calm Mind * Raises Defense and Special Defense
- Camouflage * Changes Pokmon to a type corresponding to the Battlefield
- Charge * Doubles Power of Electric moves in the next turn
- Charm * Lowers opponents Attack
- Clamp * Attacks 2-5 turns. Opponent cannot switch Pokmon
- Comet Punch * Attacks 2-5 times
- Confuse Ray * Confuses Opponent
- Confusion * 10% chance of Confusing Opponent
- Constrict * 10 Chance of lowering Opponents speed
- Conversion * Users Type becomes the Type of one of its moves
- Conversion 2 * Users type becomes a type resistent to the Last attack by Opponent
- Cosmic Power * Raises Defense and Special Defense
- Cotton Spore * Lowers opponents speed
- Counter * Counters Physical Attacks with Double the Damage done by Opponent
- Covet * Steals the Opponents held Item
- Crabhammer * High chance of Critical Hit
- Crosschop * High chance of Critical Hit
- Crunch* 20% chance of lowering opponents Special Defense
- Crush Claw * 50% chance of lowering opponents Defense
- Curse * Ghost: Halves HP to put a Curse on Opponent, Non-Ghost: Raises Attack,
  Defense and lowers Speed
- Cut * No Special Effect
D - Defense Curl * Raises Defense of your Pokmon
- Destiny Bond * Lasts 2 turns. If your Pokmon is knocked out, the opponent is
  taken with it
- Detect * Allows you to evade attack. Success rate decreases as this move is used
- Dig * 1st turn Dig, 2nd turn attack
- Disable * Temporarily Disables the recent move of opponent
- Dive * 1st turn Dive, 2nd turn attack
- Dizzy Punch * 20% chance of Confusing opponent
- Doom Desire * Damage delays 2 turns
- Double Kick * Hits Twice
- Double Team * Increases Evasiveness
- Double Edge * Recoils a third of the Damage given
- Double Slap * Attacks 2-5 times
- Dragon Claw * No Special effect
- Dragon Dance * Raises Attack and Speed
- Dragon Rage * Takes 40 HP away from the opponent
- Dragonbreath * 30% chance of Paralyzing Opponent
- Dream Eater * Gives damage to Sleeping Pokmon…heal 50% of the damage to you
- Drill Peck * No Special Effect
- Dynamic Punch * Causes Confusion
E - Earthquake * Damage is doubled on Pokmon Underground
- Egg Bomb * No Special effect
- Ember * 10% chance of Burning. Heals Frozen Pokmon
- Encore * Makes Opponents use their previously used Attack for 3-6 turns
- Endeavor * Reduces Opponents HP to the same as yours
- Endure * Your Pokmon will have at least 1HP remaining from ANY attack. Success rate
  decreases each time its used in the same battle
- Eruption * The lower your HP is, the weaker this move becomes
- Explosion * Faints your Pokmon
- Extrasensory * 10% chance of making opponent flinch
- Extreme Speed * Always attacks first
F - Facade * The attack power of this attack is doubled if your Pokmon is Poisoned,
  Paralyzed or Burnt
- Faint Attack * This attack will always hit
- Fake Out * Attacks first, Opponent flinches
- Fake Tears * Greatly Reduces Opponents Speed
- False Swipe * Leaves Pokmon with atleast 1 HP
- Featherdance * Greatly lowers the Opponents Attack
- Fire Blast * 30% chance of Burning Opponent
- Fire Punch * 10% chance of Burning Opponent
- Fire Spin * Continually attacks for 2-5 turns, Opponent cannot switch Pokmon
- Fissure * One Hit KO
- Flail * The lower your HP is, the stronger the attack is
- Flame Wheel * 10% Chance of Burning, Heals Frozen Pokmon
- Flamethrower * 10% chance of Burning
- Flash * Lowers opponents Accuracy
- Flatter * Confuses Opponent, raises opponents Special Attack
- Fly * 1st turn Fly, 2nd turn attack
- Focus Energy * Raises chance of Critical Hit
- Focus Punch * If you get attacked before using this move, you will flinch
- Follow Me * You use the move that the opponent is using that turn
- Foresight * Your Accuracy returns to normal, prevents Accuracy reduction and makes
  Normal and Fighting moves work against Ghost Pokmon
- Frenzy Plant * 1st turn Attack, 2nd turn Rest.
- Frustration * The more the Pokmon dislikes you, the more powerful attack
- Fury Attack * Attacks 2-5 times
- Fury Cutter * Attack continues until it misses, it gets strongest each time
- Fury Swipes * Attacks 2-5 times
- Future Sight * Delays Damage 2 turns
G - Giga Drain * Heals half the damage given
- Glare * Paralyzes Opponent
- Grasswhistle * Puts Opponent to sleep
- Growl * Lowers opponents Attack
- Growth * Raises your Special Attack
- Grudge * Reduces PP of the attack that makes the user faint to O
- Guillotine * One Hit KO. Does not work on Pokmon of a higher level
- Gust * Damage is doubled if Pokmon is flying
H - Hail * Summons a Hail Storm that lasts 5 turns. Does damage each turn to
  Non-Ice types.
- Harden * Raises the Pokmons Defense
- Haze * Returns all Status Effects to normal
- HeadButt * 30% chance of flinching
- Heal Bell * Heals all Status effects
- Heat Wave * 10% chance of burning
- Helping Hand * Increases team mates Attack strength by 50%
- Hi Jump Kick * If it misses, the user takes 25% of the intended damage
- Hidden Power * Power and type depends on the Pokmon
- Horn Attack * No Special Effect
- Horn Drill * Causes a One Hit KO. Cannot be used on a Pokmon of a higher level
- Howl * Raises the users Attack
- Hydro Cannon * 1st turn Attack, 2nd turn Rest
- Hydro Pump * No special effect
- Hyper Beam * 1st turn attack, 2nd turn Rest.
- Hyper Fang * 10% chance of making opponent Flinch
- Hyper Voice * No Special effect
- Hypnosis * Puts opponent Pokmon to Sleep
I - Ice Ball * Attacks up to 5 times or till it misses. It gets stronger for each hit
- Ice Beam * 10% chance of Freezing opponent
- Ice Punch * 10% chance of Freezing opponent
- Icicle Spear * Attacks 2-5 times
- Icy Wind * Lowers opponents Speed
- Imprison * Steals all moves that both Pokmon know
- Ingrain * Slowly recovers HP over each turn, you cannot switch out
- Iron Defense * Greatly increases Defense of the user
- Iron Tail * 30% chance of lowering opponents Defense
J - Jump Kick * If it misses, it will gain 1/8th the Damage it would have given
K - Karate Chop * High chance of Critical Hit
- Kinesis * Lowers opponents Accuracy
- Knock Off * When it hits, the opponent temporarily loses its Held Item
L - Leaf Blade * High chance of critical Hit
- Leech Life * User heals 50% of the damage inflicted
- Leer * Lowers opponents Defense
- Lick * 30% chance of Paralyzing
- Light Screen * Halves damage from special attacks for up to 5 turns
- Lock-On * The users Attack next turn will definatly hit
- Lovely Kiss * The recipitent of this attack falls Asleep
- Low Kick * Strength of attack depends on weight of the enemy
- Luster Purge * 50% chance of lowering opponents Special Defense
M - Mach Punch * The user attack first
- Magic Coat * Reflects attacks that have effects like Poisoning, Burning etc.
- Magical Leaf * Alawys hit
- Magnitude * The higher the Magnitude…the more powerful the Attack
- Mean Look * The opponet is unable to switch out
- Meditate * Raises Attack
- Mega Drain * Heals half the damage dealt on the opponent back onto the User
- Mega Kick * No Special Effect
- Mega Punch * No Special Effect
- Megahorn * No Special Effect
- Memento * Greatly lowers opponents Attack and Special Attack. User faints.
- Metal Claw * 10% chance of Raising Users Defense
- Metal Sound * Greatly lowers opponents Special Defense
- Meteor Mash * 20% chance of raising the Users Attack
- Metronome * Randomly uses ANY attack
- Milk Drink * User recovers half its Max HP
- Mimic * Allows User to temporarily copy one of the opponents moves
- Mind Reader * Your next attack will definitely hit
- Minimize * Users Evasiveness is increased
- Mirror Coat * Counters special attacks. Attacks back with twice the damage.
- Mirror Move * Uses the move the opponent last used
- Mist * User cannot be affected by Stat altering moves for up to 5 turns
- Mist Ball * 50% chance of lowering opponents Special Attack
- Moonlight * Heals HP depending on weather and time of day
- Morning Sun * Heals HP depending on wather and time of day
- Mud Shot * Lowers opponents Speed
- Mud Sport * Halves the power of Electric moves
- Muddy Water * 30% chance of lowering opponents Accuracy
- Mud-Slap * Lowers opponents Accuracy
N - Nature Power * Changes move depending on area:
  Cave: Shadow Ball
  Mountain: Rock Slide
  Pond: Bubblebeam
  Sand: Earthquake
  Sea: Surf
  Short Grass: Stun Spore
  Tall Grass: Razor Leaf
  UnderWater: Hydro Pump
  Other: Swift
- Needle Arm * 30% chance of making opponent Flinch
- Night Shade * Gives damage equal to the Users level
- Nightmare * Inflicts damage equal to 1/4 opponents HP when Asleep, each turn
O - Octazooka * Lowers Opponents Accuracy
- Odor Sleuth * Restores your Accuracy. Stops Accuracy from being lowered. Makes
  ghost types vulnurable to Normal and Fighting types
- Outrage * Attacks for 2-5 turns. User is confused afterwards
- Overheat * Lowers users Special Attack greatly
P - Pain Split * Splits HP among user & opponent
- Pay Day * User gets some Money after Battle
- Peck * No Special Effect
- Perish Song * Starts a 3 turn count down to all the Pokmon in battle. Once it hits
  0 they all faint regardless of HP
- Petal Dance * Attacks for 2-3 turns. User is confused after
- Pin Missile * Attacks for 2-5 times
- Poison Fang * 30% chance of Poisoning. If Poisoned, its damage insreases each turn
- Poison Gas * Poisons opponent
- Poison Sting * 30% chance of Poisoning opponent
- Poison Tail * 10% chance of Poisoning opponent. High chance of Critical Hit
- Poisonpowder * Poisons opponent
- Pound * No Special Effect
- Powder Snow * 10% chance of Freezing opponent
- Present * Either damages opponent within 3 damage degrees; 40HP, 80HP or 120HP, or
  heals your opponent by 80HP
- Protect * Stops opponents attacks from hitting. Success rate drops as it is used.
- Psybeam * 10% chance of Confusing opponent
- Psych Up * If the opponent raises one of its Stat. the user stat. is increased too
- Psychic * 10% chance of lowering Opponents special Defense
- Psycho Boost * Users Special Attack greatly falls
- Psywave * Deals damage 1-1.5 times the Users level
- Pursuit * Damage is doubled if opponent switches out
Q - Quick Attack * Causes you to Attack first
R - Rage * Attack power increases the more the user is hit
- Rain Dance * Rain starts for 5 turns. Water moves are boosted by 50%. Fire moves
  are halved by 50%. Thunder is 99% accurate.
- Rapid Spin * Releases the Pokmon from Trapping moves
- Razor Leaf * High chance of Critical Hit
- Razor Wind * 1st turn: Charge, 2nd turn: attack. High chance of Critical Hit
- Recover * Recovers 50% of Max HP
- Recycle * Allows you to use an Item which was attached to this Pokmon and used
- Reflect * Halves power of Physical attacks for up to 5 turns
- Refresh * Heals the User of Paralyzis, Burn or Poison
- Rest * Heals HP, Poison, Burn, Paralyzis, Confusing. User falls Asleep.
- Return * The more the Pokmon likes you…the more Damage will occur
- Revenge * Damage is doubled if you’ve recieved damage this turn
- Reversal * The lower your HP, the more Powerful the attack
- Roar * Forces opponents to Switch
- Rock Blast * Attacks 2-5 times in a turn
- Rock Slide * 30% chance of making opponent Flinch
- Rock Smash * 50% chance of lowering opponents Defense
- Rock Throw * No Special Effect
- Rock Tomb * Lowers opponents Speed
- Role Play * Users ability changes to match the Enemys
- Rolling Kick * 30% chance of making opponent Flinch
- Rollout * Attacks for 5 turns or until it misses. Power increases each turn.
  Power is doubled if Defense Curl was used before
S - Sacred Fire * 50% chance of Burning opponent
- Safeguard * Prevents Staus changes for 5 turns
- Sant Tomb * Attacks for 2-5 turns. Opponent cannot switch out.
- Sant Attack * Lowers opponents Accuracy
- Sandstorm * Summons a Five turn Sandstorm. Damages each Pokmon that isnt Ground,
  Rock or Steel Type.
- Scary Face * Lowers opponents Speed
- Scratch * No Special Effect
- Screech * Lowers opponent Defense
- Secret Power * 30% chance of causing Status Effect on terrain:
  Small Grass: Poison
  Tall Grass: Sleep
  Cave: Flinch
  Mountain: Confuse
  Sea: Lowers Attack
  Pond: Lowers Speed
  Sand: Lowers Accuracy
  Underwater: Lowers Defense
  Elsewhere: Paralyze
- Seismic Toss * Causes Damage equal to users level
- Selfdestruct * User faints after using this move
- Shadow Ball * 20% chance of lowering opponents Special Defense
- Shadow Punch * This Attack always hits
- Shadow Rush * Gives user recoil damage. May cause emotions to rise to fever pitch.
- Sharpen * Raises Users Attack
- Sheer Cold * Causes a One Hit K.O.
- Shock Wave * Always Hits
- Signal Beam * 10% chance of Confusing opponent
- Silver Wind * 10% chance of raising all your Stats
- Sing * Puts opponent to Sleep
- Sketch * Permantly copies last move of Target
- Skill Swap * User and Target Swap Abilites
- Skull Bash * Charges before attack.
- Sky Attack * 1st turn: Charges, 2nd turn: Attacks. 30% chance of making opponent Flinch
- Sky Uppercut * Works on Pokmon in air
- Slack Off * User Recovers 50% of its HP
- Slam * No Special Effect
- Slash * High chance of Critical Hit
- Sleep Powder * Causes opponent to fall Asleep
- Sleep Talk * Uses one of the users moves randomly
- Sludge * 30% chance of Poisoning opponent
- Sludge Bomb * 30% chance of poisoning opponent
- Smellingsalt * Inflicts double damage if opponent is Paralyzes. It then cures its
- Smog * 40% chance of Poisoning opponent
- SmokeScreen * Lowers opponents Accuracy
- Snatch * If opponent uses a move that heals it or raises stats, the effect is used on
  this Pokmon
- Snore * Can only be used when Asleep. 30% chance of flinching
- Softboiled * User Recovers 50% of Maximum HP
- Solarbeam * 1st turn: Take in sunlight, 2nd turn: Attack. Attacks in one turn if Sunny
  day is in effect
- Sonicboom * Always takes 20 HP
- Spark * 30% chance of Paralyzing opponent
- Spider Web * Opponent cannot switch out
- Spike Cannon * Attacks 2-5 times
- Spikes * Inflicts damage when opponent tries to return or send out Pokmon
- Spit Up * Gives more damage the more the user has Stockpiled
- Spite * Decreases 2-5 PP from opponents last move
- Splash * This attack does nothing
- Spore * Puts opponent to Sleep
- Steel Wing * 10% chance of raising users Defense
- Stockpile * You can use it up to 3 times…increases power of Spit Up and Swallow
- Stomp * 30% chance of making opponent Flinch. Damage is doubled if Minimize is used
- Strength * No special Effect
- String Shot * Lowers opponent Speed
- Struggle * All Pokmon use this attack when fully out of PP. User recieves recoil equal
  to 1/4 of Attack Damage
- Stun Spore * Paralyzes Opponent
- Submission * User recieves recoil equals to 1/4 of the damage inflicted
- Substitute * User loses 1/4 of its Max HP to create a substitute ti take damage
- Sunny Day * Brings strong sunlight for up to 5 turns. Fire moves is increased by 50%.
  Water moves is decreased by 50%
- Super Fang * Deals damage equal to half the opponents Current HP
- Superpower * Lowers users Attack and Defense
- Supersonic * Confuses opponent
- Surf * No Special Effect
- Swagger * Confuses opponent. Raises opponents Attack
- Swallow * Recovers more HP depending on how much you Stockpiled
- Sweet Kiss * Confuses Opponent
- Sweet Scent * Lowers opponents Evasiveness
- Swift * This attack always hit
- Swords Dance * Raises users Attack
- Synthesis * Restores HP depending on weather and time of day
T - Tackle * No Special Effect
- Tail Glow * Raises users Special Attack
- Tail Whip * Lowers opponents Defense
- Take Down * User recieves recoil equal to 1/4 of the damage inflicted
- Taunt * Opponent must use an Attacking move or the move will fail. Lasts 2 turns
- Teeter Dance * Confuses all Pokmon in Battle except user
- Teleport * User flees from Battle. Will not work in Trainer Battles
- Thief * Steals opponents Held Item
- Thrash * Attacks for 2-5 turns. User is Confused afterwards
- Thunder * 30% chance of Paralyzing opponent. Damage is doubled if opponent is in the Air
- Thunder Wave * Paralyzes opponent
- Thunderbolt * 10% chance of Paralyzing opponent
- Thunderpunch * 10% chance of Paralyzing opponent
- Thundershock * 10% chance of Paralyzing opponent
- Tickle * Lowers opponents Attack and Defense
- Torment * Opponent cannot use the same move twice in a row
- Toxic * Poisons oppponent. Poison does more damage each turn
- Transform * Users appearance, Type, Stats and Attack become the opponent
- Tri Attack * 10% chance of Burning/Paralyzing/Freezing opponent
- Trick * Held Items of User and Opponent are switched
- Triple Kick * Attacks 1-3 times in a turn
- Twineedle * Attacks 1-2 times in a turn. 20% chance of Poisoning
- Twister * Damage is doubled if opponent is using Fly. 20% chance of making opponent Flinch
U - Uproar * Attacks for 2-5 turns. No Pokmon can be put Asleep when it is in effect
V - Vice Grip * No Special Effect
- Vine Whip * No Special Effect
- Vital Throw * Always hits
- Volt Tackle * User is hit by recoil equal to 1/3 damage inflicted
W - Water Gun * No Special Effect
- Water Pulse * 20% chance of Confusing opponent
- Water Sport * Cuts power of Fire moves by 50%
- Water Spout * Attack strength lowers as HP lowers
- Waterfall * No Special Effect
- Weather Ball * The type of move changes depending on weather. If weather attacks are
  in effect, the attack power is also doubled:
  Sunny Day: Fire
  Rain Dance: Water
  Hail: Ice
  Sandstorm: Rock
- Whirlpool * Attacks for 2-5 turns. Opponent cannot switch out
- Whirlwind * Forces opponent to switch out Pokmon randomly
- Will-O-Wisp * Burns opponent
- Wing Attack * No Special Effect
- Wish * At end of turn after you used this attack, you heal 50% of your Max HP. Works
  even if you switch out Pokmon
- Withdraw * Raises users Defense
- Wrap * Continuously attacks for 2-5 turns. Opponent cannot switch out
Y - Yawn * Makes opponent fall Asleep at end of next turn
Z - Zap Cannon * Paralyzes Opponent
this will really help you
Submitted by: aleqgago
How to catch a dialga? just walk around on drake and it will apear i know that only celebi
can be sn in there but i really caught on on drake trust me.
Submitted by: arjay
how to catch any pokemon in any level
1st install the fire bug at your pc (only at mozilla)
2nd go to maps
3rd search for a pokemon (dont press fight)
4th click on the fire bug icon at the bottom right of the screen
5th change the number into the number of the pokemon as stated in the pokedex
6th change the number below into how \large the level
7th press enter
8th press fight
9th now the pokemon you want will apear
Team attack:
Submitted by: cheatsbook
Team attack is my new team on pkindigo.It is for medium and advanced level trainers. The
first 3 members get their magikarp evolved into gyarados and get 100 indigo coins a month.
Submitted by tapi dude
getting any pokemon including palkia.etc follow the steps
-Get fire fox and firebug both
-Go 2 any map
-If a pokemon appears
-Open your firebug.
-In firebug choose html
-Type the name of pokemon that has appear on the right hand side.
-Now you will have pokemonnname like ledyba then scroll down a bit down tou would see 2+SIGNS
CLICK ON THEM. Now you have some menu telling that value value.
-Now tpe any pokemon number eg.484 palkia. Next value type 100 thats for level.
-For number use pokedex of indigo.
Note: If you want palkia or any other pokemon with good attacks you should type 99 in next
value go 2 forget attaks and delete fake attacks.i have many pokemon with good attacks like
aura sphere roar of time.
To level up magikarp you have to find a wild pokemon (strong one recommended) and kill it.
I will say back to map. don’t go back to map. refresh the page and then the wild pokemon
will appear with 0hp. Kill it by using splash. (it will work with any weak pokemon or to
evel up pokemon easy).
First go to a strong or weak (but have high xp) pokemon. Second defeat it with your strong
pokemon. Third when you defeated it don’t press “back to map” just press refresh. Fourth swap
your pokemon in battle to your magikarp then use splash. Thats how i evolved my magikarp into
a gyarados.
Easy way to make your pokemon‘s level rise:
Submitted by: cheatinfo
First you need to have a squirtle of level 12 or more.then go to gym leader norman’s map.
You will find many abras from level 6-10.when you see one,fight it.in the fight first take
the squirtle and you tackle.then change to another pokemon and attack with a good attack.
The pokemon will get many exp points and you?-money$$$$!  Battle the abra 3-4 times and the
pokemon‘s level keeps on rising.
Submitted by: imaad
Want any pokemon that have an evolve to trade ??. just create another account then trade your
pokemon whith that account(if u trade the starter the accont will hack) then that account will
have the pokemon that evolves after trade EX i traded a mackoke an received a machamp good luck
How to evolve?:
Submitted by: henday
seadra-kingdra   (using dragon scale)
clamperl-huntail   (using deep sea tooth)
gloom-bellosom   (using sun stone)
eevee-flareon     (using fire stone)
eevee-vaporeon   (using water stone)
eevee-jolteon     (using thunder stone)
roselia-roserade   (using shiny stone)
vulpix-ninetales   (using fire stone)
growlithe-arcanine (using fire stone)
poliwhirl-politoed (using king rock)
slowpoke-slowking (using king rock)
Fast training:
Submitted by: Pokemon Adick
You need to adopt Pokemon on adoption center and you need to have a strong Pokemon level 50-100 like
that battle elite 4,Kanto leaders or Easier Wallace after making enemy’s pokemon hp is low switch the
pokemon that you adopt on center and kill the enemy’s pokemon again and again after that switch the
strong pokemon to battle the next pokemon made the hp low and switch again the pokemon you adopt and
you see its lvl 16 kill it again and do what i said again and again after beating wallace or other
gyms go to my zone you exp is greater than next exp means 1 kill one level.
Submitted by: Cyron
If you are a starter trainer, catch a pokemon anywhere(I suggest to catch a pokemon at cinnabar
island)until you got six of ‘em.Then heal them at the pokemon center.If your starter is a water
or grass type you should battle the Rustboro gym(weaken the pokemon using the pokemon you caught
(dont defeat it)then use the starter one.Repeat this over and over until your pokemon evolves.
Easy way of evolving a clamperl:
Here’s an easy way to make ur clamperl evolve into gorebyss or a huntail.
if you want a huntail, give clamperl a deepsea tooth and after that check your clamperl and you
can make it evolve now into a huntail. And if you want a gorebyss. Give clamperl a deepsea scale
and after that check your clamperl and you can make it evolve now into a gorebyss.
How to get alot of masterballs:
Well in order to get alot of master balls you will need alot of money and in order to get money
you need to battle trainers so pick the weakest gym leader and battle them continously(over and
over again) until you have alot of money when you have alot of money you then go to the poke
shop and buy alot of masterballs.
You can battle just about any trainer it doesn’t matter has long has you win and get money.
How to get raichu faster:
Submitted by: lolboy*13579
1.go to the pokeshop and buy a thunder stone.
2.go to map of the first gym leader and capture a pikachu.
3.use that thunder stone on pikachu and then evolve that pikachu in to raichu.