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Sex Kitten - Sim Date 4

Submitted by: Haspa
In the downtown area,
the answers to the questions are:
Top left arrow: Jenna Jameson
Top right arrow: G-string
Bottom left arrow: Pb
Bottom right arrow: 3.14159
In the left town area, the answers are:
Diagonal arrow down: 5 times a day
Diagonal arrow up: Sucky Fucko
Diagonal arrow up right: Rei (the plane captain)
Left arrow: Labia.
In the up town area, the answers are
Left arrow: Between 100,000,000 - 400,000,000 sperm
Diagonal up arrow: Pheromones
Top right arrow: Yes toots (Canberra)
Bottom right arrow: Grady
After you have cleared one town, go back to shop and
buy your gun, plane ticket, and passport.