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RollerCoaster Tycoon

Rename any guest:
Submitted by: Mega-Fred
E-mail: fmarquez@movinet.com.uy
Chris Sawyer     - Will take pictures of park
Simon Foster     - Will paint pictures of park
Melanie Warn     - Increase Guest’s Happiness
Katie Brayshaw   - Waving guest
John Wardley     - Says “Wow!” when sees a good coaster
John Mace       - Rides for free
Damon Hill       - Drives fast go-karts
Michael Schumacher - Drives fast go-karts
Tony Day       - He will eat lots of hamburgers
Big Bucks       - Unlimited cash
John Mace       - Pays double for rides
Submitted by: Kira
E-mail: Kira1606@yahoo.co.uk
Not enough guests that your task says u should have ?
Use the banner at the entrance and make it a ‘NO ENTRY’
sign then no guests can exit but the new ones can still
come in !! This is better than deleting the entry path.
RW, Submitted the following Information:
Email: rw@aol.net
Name guests:Damon Hill and Bigbucks. Damon Hill
always drives the fastest Go-Karts (if you can get
him to have a go first!), and Bigbucks has loads of
money, and pays double to go on all the rides!
There are other useful names, but I haven’t yet
realised what on earth they’re supposed to do!
Free Money:
Submitted by: Mega-Fred
E-mail: fmarquez@movinet.com.uy
Go to the Finances screen by pressing “F”, then press Enter + M
for $5,000. This can only be done once a month for unlimited
amount of cash.
All Scenarios, Rides and Infinite Money:
Submitted by: Mega-Fred
E-mail: fmarquez@movinet.com.uy
At the main menu, type “rct2” and press Enter. If done correctly,
you will hear clapping.
Note: these 2 codes may not work for all versions.
Submitted by: Kyle Whipps
E-mail: pwhipps@shaw.com
When you play a game on roller coaster tycoon, at
the beggining it will say what to do. Say it says
get 750 people in your park before the end of October
year 3. When it is almost october year 3 and you have
more then 750 people in your park and you are afraid
you might screw up and people will leave making lower
than 750 people. All you have to do is delete the
footpath in front of the entrance and exit. It will
stay more than 750 people till the end so you can get
a new park and a trophy.
E-mail: neilyo12@hotmail.com
Submitted by: bob
well you have a guest that isn’t happy pick him/her
up with the pincers then bring that person to the
water and drown this person after ahile doing this
your park rating will go up.
Submitted by: luke
E-mail: stevio43@hotmail.com
clik on person and press alt+ctrl+delreally fast
lots of times it makes your parkrating go to 3000
and you geuests to 15000.
Submitted by: James
E-mail: y779@hotmail.com
Remember the guests do run out of money you notice
when guests say they can’t afford a certain ride,
so make new rides constantly and lower prices on
old rides.
If you see benches broken in half, light poles bent
or trash cans smashed all that is from vandalism so
build alot more secruity guards, unless you want to
keep replacing everything, it also keeps your ratings
way up.
Submitted by: killer king
too make your wokers work for free make some water
then pick up a person and make him wark on every thing
then put him in the water and he will drowed and you dont
have too pay him
Submitted: Paul Connor
E-mail: paulconnor@btinternet.com
Close your park as soon as you start and open it
on the day before you have to finish the task and
then it will say that you have completed the task:
if your park entrance fee is free then you can charge
whatever the excitment rating of a ride is
-Sumitted by jason
E-mail: jasobaso@aol.com
Fast Go Karts:
Submitted by: Mike Shay
E-mail: r&mshay@telus.net
Name a guest Damon Hill to make the go karts go twice as fast!
Name a guest Michael Schumacher to make his go kart go 4 times
as fast as the other people
Money Cheat:
Planning on demolishing a ride that’s getting to old
and nobody wants to ride it even for free. Then instead
of pushing the trash can just to throw it away, click on
the construction button then click on the bulldozer on
the pop up screen.
You don’t get all the money back but you do get some.
Works especially well with rollercoasters, bulldozing
one track piece at a time because you actually get all
your money back.
Hidden Animations:
Type in these name to any of your guests:
Chris Sawyer- Has your guest take pictures of himself
Simon Foster- Has you guest paint pictures like the guy
with the fro on tv Melanie Warn- makes your guest become
as happy as possible and may convince him to stay longer
and spend more money Katie Brayshaw- Has your guest wave
to everyone he meets
Mega Park
Finish all the levels to get the Mega Park
Hire Einstein
To extend your research by leaps and bounds, find
Guest #1 and rename him “E=MC2”. Then find guest #2
and rename him “E=MC3”. The two will meet and begin
brainstorming. Shortly thereafter they will ask to
be hired on as the parks research developers.
Say “yes” and pour your resources into the think tank.
The following year, research and development will have
grown by leaps and bounds. You will have all of the
latest rides and nearly a billion dollars to spend!
Retain Ride Popularity
To retain a scary rides popularity, simply delete a segment
of track and replace it with the same thing. The guests will
be fooled into thinking that the amusement has been improved
and will continue flocking to it!
Helping sick guests:
Place plenty of benches near the roller coaster exit paths.
Sick guests will sit there after the ride, allowing them to
eventually feel beter. Also place benches by snack bars.
Freeing your handymen:
You can mow the grass yourself by using the raise/lower
ground tool. Just click on the place that needs to be mowed.
Quacking ducks:
Click on a duck when the hand appears to make them quack.
Drowning in mid-air:
Build a section or two of water, pick up a person, and drop
him in the water. He will begin to drown. Lower the water
back to land, and will see a half person drowning in mid-air
Submitted by: Wyatt
Tip 1
For quick cash, make rides free and charge Disneyland
prices at the front gate (about $50). But be sure to have
other options (such as food and ride photo ops) to get
customers to spend more money once they’re inside the park.
Tip 2
When people get bored with a ride, repaint it or go to
the marketing screen and offer free vouchers to rekindle
Tip 3
Keep adding new attractions to your park to keep its
rating high. Ratings decline slowly over time unless you
keep your park growing and changing.
Submitted by: arne
Don’t wast your money on boring rides but use your
money for building coasters. build the Shuttle loop
it’s very popular
Submitted by: J
Give Your rides Good names and make a good theme for example
Forest Flyer you better put in a p^lace with many trees OR
Miny Mine Mine you use a mine train use the dirty ground
and put allot of mine stuff.Don’t forget to give your rides
colors (My Forest Flyer is green and brown)
Submitted by: akeil
unlimited money at main menu press and hold shift
and type “rct4” and then press enter.
Submitted by: adam jeffreys
f10+m—get more money
Submitted by: mikes palding
to make guests and your staff drown you look for water and
then you click on them then go to the pick up icon and take them
to water and drop them in it they will say help im drowning it is
quite funny trust me this does work i tried it myself sent in by
mike spalding.
Submitted by:  Miikka Virtanen - Finland
Many people become sick while in roller coaster.
Therefore it is good to build toilets near the exit of the unit.
This way people are happier and stay longer in the park.
Submitted by: BigBozoBoozeDude
Maximize your loan and build the most expensive rollercoaster in the list.
If you wait 45 minutes your money will not be on the screen but will be infinite!
Note: If you delete the roller coaster your money will go away.
Submitted by: Renier van der Linde
If you need to get a park rating of 600 in 3years close your park down
and build you park with the money you have, but what ever you do dont
open your rides and park. Make all rides free and park entrance fee 50
and when 2years have gone by open your park and you should get your
rating easy at the end of year 3. Trust me this one works i’ve tried
it and it worked.
Submitted by: shubber
hey everyone don’t do that cheat where u push ctrl+alt+del that just
closes your game. i would kno cuz i am kind of a computer geek. the
only cheats that have worked for me are the ones that you name people
different names and they do stuff. like the guy who takes pictures
and the other guy who is always happy and the guy who paints and the
guy wo drives go-karts fast. so i hope you beat this game. bye!!!
Bad Guest:
Submitted by: Virus
Name 1 of your guests ‘Alex Lutchford’ or ‘Brian Davies’ and your
guest will be repulsive.
Submitted By: Daniel
E-mail: DanTycoon9900@aol.com
When there is a guest in your park that is the worst possible mood, just
make a path that is not too small, but not too large. If it’s too small
he’ll just walk right off, and if it’s too large then he won’t get any happier.
After a couple seconds, he’ll be in the middle happiness.
Submitted by: unkown
There’s no need to do what James says above about hiring Security Guards.
They are very expensive. The only reason peeps vandalize is because they
have walked over puke, trash, or have passed a full trash can more than
2 or 3 times. All you have to do is make sure you have handymen assigned
to different areas of the park, especially following the exits of high
nausea rides or near food stands, if you keep it clean NOBODY will vandalize
your park. No need for security!
Also, if your peeps have to wait in the queue line for 9 or more minutes they
will say, “I’ve been standing in this line for ages.” The satisfaction
percentage of the ride will be low and your park rating will suffer considerably.
There are many ways to resolve this.
1. Shorten the length of the ride if possible, ie. 2 times around on the ferris
  wheel instead of 3, etc. etc.
2. Shorten your queue line.
3. Put TV monitors in your queue line. This will cheer them up a bit.
4. Assign an entertainer to the queue line that you’re having the trouble with
  and this will work even better than the TV monitor.
  For best results use both the entertainer and the monitor.
Cheat submit by Sanjin ari?, and Tark and Kemal Pozderac.
When you are bulding a roller coaster and you dont have much money,
make a two platform stations.Don`t make a huge roller coaster, just
connect the station platforms in circle.The guests are going to come
out happy from the ride.If you don`t undrestand, look at the picture!
Submitted by: Sharkyjorden@hotmail.com
All Parks
At the main menu screen hold shift and type’rct2’ if done correctly you will hear clapping
NOTE:This may work on all versions
Submitted by: Cheater 3815
When you build a really intense rollercoster people wil get on then
won’t get on that ride. So make the price of the pretty big and let
people get on. (Don’t do a test run.) Then when people don’t get on
because it os too intense delete one section and put the same thing
A Real Cash Cow:
Submitted by: Gert Prinsloo
To build up cash quickly with a very low start up cost do the following.
Under Research Priorities deselect everything except Rollercoasters.
Wait until the Steel Rollercoaster has been researched. Then build a
“Shuttle loop”. Now go modify it by deleting every piece of track to
just behind the loop, now add a second loop to it and 8 or 9 steep
incline tracks. Switch the powered launch speed to 60mph. The excitement
rating is 5.64 without any ride improvements. For and even better effect
build another one right alongside the first and syncronise them.
An added bonus is that geusts will even go on this ride while it
is raining. Yippee