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Submitted by. BoneK
Rabbot ears:
Go to the processing room. Get stuck in the trap door at the far right of the
room (do this by clicking enter on the door)You will be in the metal room. Go
down the conveyor belt and jump on the pipes you see there then jump up on the
platform and get the ears.
Catch Crusher:
Crusher should be standing on a car and beside the car is a crane climb up the
yellow thingy and there’s the crane. Click the levers and turn the magnet off.
Than come down and climb up to the crane again and turn the magnet on. Then click
on Crusher to handcuff him (go to the scientist to get hand cuffs).
Speeding Spike:
Lead him to the wet spot. Where to find Ratman: Go to the park and go inside the
bathroom and go inside the sewer and use the circle thingys to drain the water and
undrain them with the circle thingys and stay on the left of the sewer and enter
the door. 
Time tangled Island:
1.da vinci’s notebook is at the time where statue of liberty is built.
2.the small model of the statue is on the top of mount everest.
3.Edmund’s goggle are in the aztec time.
4.the phonograph is on the top of the treasury in the acient greece or delphi.
5.ther is two people u hav to talk to. beacuz u hav to talk to a chinese to hav
  the amulet and u hav to talk to a person who live in the Mali empire to get
  the decleration.
6.on the chimney of a house, the sun stone piece is on top.
7.on lewis and clark’s time, u will c a tree ther without leaves climb on it to
  the very top even if u will not c a thing ther, that it looks like a choped
  down tree on top, stand on top of it and u will hav the stone bowl.
8.the peace medal is in leonardo da vinci’s time.
9.in every place or time, ther is some thing lost and u will find a thing ther.
Bettey Jettey:
When ur flying around above the skyscraper she will shoot green orb type things
at you avoid them because you can only take 5 hits and when you get hit you fall
back some you get closer by avoiding the orbs she’ll slow down when she shoot a
you remeber only 5 hits.
Catch Betty Jetty on poptropica:
First you’ve got to defeat all the other villains then answer the payphone and
the retired superhero will make you fly then go to the top of the skyscraper and
you will see betty jetty she will fly up fly after her and chase her watch out for
those things she throws down you should soon catch up with her and she will fall
then ned will come and knock her out asnd hey presto you’ve caught betty jetty.
Also try and meet me i am called nice bubbles and have brown hair with a pink
flower in it i am wearing a blue and orange superhero costume i am nearly always
on poptropica so you don’t need to worry about what time to see me thanks for
Copy Cat:
You need to move fast. to get all of her! this is where all the copy cats are one
is in top of the lamp in the upper left and then there one down, and then keep
going right find the two copy cats then go and click the up arrow then go to
elevator then catch all the other copy cats in the top floor.
Submitted by: Evan
To turn of the flying rabbot ears, go to the freezer and cut the wires with the
wire cutter in the security system.
Submitted by: abbey
The pig is in the under groundplace where there are spiders .take them to the robot
Neat sunglasess:
In time twisted island go to the top of the pendulum lab geat the glasess near
the arrow done.
Hints for Shark Tooth Island:
Submitted by: Emily
On shark tooth you need coconut milk to get it go to the man near the coconut shop,
the old bone is inside the temple to unlock the code go up the coconut tree and jump
you will see a paper pick it up then go inside then get to secert door and click on
the letters o p e n then go inside and just wonder around there is also the key
ingeteint then get out then get the grass shirt then go to the medicine man on top
of the coconut tree to get push the block up to the vine then go up and talk to him
but u have to wear the grass shirt then go to the bay and swim to the fishing man
and u see a cannon click on it then shoot anywhere then swim across then go the man
and talk to him then lead him and the boy back then u r done!
Submitted by: reece
sharktooth island to beat shark tooth cheat if you have created more than 1 charictar,
and with 1 you have beaten shark tooth with 1, and you forget how to beat it with your
other charictar, go to your other charictar and look at the password to open the then
quit, and thengo to the one you did not finish and type the password.
Submitted by: Tapeonator
This is a taco cheat to beat every island. First you have to make over 1,000 people.
Second they all have to have jet packs. Once you get it you beat every island and
have full battle stars.
How to catch the cat:
First go to the old house and you will find an empty bowl inside. take it too the
waitress at the carrot king caffe and she will fill it up with milk and take it to the
house and set it down. come back later and the cat is in the tub upstairs(you wont see
it). Turn on the water and green goop will start coming out, click the cat and run out
of the house. Take it too the woman who lost it.
Time twisted Island:
Phonograph: The phonograph is on top of the treasure building in the first age.
Peace Medal: it is on the bottom of Lenardo ( hint try visiting every age until
you get to lenardo workshop this way sign) place. i cant really discribe it.
After you get to the top platform, jump to the right platfor and it will be
Gold Vase: Get explosive’s barrel under Great wall of china under guy who plays
memory. then go to vikings and go to the cave. blow the rocks up. Then get inside
and go right as fast and doge water. your torch will go down.
Hint: dont go down once you get in. get right and then jump to above rock platform.
Notebook: go to statue of liberty and get on top of the statue. then jump as high
as you can heading left and if you get to the highest platform then you have to
go down. a notepbook will be there.
Piece of sun: its on the top of Edison’s workshop.
Amulet: talk to the man on the platform in china and he’ll let you play a game.
If you win he’ll give you the amulet.
Climbing goggles: find the old man warrior at the Aztec empire and he’ll give a
mask to you. put it on, then go to the Aztec wearing the goggles.
He’ll give them to you.
Beat Director:
So after you get through the teleporter and defeat the Hair-Bots, Director D will
move around in his big thing over the teleporter. When he just barely starts moving,
check your inventory, then click on a different page. When you close your inventory,
the page giving you a medal will be up.
Super power island:
-Go to the subway and speeding spike will be on the train.
-Make him keep on running after you until he slips on the puddle then you can get him.
-At city park there will be a villain.
-When he sends rocks at you jump on the head of the statue and jump overhim.
-The rocks will hit him.
-Next the ground will fly up, move the rock by the bathrooms to the statueand the ground.
will throw it up and hit him.
-Then get him.
-Next go into the bathroom and go into the sewer.
-When your in the sewer there will be a handle.
-Click it. The water will go down.
-Go to the right and click the handle there.
-The water will go up.
-Then when it goes upchuck the handle in the middle and i will go up again and if you go
to the left there will be a door and a handle. Go into the door. Another villain will be
there. Watch out for the ratsjump on the first pipe.
-Then jump on the building. Jump on the pipe thats like on the building,and jump on the
one at your top left,then the one on you right. You should see a handle, click it then
bees will come after you so hurry and get the guy.
-Next go to the telephone booth and click the phone. You will get the fly ability.
-Go to the condemned building down town and fly up it. The last villain will be there.
-Fly after her.
-Dodge her attacks and hit her when you can.
-She will fall and you can get her (after the totally unexpected cut seen).
-Get a hot dog from city park.
-Give it to noodle ned and you get the medal.
Beat crusher go to the junkyard:
Submitted by: cheatsbook
-jump on the tires then oil cans to get to him.
-next jump on the yellow tower which is a magnet crane.
-then drag the green/red switch to the red side.
-it will drop a refrigerator but he doesnt die.
-watch out for oil cans cause hes throwing them at you but its easy.
-go to the magnet tower again and drag the switch to green.
-it will lift the hood of the car he is standing on and he gets hurt.
-hurry and run to him and click on him and you will cuff him up.
-to get the cuffs go to the island at the left and talk to the lady scientist.
24 Carrot Island:
go to the farm go on the roof and click go down and find the bowl get out of the farm and
go to the diner ask the woman to fill the bowl with milk then go back to the farm and set
the bowl down then go upstairs and turn any knob and the cat will hop out then chase the
cat down stairs and let it lap of the milk then it will follow you go to the surplus then
give the woman her cat back then go to the factory and go in the toxic water and you will
use the crowbar the woman gave you to and you will go into a tunnel you will see a gigantic
rat up on the ceiling there will be a crawl space for you to wait as the rat crawls past.
How to find the missing spys:
Submitted by: jesse
When you go to the spy glass shop ask the owner for an eye exsam. When he points at it
do it opisate then he will give you an invisable suit so in the docks you can get past
the bad ninjas!
Turn invisible:
Submitted by: mollie
Go to the eye shop and ask the person for a eye test when your having one do the oposit
then go up stairs talk to her again and hey presto you have one.
Sstep on the bin outside the then go up the stair thinggys to the door click on the door
and go in. Then clik on the guy after he’s given you the camoflarge suit go out towards
the docks. Stop at the guy in the bin and click on him then ask do you have anyhting for
listen to what he says then put on the camo suit and make it up to the doo r go up to the
door gto iin and get passed all the dogs rescue the guy and go signed super agent sophie.
Submitted by: little raptor
Change skin color:go 2 early poptropica then go 2 poptropica towers talk 2 the balloon
person then click on a balloon (your choice).
Submitted by: kyle 56
When u r at the main menu you go to return player. For the user type “poppertop” and
for the password type “jokernut” when u enter the game u will finish every thing have
every thing and be able to do every thing.
spy island:
Submitted by: colleena
you go to the spy glass shop and you ask for a eye exam then when he points to e you
click the other e than dr.spy glass will say you want to go up stairs then you go out
side and you go to the door and you talk to him and he will give you a suite.
B.A.D.‘s bosses fingerprint:
Submitted by: Alex C
Pass the test for the chef, then talk to the boss then go up the vent in the
kitchen, and jump on the lights to get past the boss.
Poptropica, spy island, dr.spyglass:
Submitted by: Annie-Marie
Talk to dr.spyglass and get an eye exam. when the chart comes up and he asks you to
identify the different letter “e”‘s, choose the one that is facing the oppisite direction
to the one he asked you to identify. if this doesn’t make any sense now, it will when
you play :)
Submitted by: : kirsten100
When you want to do 1 specific thing by clicking and clicking over and over you do
that thing and while your pressing the left mouse key you also at the same time press
the right mouse key.
Submitted by: HG113
how to beat director D. all u have to do is after u beat the robots you get on top
of his space ship thing and he will ram his space ship thing on top of the ceiling.
Do this 3 or 4 times and he will blow up. then u get the medal for spy island.
Submitted by: Middy_Lives
2 catch Copy Cat on superpower island, u need to get the ones one the bottom, then get
the ones on the top floor.
Submitted by: vita
When you get on the rooftops use youre bowtie and grapple on to a platform on the
top right.
24 carrot:
Submitted by: Ella
1:go to the farm house and grab the empty Bowl.
2:then take it to the dinner and get it filled up.
3:take it bake to the farm huse and then turn on the bath make the cat go down stairs.
4:After its drunk it take it to the lady in the repare shop she will give you something.
5:go to the factory and click on the door you will open it.
6:at the first part turn everything on grap on to the hook and swing this way > and go
  throw the hatch.
7:then go to each room and trick the people in to looking the other way.
8:if you get capchured cut the wires in the ice room then go to the printer room and
  fall throw the hatch youll find the bunny ears in there.
9:Then come out and go in the worker only zone Then dr.Bunny will tell you to put the
  password in (fuzzybunny)and then use the conrols to make him crash into rocks. Then
  follow the other guy back and go to the mair.
How to find the missing spys:
Submitted by: Nervous bug
first go to spyglass eyewear and click the e that points in the opposite direction. once
you get the suit upstairs go to the docks and keep jumping on ledges until you get to the
roof with the ninjas. get past them, then dodge the dogs inside along with the door guard
then go to the big safe and jump on it then go inside and untie the spy. then go to balding
ave., then toupee terrance and jump on the house that electricutes you. it’s easy once u get
the hang of it. thenonce ur on the roof use ur laser pen to burn through the bars and untie
the spy. then go to the bad bistro and pass the test for a chef then talk to the big b.a.d.
boss and get his cup then go into the kitchen and up the vent on the roof then jump on the
lamps then get outside. go over to the building where the spy says u need more then srong
legs to make the jump use ur bowtie and go to the rooftop. dodge the guard and make it to
the antennae and use ur bowtie to get to the other antennae and enter. go to the cherry bomb
tree activate it push it to the pansies ans it will rise up to the next platform. keep doing
this until you get it to the spys cage put the bomb uder the lock and let it explode. After
you get the spy put on the vision goggles then to the bad control center in toupee terrace
and get past the lasers until you get to the door then scan the fingerprint and enter and
dodge the lasers again. once u get 2 the system type in “laser” press enter “hair” press
enter “removal” press enter. you will teleport with director D then when those mini bots
come out to attack you go to those platforms with the ball then let it electricute u. there
are 2 platforms at bottom and 2 at the top. once you defeat the minibots D will attack u
when he comes down get under the vehicle then jump on his roof and dont move until it
crashes. Repeat this process until it breaks and then you beat the game of spy island.
Funny glasses:
In the bathroom of poptropica go down the sewer and drain the water down and look
around at the bottom and you shoud find the glasses.
if you go to early poptropica and go down the well. you will meet a guy. find the
glowstick and go to the pit. go to the bottom and go left. you’ll end up in a dark
room. explore the place and yo’ll find a golden egg. find the giant in the sky and
give it to him.
Submitted by: JAIBY2000
The cheat i"m going to show you now is how to find the carrots in 24 carrot. first
you go to get the drone ears then you release everybody and one gives you the
password which is fuzzy bunny and just go and put the password in. then fly the ship
and blow it up.then the carrots are back growing in the guys house.
Shark tooth island:
First you have to get the paper thingy and it will tranlate the symbols on the door
in side the temple. The password is nope and after you press it you have to press
the nose thing.
How to catch the cat & get a crowbar:
Submitted by: sleepy-fish
On 24 carrot go to the cruddy house and go in by using the chimney get the bowl on
the floor go to the diner anback and ask for some milk and then you will get some.
Then go to the house go up to the top room and put the bowl on the floor by clicking
it then turn on the bath/shower case the cat to the bowl and then it will run down
to it and you follow it down and then it will follow you then go into the tool shop
and give the cat back and then the lady with rewared you with a crowbar…
-Piece of sun: its on the top of Edison’s workshop.
-amulet: talk to the man on the platform in china and he’ll let you play a game.
if you win he’ll give you the amulet.
-Climbing goggles: find the old man warrior at the Aztec empire and he’ll give a
mask to you. put it on, then go to the Aztec wearing the goggles.
he’ll give them to you.
24 carrot island:
First go to the house where the farm is then go in the chimney and when ur inside
take the bowl on the floor and go back to the diner ask the waitress to fill up the
bowl with milk and then go back to the house and then go upstairs in the bathroom
and turn any knob in the shower then go and chase the cat downstairs it will drink
the milk then go back to Charlie supplies co. then give the cat to charlie then she
will give you a crowbar and go back to the factory then go by the water and u will
see a big green pipe open it with the crowbar and that’s how u get inside the
Super Power island Walk
-Go to the Comic Shop and ask Ned Noodlehead is he sells anything besides comics
-He’ll give you a somewhat helpful book
-Go to the costume shop and get yourself a costume (if you want)
-Then ask the guy on the left for an ID card
-Go over the police red tape (swim) and get stuff you need from the scientist
and the policeman
-To defeat Copy Cat, just destroy all her clones AND her my jumping on them all
before the smoke bomb makes you start to cough.
-Then click on her
-To defeat the guy on the train, just make sure he doesn’t make contact with you
buy jumping up every time he tries to crash into you.
-Then click on him
-To defeat the guy in the Junkyard, just climb up onto the crane thing and click
on the switch. Then pull the lever down. He’ll get squished for a few seconds,
then he’ll start throwing stuff at you and knock you off the crane. Get back on the
crane, then pull the lever in the other direction, and he’ll get crushed
-Then click on him
-To defeat the guy in the park with mind powers, jump up and click him so he gets
annoyed, then push a rock close by him and stand next to it. If you place it right,
he’ll try to lift the ground underneath you up, including the rock, which should
then hit him and knock him over
-Then click on him
-To defeat the Rat guy (in the toilets, men’s for male players and lady’s for female
players), go down the sewer and play with the water controls until you can get up
to the exit. Exit, then get to another control thing by avoiding evil rats.
(They’ll knock you over if you touch them). Once you’ve clicked on the control wheel,
a swarm of bees will chase you so jump up onto the pipes quickly and click on the
guy before the bees knock you over
-Now you’ve defeated 5 villains. Go to the telephone: it’s ringing. Click on it, and
you’ll be able to fly. Now you can defeat Betty Jetty. Just follow her in the sky
and avoid ALL the green things she flings at you until she falls down. Then Ned
Noodlehead will step in and accidently save the day by bumping into her
-Click on her
-Ned is now the town hero. If you want the medal that is rightfully yours, just get
a hotdog from the stand and go to the Comic Shop. Trade it with “Hot Dog Boy” (Ned)
to get your medal.
Submitted by: miles
To get the fingerprint pass the chef test to get the hat then click on the guy in
the t-shirt that says B.A.D.
How do you beat Spy Island:
First you go to the spy wear shop and ask to take the eye exam. Click on the letter
OPPOSITE DIRECTION of the one he points to. Then he will tell to to go upstairs and
tell you about his latest invention the camouflage suit that makes you camouflaged
when you are not moving. The go to the door on the roof at the docks. At the bottom
the spy will be trapped. Climb up and fall into the room he is trapped in. He will
give you some information and a laser pen. Now go to the top of the building at the
area before the lasers. Watch out for the shocks of the light. At the top use the
laser pen and melt the bars. Be careful of the dogs they will bite you.
At the bottom the spy will be tied up. Then You will get the grappling bow tie from
him. use it to swing to the next building at the building go to the green house. Go
all the way to the right and there will be a cheery bomb tree. Push the bomb onto
the flower it will bounce then push it off the ledge and it will bounce higher. Then
jump onto the place where the bomb is and push it to the cage and wait for it to
explode. She will give you laser glasses. Put them on and go to the toupee. At the
control center you will get trapped in a cage. Dr. D will let you out. Enter the
password laser the push enter. then enter the password hair and push enter. Then
enter the pass word removal. Then mini bots will attack you in the portal run to
the yellow balls on all the corners of the room and have the robots blow up. The
when you have destroyed all the balls get as close to the celling as you can.
HE will run into it and be destroyed. You will win and island medalion and will
beat spy island.
Shark Tooth Island:
First what you do is go into the Shark Museum and look at the part of the journal
that is there. Remeber what is in that journal. It will come in handy later. Then
what you do is go to the ancient ruins and push the big boulder close to the trunk
of the tree. Then you get on top of the boulder and jump onto the vine. BEWARE of
the falling coconuts then get on top of the tallest platform. Don’t go up! then
forcefully jump off that platform onto the top of the scary ancient ruin. There
you will find the translation key. Grab it and go inside the scary ancient ruin.
There maneuver your way to the temple entrance. Type in open using the translation
key and you are in. There make your way to the Temple treasure room where it will
tell you what the ingredients are to make the potion to calm the great booga shark.
Hint: you get the old bone inside the temple as well as the key ingredient to the
potion. The last ingredient you need to get is carbonated coconut milk which you
get in the Coconut cafe. Then bring all of those ingredients to the Medican man
Hint: which is on top of the Big coconut tree - and he will make the potion for
you and put it in a coconut for you. Bring this to the big cannon in Booga Bay
and shoot it out of the cannon so the shark will eat it.
Then the shark will eat it.
The golden egg:
You need to go to early poptropica. Go three housees away and next to the pigpen. Go
one more step there should be like a wishing well.Go down when you get there is a
glowstick on the right side.Then go back up.You then go maIN STREET. Go arcoss to
poptropica towers. Then see a sower hole then you go down.YOU NOW GO TO ARCOSS then
down arcoss down acoss down acoss to a pole thing then you got the egg. For short cuts
down acoss down acoss. then go right but wacth for the spider. then go all the way up.
Go TO poptropica towers. Then keep jumping on top of the roofs. then go up to gaint and
give him the egg.then u can go acoss fou times.then will find a water buket. then keep
gowning acoss. then u find jet pack. then go back.then go to main street. then fly up
too its says poptropica the get the flag. Then go undergound sowers.keep on gowing down,
you will see the pig then atfter go up. Then go to early poptropica GO TO PIG PEN AND
GIVE HIM THE PIG. then go give the guy the water buket. then go to flag guy give him
the flag the go across there will be a boat you will geta the medal.
Secret Outfits:
Submitted by: Koby123
There are two secret outfits. in order to get them, find the lego agents and lego racer
building, win the lego racer challenge to get a racer suit, and win the lego agents
challenge to get a lego agent suit.
The 2nd Spy in Spy Island Quest:
Leave the warehouse and go back to Main Street. Then go all the way to the right and
go to Balding Avenue. If you continue to the right you will see a guy wearing green
camouflage. Talk to him and he’ll give you a message that says, There’s a top B.A.D.
agent in Bistro. To access the B.A.D. control center you’ll need his “FINGERPRINT”.
Keep going right until you get to a place called B.A.D. Bistro. Take off your suit
and go in (The chameleon suit isn’t allowed inside.). Go all the way to the right to
the kitchen and talk to the chef. Ask to apply for the job and he will tell you that
you need to pass a test. It’s simply a game of Simon Says. If you win the game then
he’ll give you a chef’s hat and if you win, you become a chef, if you lost, try again.
Then you go to the table with people at it and click on the guy with the mustache.
He’ll ask you to fill up his glass. You’ll get the glass with his fingerprint on it.
Go back into the kitchen and jump on the fridge then jump on the shelf and there will
be an opening above you. Go through it and jump from lamp to lamp till you get to the
wall. Then fall to the ground and get out of the room. Go right and you’ll see another
guy in camouflage. Talk to him and he’ll give you an item -”Secret Letter” - that you
must decode. It looks like a bunch of random words. That’s because… it is! All you need
to do is read the first letter of every line and it reads “DON’T TRUST DIRECTOR D”. Now
continue right and go to Toupee Terrace. Then you have to carefully get to the top of
the house without getting zapped. It may seem hard at first but once you get the hang
of it, it’s pretty easy. When you get to the top you’ll find a window with bars in
front of it. Get in front of the window and it will show a close up of the window. Your
mouse is now the laser pen. Click on the bars to cut them to pieces. Then you’ll be able
to get in. Go inside, and you’ll be in the attic. Now go left and you will see another
secret agent tied up there. Free him and he will give you an item - ”Grappling Bowtie”.
This will help you reach high heights. He’ll also give you another satellite clue.
The 3nd Spy in Spy Island Quest:
Get out and go back to Balding Avenue. Now go as high as you can using the grappling
bowtie. (To use the grappling bowtie just click on the bowtie on the bottom left and
click which way you want to go.) Go up to the rooftops. Use your grappling bowtie to
try to grab another platform. Be careful, there’s a B.A.D. guard there. Now use your
grappling bowtie to try to grab another platform or antenna at the top left. Talk to
the guy there. Now aim your bowtie to the far right and try to grab another antenna.
When you swing over there and are directly above the building click again (at the top
of the screen) so that they let go of the rope. Otherwise they will swing back. Then
enter the tube thing. You are now in a greenhouse. It is recommended that you take off
your Bowtie, because wearing it will make this part more difficult. Go to the far right
and you will see a cherry bomb tree. Click on the cherry bomb and move the cherry bomb
left. Now push it to the flower thing on the ground and it will bounce it to a higher
floor. Get on that floor and push it to the left till it falls on the lower platform.
Push it onto the other bouncy flower thing and it will go to a higher platform. Go to
that platform, (Watch out for the flytraps. It will throw you off!) and finally it to
the cage with the spy agent girl trapped in inside. Now push the cherry bomb in front
of the cage and wait until it blows up. When it does, the cage door breaks and the girl
is free. The spy will give you a pair of Ultra-Vision Goggles and the last satellite
Submitted by: robbie renz
You need to get threw the shocking lights you need to get the laser pen and you see
like a small cage melt it by the laser pen and you will see a spy
How 2 become a superhero:
Submitted by: Allie
-First u have 2 go to the Mask and cape store.
-Then u have 2 click on the owner.
-Wait for him 2 stop talking 2 u.
-Then swim 2 the island 2 the left side of the island your on.
-Click on all 3 peeps.
-2 of them will give u something.
-Then u have 2 go back 2 the other island.
-Then your set 2 go.
Submitted by: Wild Rock
Hair color:
Go to 24 Carrot Island and into the diner. Go to the slushie maker and click on it. Mix
and match the colors and there you go.
Tip: Skydive (game)
As the other player takes out paratuchute, take out yours seconds after he/she does. If
you cut it close near the tree, you won’t die
Time Tangled Island
To get Divinchi’s levers for the peace medal, go up and down with the levers. Check. Go down
to go forward, you won’t get extremle close so you’ll have to jump.
Click the T-shirt on the right hand corner and choose another character. You can mix and
match clothing. If you can’t click it, it means you have to earn it from an island or something.
Time tangled island:
Submitted by: Taylah
How to get the notebook:
1.Get out your time machine thingy.
2.Click on the second one on the left.
3.Once you get there, start walking right untl you get to the man click on him & he will say
“Theres something up on the ledge of that building”.
4.Than climb to the top of the thing and get a run up.
5.Start running and when you get to the edge jump as high as you can and when you get on the
ledge collect the note book.
6.Go to the fourth on the right in your time machine go up to his workshop by going on those
things and give the notebook to him.
That is where you will also find the peace medal.
How to find the Golden egg:
Submitted by: Jezabel
First you go into the first sewer when you arrive, then turn left and you will find another
sewer. Go in there and you will see a boy and he will tell you where to find the glowstick.
Then get out of that sewer and go a bit further and you will find another sewer then the
glowstick will automaticlly be in your hand, then you just have to find the golden egg.
How to get a fake jetpack:
Submitted by: Andrew
Go to superpower island and go over to the jail. If you’ve beaten the island this will work.
Fly up to the man on the meteor. Use the costumizer. Click on the thing on his back. Now fly
around with your (fake) jetpack.
How To Get To The Golden Egg:
Submitted by: zachary
First go to early poptropica.Then go in to the sewers.Then go deep down in the cave.If you
see a spider go left and you will find an exit.Then go left again and you will find another exit.
Then go to a rope and jump on it.When you see an egg that is golden…
run up and get it and…you got it!
Viking suit:
Submitted by: Jimmy
go to time tangled island use your time divise and click on the second last time on the right
(1831 AD) then go next to a cave dont go in, Then get your glider ready and jump onthe right
side of the cave with your glider.
Third Spy:
Submitted by: uihy90o
Go to the balding avenue and go to your items and put on the grappling bowtie.[if you got a
grappling bowtie.]then go up to the top of the building that you will need more than strong
legs to make the jump. then go to the top.then you make the grappling bowtie go up until it
reaches the tube. then you will see a bunch of giant venus flytraps.go to the cherry bomb
tree and move quick to get it to[keep your bowtie on to help you.] the top.avoid all the
other venus flytraps and put the bomb on the cage that your laser pen cant cut through. boom!
the spy is free. now you have a pair of ultra vision goggles and a clue about the b.a.d
Bety Jety:
After you are done capshering all the other crimanals. go to the phone and if it rings click
it. And wate a minunut and you get super powers .if you know where she is use your power to
fly and follow her but be caful she thowes a power to slow you down .and I AM NOT TELLING
How To Get The Cameleon Suit:
Submitted by: zachary
First go to spy island. Then go to the spy glass store and ask for an eye exam.Then when he
points to one of those things pick the oppisite direction on each one. Then you get a
cameleon suit!
Hints for getting out:
Submitted by: Sophia
After you be apply for a job and pass, you click on the guy and he gives you a cup.
He won’t let you go unless you fill it’s cup. To get out, you go in the kitchen and
jump on the air condioner and keep on jumping on the lights untill the last one.
Then you go out. Should work!
Super Power Island:
Submitted by: Brian
First go to the prison and ask the scientist and ask her do the prisoners have super powers
and you will get a pair of hand cufs.Then ask the warden do you have eny thing for me?He will
give you their profiles then go downtown and go in the bank.The first villan is there.Defeet
her.Then go back to down town and go in the sub staision.Go in the train and when he atacts
you jump intil he slips.Then go to the city park.Then click on him.The rock will hit him.The
ground will fling up put the rock next to the statue and let it hit him.Then cuf him.Then go
to the junkyard and there is a big magnet above it turn it off.A frige will fall on him then
go to it again.Watch out for the cans!Then turn it on.And you have defeted him.Then go to the
bathrooms(boys for boys ang girls for girls).Then twist knobs intil you see a door(enter it).
Then you will see ratman.Go to the topright of the room and turn the knob.Then bees will chase
you.Cuf him quick.Then go to the telephone and you will fly.Go to the sky scraper and fly to
Betty Jetty.Follow her and she will throw orbs at you and dodge them.You will get closer and
closer intil she falls.Then Ned Noddlehead will bump in to her and now he is town hero.Get a
hotdog from the park then go to the comic shop and trade for the medal.Now you have beat the
Secret suits 2:
Submitted by: koby123
The lego agent and lego racer suits are no longer available, but there are 2 new suits.
The tinkerbell suit which is in her tree house, no challenge to win for her, and the explorer
suit, get it by going in the cinnamon toast crunch building and collecting 5 peices of cinnamon
toast crunch.
Submitted by: bethany
To get into the door in spy island you must ask for an eye test and witch ever letter he points
at click on the oppist letter when you are done he will walk away go outside and climb up the
ladders and go through the door and click on the man that tested your eyes.
How to beat Early Poptropica & Regular Poptropica
Submitted by: Allyson
- First go down a hole there you will find a girl her skin is white.
- Next go down you will see a green spider and a hole you will need a glowstick one you have it
  go in the hole in the wall.
- now go in the hole use your glowstick in there is a egg make sure you follow the signs.
- once you find the egg the is a hole.
Thats all i can give you my session on the computer has ended sorry look for my name again sooon.
Submitted by: Zaid
When you get to the factory find a way to climb up.Then use your map to climb to a diffrent room.
Go to the printer room then free the person, then print out the clue.Go to the proffesing room then
free everybody, but bufor you do that dr.hare will get you cut the wiers in the freezzer.
Go back, (to the proffesing room) walk to the corner (>) and get the rabbet ears.Then go again
and there will be dr.hare.Go to the compturer and type the password (what you printed out) then
commend (sticking on the compturer) keep crashing dr.hare until he will float away.Free
the person standing next to you go up with him, and talk to the man next to the farm then you’ve done!
Easter Rabbit Ears:
Go to the processing room. Click “Enter” on the trap door at the far right of the room and get
stuck. You will be in the metal room. Go down the conveyor belt. Jump on the pipes, then jump
up on the platform and get the rabbit ears.
Submitted by: andrew
How to win spy island you go to the headquarters than yo go to deractor d and ask to be a spy
then he will give you the decoter then go to the peple in the flower beds the first one will
give you a messege and the second one will give you the x files then you go to the eye docter
and ask for a exam and if he ponts to E do it back wards and then you leve and go up the lader
outside then go in to the door and he will give yo a sute and then go to the docks and get past
the b,a,d agents then go in the door you will then have to get past all the dogs and the last
agent then goon a platform and you will jump on top of the safe and then he will give yo a pece
of infornation and a laser pen then go to bad bestro and get a job then yo go to the eletrical
windows and try to get to the top then yo go to the agent and he will give you anether pece of
a infor mation and a grafaling bowtie then go to the green house then you will see a chary bomb
tree and a red charry click onit and get on the bomb and it will come off the vine and try to
get it to the cage befor it eqplodes then you go to the bad bastro then go to the guy siting down
get the cup then go to the bad bace and you go thro the telaporter then defet the bad guys then
win the big robot starts flying make in crash into the wall 4 times then the medal comes up and
you win.
Submitted by: xp3000
If you want to get the medal for spy island you have to get the spys back then put the code
together if you cant code number one is laser code number two is hair and code number three is
removal but directer.d is the B.A.D leader beat his minibots by making them go into the energy
thing(there are four and four bots)then you make the director blow up by jumping to the celing
then dodging him then go to the headquarters and then you become the director with the medal.
P.S:you need the job as a chef…?
Submitted by: Purple Penguin
If you have a vest but you are afraid that if you put the grappling bowtie on you will lose the
vest when you try to destroy Director D. don’t put on the grappling bowtie. There is a way you
can defeat him without the bowtie. You just jump around everywhere to defeat the bots with the
energy source. I managed to do this without losing my vest.
Submitted by: Nika
Go to Super Power Island. If you have defeated Jetty Betty but you dont have the Island Medallion
and Ned Noodlehead has it go to the City Park for a hotdog. Ask the hotdog man for a hotdog.
Then return to Ned Noodleheads Comic Shop and Trade the Hotdog for the Island Medallion.
How to defeat ratman:
Go to the bathrooom in superpower and enter through the door at the very left (I think you have
to wind some wheels to get in). when u r inside wind the very top wheel(you have to avoid the
rats). This will cause dirty water to fall on ratman. run and jump from pipe to pipe until you
get to ratman. Click him. You will only capture him if you have special handcuffs.
Submitted by: Grant Goode
(for earlypoptropica poptropica towers)to get the jetpack you need to have gave the giant his egg.
then go all the way to the airplane graveyard.next you go over the rocketship.then you will see
the jetpack then you get the jetpack.
How to get the sun stone:
Submitted by: ben
go to the wagon clike on the engian and it will move hop on it jump up the tree and it will
be on the roof :)
Early Poptropica:
Submitted by: kate marlow
For Early Poptropica, first find the glowstick, and then the golden egg. Give the egg to the giant,
and then go past him to get the bucket and the jetpack, which you can use to grab the flag, and to
escape the spider and safely catch the egg. Never try to find the golden egg in the dark room without
a glowstick. If you get lost in the dark, you won’t be able to find a way out.
Make sure you do everything in the right order, or you will not succeed.
Submitted by: giorgia
Rock:It is in 7th age and ontop of the building on the chimdy you will find it.
Then go to the 3rd age and find the lady on top of the building!
How to get the third spy on Spy Island!!:
Submitted by: Anastasia Sacajawea Romanov
You must get to the rooftops with the BOWTIE, being careful to STAY ON THE WINDOW SILLS.
Once you get up there, go to the platform UNDER THE ONE WITH B.A.D. DUDE. Using the BOWTIE,
the left of where you should be standing). Climb to the top of the antenna (yes, you will
need the bowtie again). Go to the right of the part that is sticking up from where you are
standing. If you don’t, you will end up grappling to the thing. Anyway, grapple to the thin
antenna that is to the right of you, then jump. Go to the right until you get to the place
where you can enter.
Once you get inside, go to the cherry bomb tree on the FAR RIGHT. Push it to the flower on
the ground so it can bounce up two levels. Then, go to the right of the cherry bomb tree and
grapple yourself to the level right above you. Push it over so that it falls onto the second
level. Go don with it and push it over so that it bounces up on the flower. Go up to the top
level so that you end up to the left of the bomb and push it over to in front of the cage
that the lady is in. After it explodes, it will blow up the cage so she can walk out. if you
are unable to get it over in time, the tree will grow another bomb.
Cheats where to find charmeleon suit:
Submitted by: chedi
First go to the spy island then go to the spy glass eyewear
then talk to the man and say: i want to eye test then if you look at the board click the
choose box in opposite like this M-the mans pointing W-the opposite and he will say: director
D must sent you here. now go out side and find the ladder now go to the door and you will meet
him then talk to him then you will get the charmelen suit. easy right.
How to get a fake jetpack:
Submitted by: alex
if u have ur flying powers (super Island)then go to the metoer near the villans the guy on
the metoer,on the right top corner there is a customizer click on that then click on the guy
and click the jet pack and press accept* Then…
HAve Fun,play around with ur jetpack~
Submitted by: Wat Does It Matter?
In Early Poptropica to get the Early Poptropican Flag you have to get the Golden Egg and the
Pig .... When u get the Egg you must take it to the Gaint and he will let you throu go and
find the Jet Pack father on and go past The Shovel… then the Exit and you will get the flag
and then take it to the Early Poptropican’s and you will get the Medal.
Crusher and sir rebral:
To defeat crusher, you have to climb the tower and turn the magnet on. That should drop a
fridge on him. Then, he will start throwing bins at u. Climb the tower again and turn the
magnet off. Then capture him. To defeat sir rebral, when he picks up a rock to throw atu,
jump towards him. Then, move the big, perfectly noticable boulder next to the bathroom
underneath where he is standing, well. You should get the point.
Submitted by: Trusty Seagull
There is a bonus tribe mask in the Spy Island and to get you need to go on the rooftop, go
all the way to the last building and use the bowtie to swing up and grab it.
Submitted by: Angela
Go to Spy island and get a job at the B.A.D Bistro. Once you get a job there, put on your
hat and click on the dude sitting down in his fancy clothes. Take his cup, you will be
stuck in there until you refill his drink. All you have to do is close poptropica and the
internet and then log back in. If you’re lucky, you should be out.
How to get the Laser Pen & Satallite Clue on Spy Island:
Submitted by: Nick
You’ll have to get the Chameleon Suit first to do this. Put on the Chameleon Suit & go to the
Docks. Go to the top of the buildings when you get there. You’ll find a door. Sneak to it &
enter. There’ll be 3 dogs inside. Sneak past them & you’ll find the 1st spy inside a room.
Enter the room from above. Click on him & he’ll give you the Satallite Clue & Laser Pen.
Shark tooth island:
Submitted by: jake
1-get the coconut milk from the guy at the coconut stand
2-jump on top of the ruins to get a peice of hammerheads journal
3- use the translation key for the door of the ruins (code:open)
4-get the medicen and give it to the medicne man
5-shoot the coconut you made at the “great booga” and save prof. hammerhead and the kid!
Submitted by: john
How 2 beat shark tooth island:when you got the ingredients 2 make the the sleepe cocoanut
go 2 the medicine man he will mix up the ingredients and make the sleepe cocoanut then go
2 the booga feder(the thing that you lunch cocoanuts with)and use it with the sleepe cocoanut
and booga will be fast asleep (the medicine man is in the tree in the acient ruins)and swim
all the way 2 the right and you will find a kid and his grandfatherand they will tell you 2
take them 2 a safe place go all the way 2 the left and you beat shark thooth island oh and
you get the island medallion
How to get the map of africa in Nabooti Island:
Submitted by: John
1 go to Nabooti Island
2 enter the Musem
3 go left down then right
4 it will show the todem with two sacred jems only
5 talk to the person near the todem
Nabooti Island:Kaya Forests:
Submitted by: Tiffany Wu
In order to get the green jewel,get a cactus fig from mountains of the moon.get a shovel
in giza.then,go to the forests.there you see a tortoise.feed the tortoise the fig. dig
where the tortoise sat.you’ll find a ebony elephant. you then will see ghosts. go back
to nabooti.trade with a lady to get a fingo. go back to kaya forests.give the fingo to
1 of the ghosts.he will give you a green jewel.
Nabooti Island-Giza:
Submitted by: pheob
First, i hope you have the turban from the rare flower collecter in nabooti, cause that
how u have the ninja people leave u alone. then, u ask the dude that would be attackin u
stuff, and he gives u a phone number on the shovel. u dial that on the cellphone u should
hav on another town. u wait. u open the bag and get the moon stone, and climb on top of
the tomb until u c the hoop. that is where u go to the items and click use with the moon
stone. it goes in the hoop, and then the tomb opens. that is wen u go in and solve all
the little puzzles to get to the gem. By the way, how do u get passed the falling stones
when u step on them. please answer me wen u hav completed my steps.
Get the B.A.D bistro cup:
Submitted by: Joshua Khoudair
After you find all the spys in spy Iland go to the B.A.D Bistro. If you have spy gear off
take it off. Geep going across to the right until you find a dude in a chef hat. Ask him
for a job at the Bistro.Then complete the test & go to the Boss sitting at the table. He’ll
ask you to fill his cdup.DONT! Go back to the kitchen & Jump up until you get to the lights.
Keep jumping across till you reach the last one jump down & live the Bistro.
Nabooti island: Giza:
Submitted by: wizardofox
You have to trade a gold nugget for a desert turban, and then you talk to the guy that normally
attacks you. He gives you a shovel, and there is a telephone number on it. You have to then go
to mountains of the moon and go up to the guy, beet him in mancala, then go in the cave. If
you get it right, you should find a cellphone. go back to giza, then dial the number. the guy
that won’t let you pass him will go in his tent and the workers will run away. Search his
backpack and find a moon stone, you put it in the ring. the door will unlock, and you have to
finish the minigames untill you get to the part when you step on the stone and it falls down.
when you fall down, read the hyroglefics and memorize the order, then you back up by the rope.
you should step on the stones in the order of the hyroglefics from down to up. don’t worry, you
can go through stones. then, you will make your way up into a room. turn the switches in the
order of the pictures on the wall. you will find the jewel in the open coffin.
Submitted by: Emily L.
On Nabooti Island when you go to Blue Nile Falls, find the girl and she will ask you if you
can get a chicken, a bag of chicken feed, & a fox across in a basket-but the catch is, is
that you can’t leave the chicken with the bag or the fox with the chicken. What you do is
you put the chicken in the basket & drag it across to the left side & then go back over to
the right side & get the fox & drag it over to the left side & before you leave the left side
you put the chicken back in the basket and drag it to the right side & then put the chicken on
the right side & put the bag in the basket & drag it to the left side & finally put the chicken
in the basket and drag it to the left side. The girl will then tell you a secret.
How to get the White Jewel (item):
Submitted by: Daniel
You can get it if you have these items:
1. Map of Africa
2. Miner’s Hard Hat
What to do:
1. Go to the plane (left of Main Street) and fly it. Fly to the Diamond Mines (bottom of the
  Map of Africa). You’ll apear in Diamond Mines 1 on your map (not Map of Africa)
  Then, put on your Miner’s Hard Hat.
3. Turn of the generator (run! You have time!). Get into Diamond Mines 2 (on the mountain).
4. Dodge the carts with EXPLOSIVES marked on them. Then, go into Diamond Mines 3.
5. Press the green button. Then, push the fuel tank with a picture of fire on it.
  Push it to the big rock.
6. Press the green button again. Then, the fuel tank & the rock will go BOOOM!
7. Do the same thing, but this time push the fuel tank to the end of Diamond Mines 3.
  There are a bunch of big rocks there. Blow them up!
8. Then go past. At the other side, ride the cart all the way. It’s very dangerous at this part.
9. When you get to the other side (Diamond Mines 4), there are some jewels. Click on them.
  Use the magnifying glass & find the White Jewel. It has a mark on it. I’ll tell you where it is:
It’s at the left side.
The platforms:
When you fall, see those pictures? Jump on those blocks with the pictures that match with
it. When your done, climb the rope at he top.
Nabooti Island:
Submitted by: hunter
Message : first u go 2 the museam and talk to the girl by the nabooti statu say you will help
she will give you a map then go outside go to the airplane and hit fly.go to montains of the
moon and talk to the laddie go to the clif get the fruit then go to the top of the montain beat
the guy at the game he will let you in get the gem then go to the bottom of the cave get the cell
phone. then go fly again but go to blue nile get the flower from up top.fly to nabooti and tade
the flower for a desert turban.fly to giza get the shovle then fly to kaya forest use the cactus
fig move the turttlego were he was layin g dig with your shovle egt the elaphent trade it at nabooti
and get the flingo go back there and give the spirets the flingo they will give you agem then go on
top of the closest to the right then you will see get it trade it at nabooti for a camera fly to
safarri take 7 pics of animals he will give you a hat then fly to dimond mines turn the switch go
to the fence at the top hit enter were it was broke climb to were the carts are coming down then
enter turn it off by pressing the green button move the barrol 2 the 1 alone rock then hit the green
botton do the same thing again but move the barrol to the endthen go for the cart ride when you go
up duck when you see a sing jump then when you did that find the white gem with the simbol on it take
it.then fly to theblue nile help the girl bring the chicken 1st then the fox bring back the chicken
live the chicken bring the feed go back and get the chicken go to the rock with the fern on it click
the fern then enter the hole get the gem then go to giza dile 5556789 go to the bag get the pearl
put it on the top of the thing enter the door go to the block off click the bars make them flat then
cross go up arange the squares thengo threw the tunnle you opened then run to the block withe man
then jump to the 1 with the boat then 2 the bird then 2 the eye climb the rope then pull the
animalwith 1 hole then with2 then with 3 then with 4 get the gem fly 2 naboot!
i go in the museam go to the girl orginize them going down it is purrple green red white blue
then get hte meddal.
Nabooti Island cheats:
First, you go into the museaum at nabooti island. talk to the person standing near the
todem. once you get the map find the pilot standing near the plane.  go fly the plane
then, fly to the mountain moons place. watch out for the goats. avoid the 1st goat, then
jump onto the 2nd goat. the goat should boost you up onto a ledge that you can’t jump on
yourself.then, go all the way up onto the 2nd ledge. then talk to the lady standing near a
rock. talk to her. then grab the fig. jump onto all of the small ledges of snow, but watch
out for the big rock. play manacala with the the guy. just play it until you get it.then,
jump down to the bottom. grab the cellphone. the jump on the little pillars inside the
cave. you should get the red jewl. now, go into kaya forest. there is a tree that has a
gold nugget nesteled in to it. grab it. go into niles falls.jump onto the top of the plane
and jump on the small ledges once you get to the top, you should get a a rare flower.
collect it. then , go to the other side. help the lady. what you do is: take the chicken
to the right side. then go grab the fox from the left side. you should have the chicken
and the fox on the right side. take the chicken back to the left side. take the feed and
put it to the left side. then go back and put the chicken to the right side. you should
hav them all in the right place. read the measage the lady tells you. on the right side
there is a big bush on a a stone ledge, click the bush and go into the cave. collect the
purple jewl. go back to nabooti island and go to a little market shop. buy a black turban
and a digital camera. go to the safari place and talk to big zeke. take pictures of the
animals. then when he gives you a mine helmet go to the diamond mines (at the bottom of
the map) go straight and turn the nob on a yellow box thingie.  jump on the big hill then
go onto the crane go straight u’ll fall you should fall on a grssy ledge. then jump onto a
a oil can and jump through.  find the source of where the explosive carts come from. then
once you do, go through it.  u will see a box with a green button and 2 loose wires
hanging out. click the nob and it’ll stop the thing that’s putting the explosive carts
out. take the oil can and push it until it can’t go no further. then, push the green
button. a yellow spark should travel down the oil line. the rock should explode. then do
it again. turn the thing off, then push the oil can until it can’t go no further. then
turn the thing on and watch the stone wall colapse. now push the mine cart. now the
pattern here is. duck jump, so forth. so, keep on doing that until you reach the end. jump
on to the wodden thing where all the jewls are. search for the jewl. it’s on the right
side. once you find the white jewl climb up the rope. fly to giza. put your black turban
on.talk to the 1st guy, the guy who’s mouths covered. he will give you a shovel. walk over
to the guy, vince.  use ur cellphone to call the number on the shovel. vince will try to
find his phone. while vince looks for his phone, click his backpack. u will receive a moon
stone. climb the sphinx, and put the moon stone in the sphinx ring. it’ll open the door.
enter the door. go forward. u’ll see a rectangle with lines on it. just fiddle with this
one until u get the all going straight.go throught the enterance. u’ll see a carving with
what order to put the blocks in. fiddle with this to. a stone wall will open. this one is
tricky. you must jump on the tile that has the actual hyrogliphic on the stone near the
enterance/exit.it may take alot of trys. now here, as you see there is animal statues.
there are dots on them. there is 1 statue, that has 1 dot on it, then a statue that has 2
dots on it. this goes on until 4.so what you do is, pull the lever that makes the statue
that has 1 dot on it fall. you must realese all of theese quickly because sand will pour
out of the big carvings mouths. then pull the lever that realeses the other statue that
has 2 dots on it. do that until u pull the last lever. a tomb will open when the levers
were pulled correctly. collect the blue jewel. now reverse the way you came. but, when you
get to the point where you jump the bridges, instead of going completely reversed, climb
down the rope. now, head left for the exit. now fly to kaya forest. take out the pink fig.
let the tortis eat it. go to the hole where the tortise was lieing on. dig there. you will
receive a ebony elephant. 2 ghosts will apear. talk to the one with the mask. now fly back
to nabooti. talk to the woaman who you haven’t traded yet. give her the ebony elephant,
then she will give you the fingo. return back to kaya forest. give the fingo to the ghost
in the mask. he will give you the green jewel. now go back to nabooti island. go into the
museam, go to the todem. so here is the order the jewels go into.: purple-top, green-2nd
top,then red, then white, then blue….
Shark Tooth Island:
Submitted by: poppertop
1.first you talk to the guy outside the coconut cafe
2.he will give you a carbonated drink, keep it
3.next go to the ancient ruin go to the right and you will see a big rock push it next to the
  big tree.
4.jump on it and climb up the vine
5.get off the vine after you climb up and jump up onto the next wooden platform
6.go to the end of it and jump as far left as you can to get on to the roof of the big shark
  temple thing
7.on the roof there is and paper, get it
8.after you have go it go into the temple
9.climb down and get all the way down to the water
10.next keep going as far left as you can avoid the bats. when you get all the way left there
is a stome wall now go up
11.once you go all the way up on the wall there is this face thing click on it
12.it will show it to you colse up now this is where you need the paper because it will show
  it to you and you need to press the buttons on the teeth to spell open (you need the paper on
  the roof of the temple to do this)
13.after you have pressed open click on its nose the door will open
14.go left
15.go all the way left and you will see a golden shark statuee
16.jump onto the statue and jump off onto the other side and go all the way left there is a
little “tunnel” type thing go all the way left and get the bone
17.no go back to the golden shark statue
18.be careful because there is a worm that can make you fall off get to the top of it before
  the worm and jump onto the moving platform
19.jump onto the other platforms that are on the left and keep going
20.stop when you get to a part where you can see sharp teethy things on the side
21.jump onto the moving platform when it comes to you
22.then get off on the other side
23.go left
24.now go all the way down
25.then go all the way to the left
26.you will see a pot filled with green stuff get it and then climb up the vine and go up
27.you will be at the very begging part of the island now go past the ancient ruins and go to
  booga bay
28.talk to the guy next to the grass skirt stand and get a grass skirt
29.go back to the ancient ruins and go up the big tree( move the rock and climb up the vine
  keep going up all thw way till you are all the way at the top next to the medicine man
30.talk to him 9 he will only talk to you if you were the grass skirt) he will make you a
  potion to make booga the shark fall asleep
31.go back to booga bay and swim to the little island
32.on the island there is a cannon click on that and shoot it ( it will shoot out the cocnut
  and booga will fall asleep
33.now go to the right side of the island and keep swimming to th right
34.talk to the old guy. he and this other boy will start following you when they do swimm
  back to booga bay
35. when you pass the lady crying you will get a medal
Cheats for Giza:
Submitted by: jeffrey gunter
Cheats for Giza once you have that hat go there talk too the first guy you see and he will
give you a shovel with the guy who is near the tent his cellphone number is on the shovel
call it he will go in the tent. Then click on the bag and jump on the top of the sphinx use
it then it will open the door and then go to this panel and make them all strait so you can
walk on them.go right then you will come to a place where you have to match them then a door
will open go throw it you will see two vases then try too get up it then you will probaly
fall then you will see a rope to go back up where you fell there are stuff on the wall only
jump on the stuff it showed on the wall and you will make it up.
Submitted by: lily
This is how to get a chameleon suit and a clue and laser pen on spy island.first you to
spyglass eye wear you see a guy talk and say:i would like an eye exam and try to do it and
then meet him upstairs go out and climb the ladder.open the door.and he’ll give you a
chameleon suit go to the docks and sneak past all the guards and climb a building and go
left and jump.sneak past the guards and open the door there should be three dogs inside sneak
past them and the dogs and enter from the top see a guy click on himm and that’s how you do
Nabooti: How To Get The Green Jewel:
Submitted by: Mahir Hasin
First go to mountain moon 1.Go to girl standing near to cacteses.Go all the way left.
Then jump high.Get the cactes fig.Then go to kaya forests.Use the fig near the turtle.
Then U will see a very small hole.Use the shovel.U will get something and two gousts will
pop out.Go back to nabooti.Go to the guys who trade.Click on the first one.She will give
you a gingo.Now go to kaya forests.Give the gingo to the man goust.He will give you the
How to finish 24 Carrot:
First you go to Charlie’s Supplies place and find her cat.To find her cat go to the old
farm and you see the house.Go to the top until you see a chimney.Go into the chimney. You
see a bowl,get it.Go to the King Carrot place.Talk to the women and ask her if she can
fill up your bowl with milk.Go back to the house.Go to the washroom there ( its on
top),fill the bath tub with water.The cat will jump off.Go down back to the living room
and just click the same place where you got the bowl .( I would do that before I go to te
washroom to be prepared.)Go back to charlie and tell her you found her cat. she will give
you that metally thing.go to the factory and go up from machine to machine until you get
to that baige wall.go dow